Lifetime Pension

Your PensionDanmark pension account
includes a lifetime pension. A lifetime pension entitles you to a monthly
payment when you retire. It will along with other pension accounts,
ATP and state pension… – replace your regular salary when you no longer work. One of the advantages of a lifetime pension is that you’ll receive a monthly payment for as long as you live… – no matter how long you live. That means you’ll never have to depend exclusively on your state pension. The first 10 years of payments are guaranteed. If you die within that period, the balance of those guaranteed payments will be paid… – to your beneficiaries in a single lump sum payment. Your employers contributions to
your lifetime pension are tax-deductible. That means you’ll be required to pay taxes on the payments you receive. You can see how much you’ve saved up for your lifetime pension by logging into You can also see how much you can expect to receive from your pension plans … – and public benefits upon retirement.

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