Long Term Disability- UNUM Class Action Lawsuit

Is your Disability Claim Against UNUM Hi, I’m Marc Whitehead a Board Certified part of Class Action Lawsuit? Hi, I’m Marc Whitehead a Board Certified Disability Insurance Lawyer. Yet another UNUM class Action Lawsuit has been resolved In 2008, UNUM agreed to a Federal Class Action settlement to the tune of $40 Million dollars. The lawsuit alleged that UNUM miss led investors by inflating Stock share price, by producing inaccurate accounting and financial statements as well as to resorting to improper handling of disability claims. UNUM accepted the settlement without admitting liability The Class Action Lawsuit involved thousands people who bought UNUM providence securities in March of 2000 through April of 2003 UNUM has created a $40 million fund to be distributed amongst these investors On the heels of this Class Action Lawsuit UNUM faced another Lawsuit filed on behalf of the Social Security Administration This Lawsuit was filed under the Federal false claims act statute. UNUM was alleged to have forced disability claimants to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits Even though they weren’t eligible in order to receive their insurance payments under their insurance policy. The criteria for disability under SSA is much stricter then most private insurances, and UNUM knows this. This tack tick results in policy holders filing false and obviously ineligible claims to the Social Security Administration And is meant to create long delays in the UNUM’s claims process. Although its standard practice for insurance Companies to encourages claimants to file for SSD It’s in no ones interest other then UNUM When they know that the claim will not be found eligible Under the SSA program in the first place. UNUM still dominates the US market for disability insurance If you’re being treated unfairly by the company contact Marc Whitehead & Associates to discuss your concerns This topic is discussed more in my free ebook: Long Term Disability Insurance Policies: How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove your Claim visit www.disabilitydenials.com to download your free copy Or Call 1-800-562-9830 to discuss your particular Disability Insurance issues I’m Marc Whitehead, thanks for watching!


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