Lifetime Movie Stars Play Who Said It: Taylor Swift or Christmas Movie

Oh, I thought you were gonna really ask these questions. I was so excited about these questions! That sounds poetic,
I’m gonna say Taylor Swift? Holiday movie. Taylor Swift? Ayyee! Sounds like a
line in a movie. Holiday movie
line? Holiday movie? Oh, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. That’s Taylor Swift. Yeahhhhh! Taylor Swift. I don’t know. Taylor? Taylor. That’s Taylor Swift. Taylor. Taylor Swift for sure. I can guess a couple guys she probably
wrote that song about. That sounds Taylor Swift-y too. That sounds like a line to a song. I know that movie. That is from a movie. My favorite movie of all time. My husband and I’s favorite movie. That’s a movie. Taylor? Taylor? That’s gotta be a movie. That’s a Christmas movie. Wow! I’m doing pretty good here! That’s a movie. Oh, a movie. Oh! My goodness, favorite movie to watch at the holidays, hello! My goodness. That has to be a movie. Movie? A movie. I’m very competitive, just in case you guys didn’t know. This is a movie. Movie. Oh that’s definitely a Christmas movie. That’s a Christmas movie. That’s a movie. “You’re supposed to be the leading”— see how i’m acting this out. I’m like, does this fit a character? Is that Christmas [movie]? Yayyyyyy! That has to be a movie. That’s a movie. That’s a movie. Oh, Taylor Swift for sure. That’s gotta be a movie, too. I feel like that’s a movie. I mean, they’re taking about Jesus. I don’t think Taylor sings so much about Jesus so I would go with a holiday movie? That’s a song. That’s Taylor Swift. Movie? Sounds like a Taylor Swift lyric. The song. Taylor. That’s a line in a song. That’s, um, The Grinch, isn’t it? – Elf, Buddy the elf Aw, yeah, that’s right. So it’s a movie of course. That’s Elf. That’s a line in a movie. Taylor. That’s a movie. Christmas movie. That’s Christmas movie. Yes! Oh my gosh, I’m like seven for seven right now. Elf. One of my faves. That’s hard. ‘Cause that could either be Taylor Swift or Christmas movie. “We could leave the lights up ’til January” It’s very romantic. I’m gonna say Taylor Swift. That’s a Taylor Swift song. Love that song, it’s on her new album. Movie. Taylor. That is a movie? That’s a lyric. That’s a song, I think. I’m gonna say movie. Movie? It’s a movie. That sounds like a movie. Movie. That’s Christmas movie. You guys, I just said this, like, 30 minutes ago. This was in a book I just
read. Is this in a movie too? Oh my goodness, I have been quoting The Santa Clause like it’s a self-help novel. This is incredible. Taylor Swift. That’s gotta be Taylor Swift. Song. “You call me up again just”— That’s Taylor Swift. She’s always got a little grrrr in there. Taylor. That’s Taylor Swift. Taylor. Elf. I almost got a paper cut in my eye for
that. Heyyy, that wasn’t so bad. I don’t know any Taylor Swift but somehow you can just tell, there’s the heartbreak… and then there’s, like, a little bit of the country. You know what, maybe it’s because I’ve been in four
Christmas movies and I know the lines by heart by now.

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