Majoring in Risk Management and Insurance

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[About the Major] SAVANNAH: Risk Management and Insurance determines
how to protect individuals and businesses from catastrophic losses associated with cyber,
financial, property, liability, and other types of risk. TILLMAN: It is a broad field, and the range
of opportunities extends beyond health and auto insurance sales to include corporate
risk management jobs. There are positions for any skill set from the highly analytical
to the strongly interpersonal. I’ve always calculated my own risk. I chose
this major because I want to do the same for companies: to assess and mitigate their risk. SAVANNAH: Terry’s Risk Management and Insurance
program is the largest in the country and is consistently top-ranked. As a result, there
are ample opportunities for scholarships and graduates are in really high demand. TILLMAN: The Risk Management and Insurance
program makes career placement for its students a top priority, so you’re supported during
your job and internship search. [Careers in Risk Management & Insurance] SAVANNAH: Terry alumni hold leadership positions
in the risk management departments of the largest corporations, risk management consulting
firms, insurance companies and brokerages in the U.S. They are highly involved in recruiting
students for their firms. Graduates are well equipped for a variety
of jobs from an insurer that works with the largest companies in the world to an agent
or broker serving small businesses in your hometown. Last summer I interned with Marsh, and when
I got back to school in August, they offered me a full-time job. I know that a lot of companies
do this, so I would highly recommend looking for an internship after your Junior year. TILLMAN: I interned with Ernst & Young in
the Risk Advisory practice. I accepted a full time position with them and will work with
client companies to identify their risk and develop mitigation strategies. [The Terry Experience] SAVANNAH: The Insurance Society and Gamma
Iota Sigma, an honorary fraternity, are focused on networking. Members are eligible to participate
in the departmental resume book and are considered for numerous scholarships each semester. TILLMAN: Actuaries are in high demand across
all industries. For students who are interested in this profession, the Actuarial Science
Certificate program will prepare you for this career. [What Advice Would You Give To Incoming RMI
Majors?] TILLMAN: My advice for incoming RMI Majors
is to attend the Risk Management & Insurance Careers Day. It is a huge opportunity. Over
60 companies attend each year to recruit for internship and full-time positions. SAVANNAH: If you’re intrigued by the business
challenges of catastrophic risk and are looking for nationwide opportunities, then major in
Risk Management and Insurance at Terry. [Outro music]

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