Marrying Millions: Bill and Bri Fight About Her Night Out (S1) | Extended Scene | Lifetime


Wow, I definitely understand and I can relate to this girl and that whole situation. My husband is 30 years older than me, and that is exacly what he is like. I'm not and never have been a going out getting drunk with my friends type of girl he knows that, but if I go to the store or to eat with my kids he would flip out like this and twisted to make me feel like I am doing something wrong. I began to notice how manipulative he was when he began to time me, and would snap if my family came over to see me. I got to the point where I wasn't seeing my family anymore, I didn't have a cellphone, and when I got a cellphone it was when I had to go to the store or walk the kids to school because of the GPS he would see where I was. Depression took the best of me and I began to not want to go out or see anyone, or even call my family, I just threw the white flag and settled. I hope this girl realizes exactly what her relationship really is about. This man is using Manipulation, and Control, and this is Abuse it really is. I settled, and it's sad that I did, but she can do so much better. My advise is,
girl run please don't settle for this, because yes this is going to be your life.

Wow how controlling is he. What’s wrong with her having fun on a night out? If she did it EVERY night I’d understand. But every now and then doesn’t hurt. If she’d cheated in the past I’d understand that he doesn’t trust her… But I don’t think she has. I’m new to watching these clips so I don’t know if she has or not.

This girl is still young ! Closer to still being a child than a full on adult. Old man wants someone young but he doesn't wants what comes with it.

Old man go take your Viagra you're creepy n sound like her Daddy daddy's little girl? She's playing you n so she should take a look in the cracked mirror

What is she doing with him? I mean he is a nice guy he seems respectful (besides the fact he’s dating a 21 year old LMAO) but she’s young and beautiful and can definitely meet someone else. But she’s definitely just in it for the money

So she has to be kidnaped at home for you to be happy but ofcourse you'll do whatever you whant. This has a name.

So she's comparing him going out to DINNER with his friends, to her going out to a CLUB with her friends and coming home after 3 am? Last I checked, the only women that go to the club are those seeking attention from men.

Bri you're 21 years old.if he wants somebody to stay home with him and not want to go out and have a good time that he needs to find someone his age. You do whatever you want these are the best years of your life. If he doesn't like it find somebody else who doesn't want to control you. You're not the only girl he has orders given money to your just not taking enough.

If I didn't read the title, I would have legit thought he was her father not only with his looks but his approach to the situation as well

She’s 21 n Miami and he doesn’t think she will to go out!? He’s acting like her dad; she’s clearly securing the bag and will drop him; I luv how she takes up for herself, she’s beautiful; he looks like Bruce Jenner x Caitlyn! She’s playing her cards right for sure but I wouldn’t waste my youth as for money cause that’ll always be there but ur youth will not

RUN GIRL, RUN………., Or Swim, Ride, Drive, Ski, Climb, even Cartwheel, just get out of there, NOW!!!! 🏊‍♀️🏇🏄‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚵‍♀️🧗‍♀️🤸‍♀️🏍🏎⛷

Im sorry. But why is everyone saying hes creepy, shes also creepy for dating someone old as Moses. She choose him, and y'all sounding it like its the guy's fault?? But that grandpa, hes not wisened up either. Wife is 21 and he expects no drama 🙄🙄 Even if he dated someone in her 30s, he'd say shes too selfish careerwoman, if shes 40, he'd say shes an old hen. Y'all cant win.

if you dont want a wife to party how about not trying to get at 21 year olds 😂 theyre the definition of partying. at least 26 or 30.

He’s worried about her being at “a bar with guys and girls” and “dancing” but yet he’s allowed to go out with other women behind her back? He’s a manipulating gas lighting kind of guy. Crazy

She sits at home all dayyyyyy!!! You act like this? Ahe has nothing to do. She. Needs to build a life fir herself. Don't let him allow you to have nothing just because he can buy things doesn't mean that you can have nothing. Crazy.

All these people hating on her when she’s chasing her check and getting her coins . Let’s not pretend like we all wouldn’t take the opportunity she got if we had the chance 🤭

Can she breathe on her own?! Geesh! Understanding the point of not knowing if ur ok by not answering but that’s not his argument. His argument sounds very selfish right now. Older men are so overbearing. Young men are childish. Where’s Mr. in between…🤣😂

20 seconds in and of course shes marrying for money. Shes a 21 year old girl, whos with a 60 year old man. She staying only for money. What else is she doing? Waiting for him to stroke out, die etc. What they have in common? 21- 60? Mhmm

He's old enough to be her grandpa😦! The things people get into for money is ridiculous and he should be ashamed of himself.

i was watching this with korean subtitles and i was shocked she's dating with a grandpa?lol they must be kidding if i was her i would run and spend my beautiful twenty not with and old60year grandpa

Some men do this even not old once you are in serious relationship some guys want to treasure you, and you only go out to party with him and his friend. And reproach like a threat is all the time you have changed, do you love me. Hahaha even he is so very old for her, it's her choice to find this kind of trouble but in real life there are boyfriend who behave like this old man too

My advice to the husband is just get or taste or explore whatever you fell for it coz she is going to depart soon….. do it…. she is just exploring new underwears and you have torn a ton i believe…. make it fast man…

Ok judging by most of these comments…I think y'all are just jealous….that she bagged a rich Grandpa.
Bitterness is not good.

Ah, what a beautiful and intelligent girl ! Blossom, child! Embrace your life and trust your gut feeling. 😉

She's like 20 😂 😂 😂 what kinda lifestyle did you expect her to want. She's a child and you're old enough to be her grandfather.

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