Live Coverage: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Speaks On Russia Investigation | NBC News


good try Con rat (job mole l ier) Seth Rich bernie's man not the Russ ins stoled e mail from DNC gave 2 Wikileaks just ask him oh he is dead along with the lawyers suing the DNC

Why did the parameters of the Special Councils Office grant Bobby Boy the right to violate the principle of non-contradiction? Or did he just decide that on his own?

since when in this country do you have 2 prove U r innocent– now investigate( job mole l ier) 4 the 20% of our uranium sold 2 the russians where killery profited—–only in CON U nists countries do u have prove u r innocent

Mueller is full of CRAP! Coward! They keep pointing to the Russians to distract the American people from the REAL criminals! The Russian Dossier was fake & Mueller knew it 2 years ago! Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Hillary, Obama & the rest of the CONS have attempted a coup of a duly elected president, and the Media was complicit! All of them should be in prison, and it is going to happen! Get your slippers & popcorn ready! The rats in DC are going to start jumping ship!

I believe the CIA hacked the Dems cause they have software that can leave traces of other governments involvement!!! These are called breadcrumbs!!! The FBI found Cyrillic, Russian alphabet, like Russia is stupid enough to leave behind evidence!!! Ya know I don't like Russia!!! But give me a big effing break!!!!

Every defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. … 4:40 IF I had confidence that Mueller clearly did NOT commit a crime, I would say so. I have NOT, however, made a determination as to whether Mueller DID commit a crime. (I HAVE, however, determined that Mueller is a weasel.)

Mueller claims the highest ethical standards, standards of a lynching mod is more like. Mueller is part of the problem. I hope Barr gets to the bottom of it all.

Who cares? They trashed him for no reason other then political gains and he defended himself. That’s the crime? You’re gonna a sad day in court. Social justice is not justice, thank god.

How do you impeach when there was no crime . Impeaching a President the crime must be committed while in office. 2. Mueller is noted at making 2 different statements on the same issue. So therefore Mueller has lied about obstruction. Fueling impeachment. 3 If Mueller knew there was no collusion from the beginning why did he waste money looking for a crime . Mueller needs to be investigated over Uranium 1 and he is lucky not to be

The media is laughable. They are literally trying to convince you of something that doesn't exist. When will they learn that already failed in 2016

This is a man of truth, honor and justice. I hope the work he has completed with integrity serves to inspire renewed hope in our federal government.

Trump is completely free to govern for all Americans .But some Democrat s and some of their supporters under the Obama administration committed crimes which should be pursued .

Trump is completely free to govern for all Americans .But some Democrat s and some of their supporters under the Obama administration committed crimes which should be pursued . This is what Mueller said ''We conducted that investigation and we kept the Office of the Acting
Attorney General apprised of the progress of our work; and as set forth
in the report after that investigation if we had had confidence that the
President clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so."

Mueller says that prosecuting Trump wasn't an OPTION? Robert "Hanssen The UraniumOne" Mule Mueller is a LIAR. Otherwise, when Collusion & Conspiracy were dismissed for lack of evidence, the Witch Hunt would have ended. But it didn't. Communist Special Counsel Mueller still tried to catch the President in a perjury trap that he "couldn't prosecute" and in "Tax evasion," which he lies about not being able to prosecute. Any way you cut it, Mueller has shown the World how incompetent he is. Democrats bet the House that Mueller, their god, would be their Impeachment messiah. The DemonRats have clearly LOST & President Trump is COMPLETELY EXONERATED. In the meantime, the Constitution tells the USA exactly what to do with a corrupt President. Now that Mueller has closed his Office, he'll have to look for a corrupt U.S. President in Kenya.

YEA! Thank You Mueller! Now to we can get on with the Democrat interference!!! Clinton interference, Obama interference. Better do it fast before the Democrats find something to Probe LOL


Trump didn’t collude with Russia. Everything else is politics. The democrats should not drag the country through impeachment hearings over this. It will be 10x worse than Kavanaugh.

Sarcastically…Watching Mr. Mueller reminded me of the commercial …with the "I Quit"…cake, only in his case you could feel the bitterness and you could read a lot between the lines …just what you read between the lines depends on who you are…politics is such a filthy business sometimes…and that's been a case since ancient times…just wandering where are we heading…

The "Russian interference" that came from "timed releases from hacks of the DNC server" were all true however. They shed light on much of Hillary Clinton's witthholding of emails (obstruction of her own). These were in many cases embarrasing, but again, true. If the news media had been doing its job, these emails and other info would have been uncovered by true journslists, but they were too busy trashing Trump and protecting Clinton.

3:23 "*WHEN* a subject of an investigation obstructs that investigation or lies to investigators…" — Robert Mueller's statement (Not IF but WHEN a subject obstructs and lies)

graduated HS in 1985…i am wondering why their is still a gov building that has not been burned down..dead american=freedom..remember coward traitors to your children and grand children..iranians and north koreans are american…so support them…at least you can be a real parent to your offspring again….thanks usa military for killing those coward assed traitors on 9-11…..did the 9-11 tattle tale box ring alot on that day…better luck next time on targeting the dark house…..white house=illegally occupied land by the british crown"still" P.S. cant wait to pay tags every 6 months….whats a worthless coward loser scammer american going to do abut it……if your american…you better support americas enemy's for your illegitimate children's sake.(fukin coward is an american) i do hope these commentators die outside the hospital..due to lack of insurance…..stuff their worthless coward assed children with the bill…and i mean chase them down like a delinquent child support father…..

dont comment to often but just a reminder this forum and many others are the breeding ground for russian interference. pretend they are standing next to you …. they are responding in english to the conclusion of this investigation.. would your first reaction be to engage him or her, or would it be one of " your opinion has no bearing on the outcome what so ever".. you have no say. you are not an American citizen… they may not be standing beside you in the literal sense but make no mistake they are here … they want to create divisive chaotic behavior and ultimately take down our democracy and we play right into this by are rhetoric.. they think we are soft fools who are blinded by there actions… so far hate to say it but they are right think before you respond this great country was founded on the diversity of opinions the freedom to say how we feel without fear of retaliation .. many countries are jealous of what we stand for and the freedoms we take for granted… the least we can do is to all be patriots and fight the urge to help in the mission to destroy this place! respond with respect, and the idea that just because someone views issues differently does not give us the right to disrespect!

LOL what a piece a work. I love everyone reads into it what they want to hear. LOL what a bunch of crap.

In a Nutshell

Mueller: “If we had confidence that the president had committed a crime, we would have said so,” so ……. “Charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider.”

End of story !! Case Closed!

What a waste of 3o million dollars that could have been used to help Americans sleeping on the streets of Democrat controlled cities across the country. If the POTUS can't be indicted, why was he investigated. This guy has lost all credibility. He's just another political hack. The fake news continues because 2.5 years of it wasn't enough. How dumb are the American people to still support this noise. The Media's talking heads know how dumb they are and laugh all the way to the bank. Read the report people!!!

The only good that came out of this is that SNL can now do a Katharine Hepburn w/ a dash of Jimmy Stewart impression for Mr. DiNero.

Yes sophisticated techniques like Podestas password was password. That’s 007 stuff right there.

John Ward made the best summary of this "press conference" (although the press were not permitted to ask questions). #WorldChampions

Mueller sounds strange, his speech is pressured and hurried, he is visibly shaken…..could he be scared? If so, i wonder who is he scared of?

"The Report speaks for itself." Congress needs to take over and actually read the Report. It's in your hands now Congress. Do your job!

I know he said he wouldn't take questions. But maybe a reporter should have asked him how good of an impression of him does he think Robert Di Nero is doing on SNL. We can all use a good laugh.

This is embarrassing. Let the Trump do his job. Vote him out on issues. (am a Obama voter who voted for Trump)

I'm registered unaffiliated.. here's truth… Interesting, as expected, no mention of the FBI, DOJ, DNC, HRC, FUSION GPS, CHRISTOPHER STEELE, COMEY, BRENNAN, CLAPPER… etc… CONSPIRACY…. THE DS at its finest!!! How can anyone with a modicum of gray matter even believe these criminals anymore… silent, reasoned, fed up Americans have had Enough

How is it that a sitting President cannot be indicted but if the average citizen so much as steals a candy bar, he or she will be thrown in jail??!!!

"There were multiple systematic EFFORTS that TRIED to interfere with investigation". DONE and closed. Democrats go back to your cave.


Some of Individual 1's followers has said before this Televised Speech of Mueller's, they did not know of or had not heard of any wrong doing done by Individual 1, since they watch only conservative news…. which means the news outlet they are going to is not reporting the real news.

This proves how much the Televised version of Mueller speaking live makes a huge difference.

Boy, did this dumbbell Mueller step in it!  By stirring the pot and throwing meat at the Democrats, he created the demand to force him to appear before Congress.  He motivated Congress to subpoena him.  –  PERFECT  OPPORTUNITY for the Republicans in Congress to question this guy under oath and expose him as a complete phony.  It would take no less than 5 questions.    1.  Why did you NOT investigate the Clintons who took a payment of more than 145 million dollars from a RUSSIAN GROUP?  What was the payment for?
2.  The phony Dossier had Russia connections and was financed by the Clintons and had the goal of interfering with the election?  Why did you not investigate?
3.  Why did you hire mostly Democrat attorneys on the investigative team?
4.  Did you at any time investigate any Democrat for communicating with Russians before, during and after the election?
Those questions are a start.

Wow what a big speech of contradictions. " we would of said if he wasn't guilty" then a couple lines later " we could not of said if he was guilty or not guilty."

Mueller should make a video of himself reading the report and post it on Youtube !!!
Or maybe Robert DeNiro should do it.
Or a hot chick in a bikini, whatever it takes. Americans can't read.

ain't nobody getting impeached senate loves the $green caucus$ in there face next election im sure chumps daddy putin will stay far away don't worry chump cant b in office more than 8yrs by that time MEXICO will have our land back usa will b 1more bankruptcy 2 chump's many this time MEXICO takes women only PILGRIMS

Reasons Trump will be impeached. And there is nothing that a simple minded tRumplican like you can do about it.
#1 Rusia interfered
#2 They did it to help tRump.
#3 Trump wanted their help.
#4 Trump campaign met with the Russians to seek out that help.
#5 Trump and his campaign repeatedly lied about those contacts.
#6 Trump fired the FBI director to stop an investigation into the matter.
Also there is three elements to obstruction of justice in the investigation that Mueller was conducting.
Which brings us to 14 obstructions by trump.
#1 Asked Corney to "see your way to letting this go" for Flynn.
#2 Asked McGahn to stop Sessions from recusing himself.
#3 Fired Corney
#4 Tried to fire Mueller.
#5 Tried to get the investigation to only focus on future elections.
#6 Lied to the press about Trump tower meetings
#7 Tried to have Jeff Sessions take over the Mueller investigation.
#8 Odered McGahn to deny Trump's attempt to fire Mueller.
#9 Attempted to influence Michael Flynn.
#10 Attempted to influence Paul Manafort.
#11 Attempted to influence the jury for Manafort's trial.
#12 Attempted to influence REDACTED (likely Roger Stone)
#13 Attempted to influence Michael Cohen's testimony
#14 Publicly attacked Michael Cohen and his family after cooperation.

If any of you think the AG is Trumps personal attorney, then you have been lulled into this “new normal “ of lowered standards of thePOTUS that is Trump since his inauguration. Either way, it’s a sad commentary of where society is now that all news can be fake news and no one knows WHAT or WHO to believe. Mainstream Media has been complicit by giving Trump oxygen by repeating his propaganda and cementing those views. If they just stuck to facts without commentary then it would be so much easier to have the truth be heard.

What’s worse, a Russian hack for a president? How desperate do u have to be to keep Donald Tantrump in office? No one is fooled by you guys feigning support for Trump. It’s very obvious that you hate American Dems more than the Russia GOP. Just stop looking stupid and admit you DO NOT CARE how you keep Trump in office. You people are worse than traitors, because you have not one patriotic bone in your body if you refuse to allow Trump to step down or be impeached.

LOL the shitbag should be arrested immediately for subversion and be hung in the Public Square. It's funny how the Democrats go after somebody who was cleared of committing no crime yet Obama committed several crimes over his eight-year a legal term and they have nothing to say about it. Stand up America. Take back this country from the criminal left. Stand up!

The NWO is speaking thru Mueller.
The investigation was a Hoax and everyone with half a brain knows this.

This group is reading the report– together-online live Monday nights– and you can view it on FB –

Yet another example of Fake News: “Bill Barr, the Attorney General, when initially announcing the results of the Mueller Report, Said that he concluded there was no obstruction case, and that had nothing to do with that Department of Justice rule that says you can’t indict a sitting President. But Robert Mueller has made crystal clear today that he was in fact bound by and guided by that Department of Justice rule…” (about 16:38 into the report).

No, Bill Barr said specifically that he asked Mueller on several occasions whether that DOJ rule had influenced his decision not to find Trump's actions to be illegal, and then Barr reported that Mueller replied on each occasion that it did not play any part at all in his decision not to indict Trump.

If you had reported Barr's words accurately, then you would not have missed the obvious: Either Barr or Mueller is lying. Now, which one should be examined more closely?

Get your facts straight, or quit pretending to report the news and just admit that you are commenting (read giving your own distorted view) on what really happened.

Why should we impeach trump.

As I read this document the past comes to the present it is not a whole the document but the parts of this document remind me of all that I see now

“when in the Course of human events it

becomes necessary for one people to

dissolve the political bands which have

connected them with another and to assume among

the powers of the earth, the separate and equal

station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's

God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of

mankind requires that they should declare the

causes which impel them to the separation.”

when I look at the presidents behavior and the some members of the republican party the following sentences comes to life

To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a

candid world.

(The president) has refused his Assent to Laws, the most

wholesome and necessary for the public good.

He has forbidden his (Congressional legislators) to pass Laws of

immediate and pressing importance, unlesssuspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly

neglected to attend to them.

He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.

He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly,for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.

(Mitch McConnell)

He has refused for a long time, after such

dissolutions, to cause others to be elected, where the Legislative Powers, incapable of Annihilation,

For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most

valuable Laws and altering fundamentally the

Forms of our Governments: (gerrymandering)

He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us

out of his Protection and waging War against us.

(Our intelligence agency)

he has endeavoured to prevent the population of

these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws

for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, the border

He has obstructed the Administration of Justice by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary Powers.

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent

hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and

eat out their substance using his office for personal financial gains

For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most

valuable Laws and altering fundamentally the

Forms of our Governments: the dreamers

What a sad state of Affairs. What are they investigating there was no crime, no charges, what law are you still guilty of if they can’t find any evidence for? I think NBC should do better than this.

I used to be a Democrat, but never again.You people make me sick with your lies and propaganda. Why doesn’t the CIA msm, focus equal attention on the criminal activities of the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, and their “Cimes Against Children”?

To sum up: The Special Prosecutor has concluded his report and has produced his evidence. He recommends the rest of our governing body do their jobs as well. Perhaps members of the Senate and the Congress will actually all read his findings.

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