Marrying Millions: Bill’s Ex-Wife Tells Brianna He Cheats (Season 1) | Lifetime


Whyyyy in the worlddddddd would youuuu get advice from the ex wife…. to get insulted…. jajja humiliated nad to hear he cheat WOW WORLDS GREATEST MORON JAJAJAJJAAA HE GET THEM TOGATHER…..


Dress nicer, straighten your hair, refine your language and accent, read, keep up with worldly events, be feminine, stay fit, be realistic etc.

How funny this Bill guy – set the meeting up. I’m pretty sure he wants the woman in his life to to know. He wants his cake and he’s going to enjoy it. Unfaithfully rich! 😂😂😂😂👏🏼

Lol the ex wife already took what she needed from bill. She dumped him coz he is useless to her now. So she has no reason to lie to the younger girl. There is no way she can benefit from lying to her, that’s why i know she’s telling the truth. The younger girl knows he’s cheating as well, she’s just playing dumb. She already has an excuse to leave him once she gets what she wants from him. This is so typical lol has no one ever seen ‘Intolerable Cruelty’ ?

I Fins the Young woman very adult. Sorry my Englisch. I advice you let him give you a lot money for if hè is cheating. Then you go and have something

Oh, dear, this girl is naive. The ex wife is trying to help her. She's not jealous of that old creep.
This is how you learn. The young girl has to experience for herself what it says about a 61 year old man that he wants to marry a girl young enough to be his granddaughter. It's weird, especially if it's a pattern.

Wait a second….anyone that goes to those functions sound like they are in his inner circles with the ex wife.😂 The ex wife told the kid they won’t accept her. He should have picked an older woman they would be more comfortable with.

YOU ARE A CHILD !!!! Get your $$$ & education out of the relationship. If you marry him, go in with a plan, not ignorance. The ex wife is NOT jealous. She receives $pousal $upport $$$$$$$ .. I thinkbtye Ex is being honest. Bill obviously loves it that the youngin is VERY YOUNG & NAIVE.

The ex wife got rid of that old wrinkled toad, has her life and dignity back as well as a nice settlement. I really doubt she’s hating on you honey. You are who she once was and I doubt she wants to be you again. 💰

She wouldn’t be with him if he didn’t have millions.
Let’s me honest.
She wants a taste of the good life.
She doesn’t really care if Bill cheats or not.
She wants to marry him to secure the bag.
Then divorce him and still secure that bag heavily for the rest of her life..
She ain’t tryna go back to poverty..

She's not calling you names honey. She's stating facts. You are a CHILD. You were not 21 when you met Bill. You are naive and money hungry. If the shoe fits….

I actually really like Brianna but no i dont think she would have ever in a million years gone on one date with Bill if she wasn't aware of his money – also i really like the x wife!!

I’m wondering about Brianna – if she’s smart, she’ll hit him up to cover the cost of a four year degree or/and graduate education. Therefore when he leaves her, at least she got a full education out of him. She’s trying to secure that bag, but don’t be afraid of getting your coins and learning how to make your own damned money too

This girl is far from naive she is well seasoned and articulate. She is playing the trusting girlfriend while she is stacking her coins and living a jet set life. This is the most money probably this girl has been exposed to therefore she is playing her position like a champ. She is not listening to those plastic women they are a nonfactor, you can clearly see how the male friends were looking at this young woman, like a dog in heat. Those other women are afraid she may introduce them to her friends with the olive skin and beautiful accents.

I question Bill's judgment for setting this meeting up. I don't get how a man with such poor judgment scored two girls as well as millions.

Keep calling her a child & saying she will allow bill to cheat cuz she loves the lifestyle hold on old bird stayed for 20yr & she is younger than bill her self she very jealous also the almost child answered in a who knows who best game that bill brought her a car she was well humble 4 it

Wrap It Up!!!I Hope those Millions are worth the Heartbreak and ❤ Ache Girl Listen to His Ex and at Least find the truth out for yourself.

Brianna doesn't love this guy. This guy is old enough to be her grandpa. She loves the lifestyle he gives her. She loves the fact that she is on television. There is 0% love I see here and she is young and dumb. I believe what Kathleen is saying is very true and it has nothing to do with jealousy or resentment.

Girl ,go find a job and stop sacrificing your youth with an old weary guy just because you want a comfortable luxurious life ….. God forbid I accept my daughters be in such a relationship

Why everybody keeps calling this girl naive?shes everything but not naive she choosed the grandpa for his money and she plays to be set for a life

On all these videos everyone is so fixated on one partner wanting the other for money, and one partner wanting the other for looks. DUH! That’s the dynamic of the relationship and that’s okay because both parties are well aware. Now let’s move past that…

That girl has no family. She doesn't have father or anything, because no girl with a loving family would EVER let their daughter take a path like this.

Telling the truth isn't shady. She IS a child in comparison to a man of 60. It's gross. She's a child compared to people who are much younger than that. It's not an insult, its REALITY. People are offended by reality these days, and it's unhealthy.

Girl that’s not name calling and think about a time you’ve seen someone from another country let’s say trying to marry a child— that’s not exactly YOU but that’s how we’re telling u y’all LOOK. There’s an ew factor u not gonna make people see different you chose the situation and it is what it is sorry you’re judged but people will look at him crazy for even Wanting you

This young girl is too stupid to understand the baggage which comes from a marriage of financial wealth and a workaholic driven man. So sad for her future. Bill is just a creepy old guy.

The constant belittling is so frustrating and disgusting. We get it, you’re old and bitter & she’s young and pretty.
Your time is up.
Thankyou, Next.

She's being her age…..he will cheat on her…probably already has. There's a difference here…between a women and a girl.

This is a problem.. rich bored old guy..serial cheater.. everybody else knows it but the young naive latest target. He separates her from her family and support group to isolate her so he can manage and control her! What a dog! This guy deserves to be alone! I believe his ex wife who was married to him for 20 years!

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