I wish that they did the handshake right. They're doing a lions paw grip, which is pretty exclusively from Freemasonry. Don't Mormons hold hands with there spouse by shaking there hand and pressing there pointer finger into the middle of your wrist which they call the "true sign of the nail", While also linking pinker fingers. I wonder how different the FLDS are from LDS. I wonder if they have infinity mirrors in the FLDS temple like the LDS have.

"I can't. I'm pregnant."
"Well done. Send another girl up then".

This is so twisted. So vile. How did man get so far from the truth 😟

Man – what an incredible blessing that sweet friend is… In this day and age – for anyone to be as willing as she was to help out a complete stranger and her five kids the way she did – must be some sort of an angel in disguise. Also – Since when is a child under the age of 18 not considered a minor? Charlotte is only 16, right?? I swear, Utah is such a back ass wards state.

Poor Charlotte didn't even know that her awful step father was using her just to get back at her mother. Her mom is so good and so kind! Such a good movie.

This reminds me so much of the mormon cult that was on the news back in the 90s. They were shut down for child molestation. Some of these cults are still going on. It sickens me.

It’s creepy how these cult locations always look like quaint, bright-colored doll houses. Gives a false aura of innocence.

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