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Presidential powers have been way to broadened. Now essentially the president is above the law. Laws need to be changed!

nbc give it up will you … ''The AG seems to favour the POTUS'' …. Barr follows the law & the POTUS didn't collude or obstruct …. you as bad as or even worse than cnn.

Breakings news!  The U.S. colludes with every single country in the WORLD, but that's just business as usual.  We give mexico 10billion dollars to 'strengthen' their government, but apparently that's not collusion or medleying it's just what we do.  Imagine if Russia gave the U.S. 10 billion.  FFS!!!!!

It's a sad day in any country when the "news" media are practically in tears because their president is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to NOT be a crook.

UGH WE ALREADY KNEW THERE WAS COLLUSION!! The trump tower meeting and Manafort giving polling data. That is collusion, maybe not enough to charge conspiracy, but still collusion. Do not play the right-wing media's game and help them spread their propaganda. Facts and logic might be lost to Fox News but we have to fight back against this ignorance!!

The bottom line: there is no collusion, and there is inadequate evidence to conclude that there was obstruction.

Congratulations to Julian Assange for winning the 2019 GUE/NGL Award for Journalism! It was accepted on his behalf by Nobel Prize Winner Mairead Maguire. No matter where we go with our life, we all come back around to the truth.

This is ridiculous this man is getting paid by Trump to do this crap he got onto attorney general by Trump he can't get fired why is this guy giving a b***** report it's edited. This is some b***** there's no point in even having this guy talk, just submit the Mueller report nobody wants to hear your b*****

There was conclusive acts among the Russian and Republican parties to
get Trump into Office. What makes the report claim "insufficient
evidence"? Simple. Every investigation ended because encrypted
communications among Trump supporters and Russian sleeper cells.
Breadcrumbs were definitely found but later faded from being detected.
The Democratic Party was always correct stating that Trump and his
supporters are puppets and the report seemingly proves that Trump was
intentionally inputed by Russian forces and not the American people. The
Republican party can rejoice all they want, the release of this report
DOES state "no collusion", but the report clearly states Trump is a
Trojan Horse brought to us by the GRU, but lays innocent because Trump
did not know and thought he became President of the US on his own.
There, saved you time.

Bye-bye, Donald Trump and Mike Pence. You're history. Enjoy prison now. The first President and Vice President ever to be impeached and removal from office since Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff and Park Geun-Hye, President of the Republic of Korea.

This just in …… a politician trying to squelch the truth to save their political and legal hides or advance their own power? Sadly, this is our country's history.

Poor, Poor NBC News , , ,
2 full years of lies and slander supporting this "Mueller Russian Collusion Probe" Hoax
only to watch it crash & burn into nothing but partisan lies.
~ NBC News;
You are a stain on the credibility of American Journalism.

Where Are the Investigations into Hillary Emails, Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, AGT Intl, Obama FBI and DOJ Crimes?!?

Ok so, America's 2016 election was interfered with. Let's have a snap election now as Trump was aided into power by a foreign power.

So AWESOME to see NBC and the other fake news outlets suffering today. All today's news videos have more dislikes than likes. I can see why the fake news stations no longer allow comments on their websites! Can't handle the truth, can ya newsies?!

Time to stop the Witch Hunt Media and your guest on The President Of The United States Of America Donald Trump and his family and his kids, shame on you. The important stuff America First = the economy + Legal immigration + Better trade laws to benefit the American Worker + Jobs of every sort for all Americans, steel, manufacturing, machinery, furniture , clothes, shoes, dishware ect.. not everyone wants to go to college, and for those that do want to go to college hire American students help American citizens out. Jobs for all abilities and talents instead of welfare or Government earned income, not needed with better pay. Supporting American Made, Fair and livable Made In The USA.

Fyi. Note: Barr said he is going to to give certain congressmen and Senate folks an unedited report with exception to grand jury stuff.
I just looked at it. Most of it isn't blacked out as Dems want all to think.
It's a pretty clear report.

If you people actually cared about rights, then why don't you hold Trump accountable for propping up the coup in Venezuela, supporting civil asset forfeiture, or continuing to support illegal regime change wars that get nothing as far as benefits go for the American people? I'll tell you why…it's because you think we will be stupid and not notice this?

There's nothing to redact because the whole thing is a lie to convince the America public that the DOJ hasn't been running Trump from day one. Trump is being used to do the dirty work. Proof and purpose to the weaponized propaganda leaked in my profile.

Democrats are urged to keep their TIN FOIL HATS
for the followup Conspiracy of the Muellar Report
to save on the carbon footprint required to melt down
and reproduce new TIN FOIL HATS.

Watch Lester Holt for details

LOLOLOL. As a Canadian I have been able to sit back and enjoy the show America has created for the world.  Let me summarize what is so incredibly transparent for us who have at least half a brain.  This entire thing was a scheme to go after a guy who many people did not like and attempt to find something. Anything they could find to remove him from the presidency.  This was "the insurance policy" Andy McCabe spoke about.  After 2 years of attempts, they found nothing they could use.  Do not be so ignorant to think the media didn't also know this. They simply lied repeatedly, day after day to you American's and the world, suggesting there was collusion.  Now they are going to hinge their attempts to at least disrupt this man to the laughable notion that he tried to obstruct an investigation into a crime he never committed.  The media will continue to lie, and the morons in your country will continue to follow those lies.  Too entertaining to be missed.

Watching these liberals reach for anything to substantiate their Russian Collusion Hoax is beautiful!!! CNN has lost 40% of their viewership overnight. MSNBC lost 30% of their viewership overnight!!! Beautiful

Democrats have been caught with their pants down, and they look like idiots right now!!! They need to take a page out of yahoo's book. Don't publish anything regarding the, "Mueller Report." Yahoo has chosen to NOT add wood to the fire anymore by simply ignoring any coverage of the report.

The best thing you all can do is NOT talk about this anymore however, as a Republican I hope you all continue to harp on about this subject. YOU ARE HANDING US 2020!!!!!



This is like a bad call by Refs in Football! One team dancing around touting they won! The Replay ( Mueller Report ) will show the TRUTH!

Watching the reaction and analysis from the media is so disturbing.  They are completely ignoring the reality that this was a fraudulent case that was instigated to disrupt a duly elected President of the United States.  They are seriously trying to imply that even though this is as clear as day, they still want to claim he handled it inappropriately if not criminally by not cooperating with an illegal investigation.

Trump thought He was "F***d" . But as it turns out Democrats and Fake News got F***D every which way instead. Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!!!


The font has a copyright and donald may not have obtained written permission from the owner of the copyright before him using it! Now donald can be sued for copyright infridgement when he leaves office!
Yet another strike against donald!!!!

MUELLER gave 4 reasons that prevented him from accusing Trump of a crime, even if Trump clearly committed one and they could prove it. Neil Catyal only gave the one reason about "fairness." ALL of them are on Page 2, which Mueller clearly spelled out BEFORE the rest of the report, so when anyone should read the report, they would understand from the beginning that Mueller was NOT going to accuse Trump of any crime, nor was he going to indict him, even if he could clearly prove it. READ the report, especially Page One and Two. Too many reporters today are talking poo-poo because they clearly have not read Mueller's most important first couple of pages in the whole report. READ it from the beginning, please, so you stop misleading the public. That only makes Barr's statements confusing, when they're clearly total BS… and have been for more than a month. Disgusting. He should resign now.

Seems to me no matter what the Dems mantra of going to get that Trump is going to continue due to them being buttsore over their tin god Hillary not getting elected

Thank God media doesn't run the country! They always have a negative critique of President Trump.. Media need to stop being a political weapon for the democrats. I wish Media would stop with the Identity Politics.. On sided debate..

Will NBC be covering the future indictments of all of the corrupt Obama officials who perpetrated
the Russia collusion hoax with as much vigor?
BTW, where was your coverage last week of Obama's WH lawyer who was indicted?

You guys are really celebrating a report with a bunch of black spots around words thar you can's see. Pyscho's in here!

The truths will come out. Barr lied up there again for Trump! The truths will come out!1 Give it days into weeks and weeks into months. The truths will come out!!

Did Fox News read a different report? They seem to think Trump has been vindicated. My Dad remembers WWII, he told me today that Trump acts exactly the same way Hitler did. This is completely unacceptable, Trump needs to be Impeached. America deserves a Government that follows the law instead of holding themselves above it!

TRUMP~~ THE PRESIDENT FULL OF MIRACLES ~~ hold onto your hats, as Trump said, he's not worried!! SOoooo look out dumb demo, Trump is coming for YOU!!!

The backstory on William Barr and why Trump snagged Barr out of retirement .
The most significant single act of Barr’s career in the Department of Justice was to advise President George H.W. Bush to pardon six officials from Ronald Reagan’s administration for crimes associated with the Iran-Contra affair. The investigation led by independent prosecutor Lawrence Walsh was closing in on the president himself. Issuing the pardons killed Walsh’s investigation — and saved Bush. When the targets of the investigation were off the hook, Walsh had no leverage to continue.The architect of this pardon strategy was William Barr.

The special counsel did not "exonerate" President Trump and implied that Congress should decide his fate.

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING! The media (on the Left anyway) will draw this out forever – for one reason, and one reason only: ratings. That's it. If you think the all the fuss about the released report is about ANYTHING else but TV ratings, you are being played.

Don't be stupid moron. There weren't any collusion. You people "Fate News" are haters. The Democrat are finish and that go alone with your fate news people.

Fate News are very negative and untrustworthy for future references. American people do not trust these Fate News outlets. They're all work for George Soros.

Barr is good but he is not GOD this man has known all along that the mulleur report will not hurt Trump it's going to help him and that's that

Now Trump is going after the illegals that is coming into this country if you ask me I would tell not to come because this is not 💯 a good place to be it's not a place that I want to be here anymore for this is a country that you can get away with anything if you have money

Reporters are such desperate idiots. They wanna be the Enemy of the People and lie lie lie. Shove the lies down our throats. There’s no collusion except by The Democrats!!!!

No one man becomes a tyrant without his committed enablers.

American citizens ELECT their representatives to Congress to make laws for them so their lives may be defined and protected by the rule of law. Some monarchical revisionist(s), not voted for by any citizen, sat at a corner office and thwarted that collective aspiration by putting in place a policy that puts the President above the law: The DOJ Rule!. You can't accuse the president and you can't indict a Seating President? What a distorted paradigm? So some Revisionist political hacks at the Department of Justice, (DOJ), for all practical purposes, have effectively taken us back to the era when the king was above the law, and could do NO WRONG. With the benefit of history, we know how that worked out.

Now, this "coupe d' law" becomes the default by which we are negotiating these serious issues of corruption, felonies, abuse of power/office, obstruction of justice and treasonous actions of the president, his cronies and henchmen. And even after all the struggles to hold him accountable, he can pardon himself and his henchmen? This distorted logic has no place in a civilized world if America were a democracy. That's NOT how to hold as self-evident the TRUTH that all men are created equal; And that no one is above the law.

Deal With This Vexing Issue of DOJ Rules Or Wave Bye-Bye To The Idea of American Democracy and Equality Before The Law. Q.E.D!!!

"Rachel 'Mad Dog' Maddow is the Lezzy Borden of the 21st Century. He/she/it hates Trump and that's mucho bueno!"
—Sheikh Raz-Matazz, Emir of Bootystan
Director, U.N. Supreme High Commissioner for Titz and Twotz

I love to watch the MSM these days. They basically look like headless chickens chasing geese in the yard. There is no collusion, so they decided to chase the obstruction narrative. They do not seem unaware that FISA warrants will be up next and will expose Comey`s crimes, thus validating his dismissal by President Trump. Comey was a bad cop working to unsit an elected president. What you are hearing now will fall apart just as everything else they spoke on Russia collusion for the past two years. Everything you heard on the Russia collusion was a waste of time, wasn`t it?

First of all, and to make it clear, I do NOT have a dog in this fight. That been said it is ridiculous how all of this people ( fake news and minions ) accuse the AG of biased towards the US President. Mind boggling stuff. It is more than obvious that is something to celebrate the innocence of an innocent person. My guess, logic, its what lacks to all of you, the delusional, the biased, the narrowed mind. And than we wonder wy the fake news label.

Trump is given away USA to Russia for his own personal gain. Trump has been a crook all his life, he thought running USA is the same as running his shady business……

Lol NBC and the false and very fake narratives they push make watching them and CNN or ABC and MSNBC a real knee slapper when I need a laugh! Keep it up you morons.

What the left is doing is the same thing they always do in a country , when they are attempting to shove communism down their throats

That's hilarious, complaining that it's being said that there's NO "COLLUSION" in quotation marks, as if that's not PRECISELY what has been the accusation for over two long, VERY long years. I remember that speech by Comey regarding Hillary's emails, he gave a LITANY of reasons she should be immediately tried for treason, then assumed that no prosecutor would take the case. BS

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