Little Women: LA – Terra Crosses Christy’s Red Line (Season 8) | Lifetime


Watching this just makes me ill. Christy made mistakes but she has owned up to them all along. But Terra, acts like she never does wrong & she is a Princess. Give me a break. Terra needs to come off her pedestal & realize people handle stresses in their lives differently. Christy through the show had admitted she was in a abusive relationship & she has been through a lot. If Terra can't understand from a womans view point what Christy has gone through, well its rather sad in my opinion.

I don’t see how they let terra get to them 😭😭😭 if I was on the show I’m hitting where it hurts talking about her kids and all and that forehead

Like u just said terra she was struggling through alcohol cuz she got her kids taken away and u brought it up, every time u try to make people feel bad for u u make yourself look worse

Is Terra playing a character or is she just a horrible person? She is so bitter, it's disgusting. If you can't let something go or forgive someone for things they did years ago; why even be in their presence? All she looks like now is a bitter old bully who keeps justifying herself with past events that no one in their current circle knows of.

Tara you need to go back to think about your actions and become that come to Jesus girl again because your actions doesn't even reflect that you know Jesus you need to think about what would Jesus do

Terra is not capable of forgiveness. I cannot believe she has ever went to church. I will not watch the show any longer. I am sick of watching all the women kiss up to Terra for a spot in the next season.

The fact the not any one of those girls would admit Terror is wrong should let Christy know they are not her friends. They watch this happen repeatedly and don't step in and say "Enough is Enough!" They all disrespect Christy and she's they punching bag. I feel so bad for her

Girl a divorce will have you crazy and I know firsthand, but I have never put my needs over my kids and never let them see me breakdown!!!!

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