Magix Music Maker Free, Plus and Premium 2020 Review

you want to start making music you’ve
got the beat in your head maybe some words jotted down and now you just have
to learn the software luckily MAGIX Music Maker 2020 is music production
software that makes it very easy to start making music in your home studio
in this video I’ll be reviewing MAGIX Music Maker 2020 comparing the different
versions there’s free plus and premium and I’ll also be doing some guitar
recording into it using the free guitar amp sim that comes with magix music
maker and I’ll record some MIDI into it using my MIDI keyboard so you can see
just how easy it is to start making music with magix music maker 2020 welcome to simple green tech I’m Radio
zane and on this channel i do audio tech tips tutorials and reviews to help you
unleash your creativity so today we’re looking at the all-new MAGIX Music Maker
2020 and it comes in three main versions there’s magix music maker free plus and
premium and those are the main editions that you can get there’s also some
specialty editions like 80s Edition hip hop, trap music and those can be great to
get you started in making those styles of music I put a link to magix official
website in the description below so you can easily head over there download the
free version or you can see if there’s any offers or sales on the more premium
editions but right now we’re going to check out what’s new in MAGIX Music
Maker 2020 it looks like most of what’s new is just really cosmetic differences
but that’s pretty cool because these cosmetic differences can actually alter
your workflow within the program and they can allow you to quickly make music
the way you want so the first new thing that we’ll look at is you can now
customize your user interface by moving the different sections around to
wherever works best for you and you can see how this will help you with your
personal workflow and the second thing that’s new is it has a slightly
different look to it it’s a more modern streamlined look it is a subtle
difference but I find things like the look of the interface can really
help with inspiration so it’s always welcome when a company tries to make
things look clean and tidy and the third new thing can really help with your
workflow as they have redesigned the arranger area this is the main section
that you’ll be working in to create your beats and your music and you can now
drag a loop underneath an existing track and it will create a new track for that
loop the track header now includes volume control and you can resize tracks
to make them minimized or larger these are some great added features
if you’ve used previous versions of MAGIX Music Maker you’ll notice that in
this new 2020 version the start dialog box has changed a bit this is where you
can access tutorials videos demo projects previously created projects and
you can launch a new project from here they’ve also improved their MIDI editing
and recording functions allowing you to quickly record then edit your music with
ease now all of those new features that I just mentioned are available in the
free plus and premium versions there are some new features that are available
just two premium users and we’ll look at those now first up MAGIX Music Maker
2020 Premium users get the two core FX bundles which include five mastering
effects and three delay effects another great new feature for Premium users is
you actually get a free copy of sound Forge audio Studio 12 and this is a
great piece of recording and WAV editing software so we’ve quickly looked at
what’s new in MAGIX Music Maker 2020 now let’s look at some of the core features
that make MAGIX Music Maker a great program in all three versions its
installed with 453 sounds and loops that are available to you right away with
magix music maker free you can download an additional four soundpools all you
have to do is go over to store in the media pool area here
and then right here you want to make sure it says soundpool so if it doesn’t
you click click on soundpools and then down here where it says name you want to
click and change that to price ascending you can now see for free soundpools
here and if you download all four of these you’re going to be adding over
1,000 loops and sounds with the plus and premium versions you can download a lot
more for free and you’re free to select from a lot more with the free version
you get three basic instruments you get the concert grand you get revolta and
you get Vida with the Plus version you get two freely select three more
instruments from the store and with the premium version you can select six more
from the store also with the premium edition you get iZotope ozone Elements 8
which is a great VST plugin that really can help your tracks sound great this
plug-in alone goes for around 99 dollars on its own now I’m going to connect my
MIDI keyboard here it’s the m-audio key station 32 it’s a mini keyboard very
easy to connect and I’m going to show you how to do some MIDI recording so I’m
going to quickly drag over a drum loop from the media pool area here I’m going
to drop it into our track so now I have a quick drum beat to work with so I’m
actually going to hold down ctrl on my computer keyboard and then click and
drag to create another one and that way I’m going to loop it into a few more
bars here and I’m going to bring in an instrument I’m going to bring in the
revolta instrument this comes free with all three versions of MAGIX Music Maker
and you can see when I bring it in it creates a demo MIDI clip I’m just
going to delete that you can listen to it if you want but I’m going to be
creating a new one when I record my keyboard into here you want to make sure
this says MIDI record right here and I’m going to record a quick bassline into
here I’m gonna turn on my metronome by clicking right here
and we’re going to hit the record button okay so now I have my bassline here and
I want to edit it a bit so if you just double-click on the MIDI clip you’re
going to bring up the MIDI editor here so I’m going to want to move some of
these here and once you have everything lined up
you can just click the X up there and you can see we now have our bassline
here and we can do the same thing that we did with the audio track up here we
can press ctrl on the computer keyboard click and drag and you’ve created a
duplicate that you can move wherever you want
so my basic little bassline is nice and tidy now and now I want to record my
guitar in using the free guitar amp sim that’s included with all versions of
MAGIX Music Maker and it’s called vandal bass and guitar se so I’m gonna go to
track 3 here then I’m going to click on FX and I want to go to audio
effects track rack so what I want to do is go down to the plus sign go to magix
plugins and click on vandal se and here’s our free guitar amp sim
plug-in you can see it has some presets in there I’m not going to be too fussy
here so let me just select one I now have a quick guitar recording bass
line and drum beat and it really didn’t take me much time at all I could loop
these over and over and create another section if I really wanted to and it
would be just as easy there are some other great tools in MAGIX Music Maker
I’ll get into those in other videos of course you don’t have to record any
audio to make music in MAGIX Music Maker it includes well over a thousand loops
and sounds in the sound pools that are even included with the free version let
me know in the comments below if you do download magix music maker and you’re
able to create some music with it click this video up here to see my top 5
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I took advantage of a sale and got the Premium version. So far it's quite fun. The limiting factor is my lack of talent! 🙂

This video looks at Magix Music Maker Free, Plus, and Premium editions. Comparing what each version comes with and I also do some audio recording and midi recording with Magix Music Maker. Let me know if you use Music Maker and what kind of music you create with it.

Magix Music Maker 2020 recently sent me an offer to buy the software . When you buy the software Music maker Premium it comes with instruments? I want the Accordian instrument does it come with the package or is it extra ? If not I would have to pay extra to buy a 3rd party . The special is very interesting . I would consider buying the Magix Music Maker Premium 2020 if instruments are free. Considering they are worth 40$ each. Thank you very much for this video.

I literally taught myself how to produce my own music using magix! It literally changed my life. I've had a song in a T-Mobile commercial. I've been signed to a label….. because of magix music maker! Yasssss! I 🎙🎶🎙🎶

I got pretty much all the music maker versions except the 2020 premium version I hate the software always crashes & my laptop has a ssd 16gb ram it's the hp envy 17t it's got a 4k screen 17.3" & it still crashes.

So I just downloaded the premium version today. I’m very disappointed compared to previous versions. I’ve been using this program since 2003. Throughout the years they have added new types of plugin which has been great and you didn’t have to pay extra for them and in fact if a new version came out that didn’t have a certain plugin that you liked using with previous versions you could actually add those plugins within the newer program itself by searching for them, going to program files and grabbing them from the previous version installs and the program was compatible with it. And yes it’s great that with this version you can select 6 to download for free but then you have to pay for the rest and so far I can’t find a way to add those old instruments that I have in a ton of my previous projects. Hopefully that will not be the case for long but so far it’s very annoying.

Please buddy the cracked soundpools packages have been deleted from the internet and I am not producing! Do you know of any websites that I can download soundpools packs from? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for these clear reviews! 1) For a non-technical artistic person, is this the most user-friendly software you recommend? 2) Will I be able to record layers of my own vocals, exclusively? 3) It mentions orchestral and string ensemble as well as choir. Are those considered instrument choices? Thank you for your help!

was hoping to get a discount on the Magix music maker premium but your link took me to the PLUS version but nonetheless it was the same price as it normally is. I've just bought Acoustica Mixcraft Pro 8 so I was looking for a deal ! 🙂 just want to start making my own music instead of covers but I'll sub you I guess. I suppose you don't have any discount deals with Presonus ? :))

hello, I have done some music in this program, but I can not find the way to download it into my computer….I need help plisss

Can you please make a video where you show us how to install external plugin to Magix Music Maker? I bought this sidechain compressor but dont know how to get it into Music Maker

You can better chose the free one from presonus that one is also eazy and you have a lot more features and it is just better

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