Marrying Millions: Bill’s Reality Check about Bri (Season 1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime


Gold digging 101: easiest targets = Delusional old White men or Black men (any age, with absent or 🐺 chasing fathers) with skin tone fetishes. IJS

Girlfriend that is the problem GIRL not a Women. You too old for this Girl it is crazy. You need to encourage her to do something with her Life for the furure.

They want to do big people things but act like a child when consequences comes. If she is old enough to make the decision to make love to a man 30 years older than her… then she is definitely old enough to answer him after he has called 1 am 2 am and 3 am to be responsible enough in picking up her calls to at least say she is ok so he don’t think the worst when she won’t Answer!

My bf is not rich like this men but he is older than me 20 year and he is very selfish and big ego of course controlling me a lot. He not allowed me to go out in the night for any reason and I don't know how in the future relationship.

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