Live coverage of the USA Cycling Pro Road Championship in Knoxville.


(Spoiler) 9:00:52 if Bassett doesn’t close the gap on Powless do you think Alex still wins? Insane riding riding by Alex either way. He’s dealt with a lot this past season… it’s great to see him win this. One of my favorite American riders

Thanks for posting. Love watching national championship races, as often, teams don't have the numbers to control the race. Cheers from Australia.

Is there no sound in the replay? I'm watching on Monday and see both the women's and men's races but have no sound.

You could physically see Bassett’s legs go into vapor lock on the final push to the line. His head was bobbing doing everything to summon more muscle power that was just completely on empty. Insane determination to turn yourself inside out by all these riders who made the selection. Howe’s just had one more drop of gas in the tank when everyone was on fumes.

Super weird to see road cycling with "miles to go" on the screen. I'm just so programmed for kilometers.

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