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This experiment is
definitely not for everyone. There are many people who I
think might want to volunteer and I’d say, no, not you. Why am I single? What am I doing wrong? What are some real
deal breakers for you? You can’t be an atheist. I don’t want to be friends
with you if you’re an atheist. Someone who’s really cheap. Bad attitude. Joblessness. Unmotivated. Less hair than me. Unkept. A guy with a really
feminine voice. Vegans. I don’t want him to eat pork. I prefer him not to eat meat. Teeth are a must. I think all our
men have teeth. [laughter] Can’t run around eating
chicken and waffles all day. Religious freaks. Bad temper. Does not like dogs. I really hope she
doesn’t have a cat. Well, she can’t
have a mustache. She is going to
have to love America. She can’t be a terrorist. I don’t like dating
anybody with children. Someone who is
late all the time. Bad attitude. Bad teeth. Overweight. Someone who is not kind. I just don’t like small women. I don’t like short guys. And if he’s a thief. I don’t do well with
people that steal and kill. If you don’t love
my dog, there’s no way that I can love you. I like clean women. Cigarettes for me don’t
make a woman clean. If she’s a smoker. – Smoking.
– Smoking. Someone who smokes. Smokes. I do not like
women that smoke. A tongue ring, that
is a deal breaker. Liars, cheaters. I can’t date dumb people. They don’t like my dog. [laughs] So I’ve always
dated younger girls. Even though I’m 34, at
heart I think I’m still 20. No freckles. Lots of freckles freak me out. If she’s got, like,
a snaggletooth, that would freak me out too. No freckles. No snaggleteeth. My biggest deal
breaker would probably be if they voted for Trump. Poops with the door open. You know, I don’t want
to deal with that. I hope she doesn’t
have a beard. So, I mean, otherwise,
I don’t know. We can guarantee that. If he has bad
teeth, I don’t want to put my tongue in his mouth. I like them really fit and
good shape or just dad bad, but nothing, like–
no in-between. It’s just one or
the other extreme. I have a problem with guys who
have skinnier legs than I do. [laughs] Picky eaters probably
is another deal breaker. So what do you
mean picky eaters? Like if you don’t like
tomatoes, like, that’s weird. I dated a guy
that had monkeys. That should have
been a red flag. What do you mean
he had monkeys? He had two monkeys. Pornography is a no for me. That’s a big deal breaker. Bald women I’d say
will be a deal breaker. If it’s I’ve had 45 men,
that’s a deal breaker. If she was in porn, then
that’s a deal breaker. That’s a deal breaker. Can you name some common ones? You don’t have to have more. What scares you the most about
being married at first sight? What if she walks
down the aisle and I’m just not
attracted to her? That would suck like,
if somebody’s like, ooh, that’s rough looking. If he’s short, fat,
and with a beard. Trust me, you do not want to
see me on that wedding day. All right, let’s
talk about sex. Let’s not. Oh God. A monster in the sack. Anything off limits? Not yet. So if she comes over with
handcuffs you’re saying, OK, let’s try it tonight. I’ll never say no. I don’t do a threesome. Yeah, I’m not tying
anybody up and doing anything crazy like that– well, maybe. Well, I am celibate. Have you always been celibate? Pretty much. No bondage. Blueberries is my– is my safe word. Any fetishes I
need to know about? Just the word fetish makes
me kind of uncomfortable. Maybe some serious
S&M type stuff. Don’t penetrate me. It’s not funny. It’s uncomfortable, I assume. And the worst thing ever
is, like, what if I like it? I’m a horn dog. Sorry. That’s just what
my dad said, so. OK. I want the woman
to have an orgasm. I think– how do you– wow. I’ve never had an orgasm. My friends think
that’s outlandish. Like, because I don’t know
any better, though, like, it’s fine.
– Yeah. It’s like someone who’s
never had chocolate. Agreed. Do you want to have chocolate? I want to have chocolate. I want to have
lots of chocolate. It’s delicious. So I’ve heard. What’s the most sexually
adventurous thing you’ve done? It’s been a while. How much time do we have? I [inaudible] baseball
field up against the fence in the dugout. That was great. I’m always down
to try new things. So do you consider a vibrator
a colleague or a competitor? I mean, it’s a colleague
as far as I’m concerned. Him being my little,
like, slave guy. Was he on a leash? Yes. Sorry, Dad. Really. No, like, “Fifty
Shades of Gray.” I’ve seen “Fifty Shades of
Gray,” and I’m not against it. OK. I like hair
pulling and choking. I mean, not like
choking, choking, but, like, I like aggressive,
like, take control. He has to be
average or bigger. Got you. We haven’t measured. [laughter] How tall are you? – 6′ 8″.
– OK. How big are your shoes? 13, 14. Has that ever gotten
in the way of sex? Yes. God bless you. [laughter] All right, on that
note, [inaudible].. What are your turn-ons? Oh Lord. Foreplay. You have to put the time in
to get the reward, you know? What I love in
a woman is someone who is what I call
the lady on the street but a freak in the sheets. Ooh, I like sensual. You know, I like the girl
to grab the back of my head. Dirty talking or
some hair pulling. OK. OK. I prefer someone with
a butt, with a booty. I just like to
play with hair, and I like girls with long hair. Somebody who is embodying
that kind of like mermaid, fairy-like brightness. TDH– tall,
dark, and handsome. I like curvy woman. Tall, dark, handsome. Tight butts. Channing Tatum. A little dorky. What do you expect
spiritually from your spouse? A God-fearing man who
also makes my hoo-ha go hmm. [laughter] That’s what I expect to see
when I come around that corner. Hi, Dr. Pepper. There’s so much you can
learn about an individual by walking into their house. And the freezer is full of gin. Seeing how people
actually live, how they put their
closets together, what they put on
their walls tells me a lot about how
that way of living would match somebody
else’s way of living. You wrote about
yourself that you had overall mythic
and godlike features. I do have a Greek-like body. Now what’s this one? Here I have a couple of
friends, pizza and beer, taste buds. Ugh. Can I look in your trunk? Huh? Yes, there are
heels in there, and I know he’s not wearing them. So yeah, look at,
he’s a bachelor. Perfectly appropriate. I’m a die-hard
Florida Gators fan. A die-hard what? Florida Gators. – Florida Gators.
– Yeah. I swear I thought
you said fornicators. Oh no. [laughter] I went, what? Is this your Bible? Yes. I wake up in the
morning, you know, and I’ll read just
to get my mind right before I start the day. What’s this? A taser. Oh. [laughter] I’m really glad
I didn’t open it. It’s a taser. Who’s this? This is Cane,
essentially my son. I see a certain
dog theme here. Yeah. – These are your coats.
– This is [inaudible]. Yeah.
This is actually Cane’s section. He’s a– oh my gosh. You’ve got this guy a wardrobe. And what’s this? That’s actually
wine for Paisley. What? That’s wine for Paisley. It’s made out of catnip. Are you drugging your cat? [laughter] Cat wine? Now that’s a first. Oh, there’s ducks. I don’t think I’ve
ever had a visit where I didn’t get some surprise.


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