Life insurance

what’s up everybody I’m gonna address
something today that I hear all the time from guys just like me when the
conversation comes up about life insurance I quite often hear I didn’t
want to get life insurance because I didn’t want my wife’s future boyfriend to have all my money and that’s always cracked me up because
if you think leaving your wife with what she needs to make it through the rest of
her life is gonna result in her having a boyfriend you were misinformed I’m gonna
tell you what’s the result and her having a boyfriend you pass away she
goes through the initial shock and has to sit through your funeral and she’s gonna
hear the most beautiful sermon ever preached about you going to have and dancing on streets of gold in six months from now she’s gonna be
looking around an empty house saying hey this guy is dancing on streets are gold, Im barely putting food on the table
I gotta find me another man so let me just go ahead and tell you if you
want to make sure that your wife don’t have a future boyfriend raising your
kids or you know taking care of her you better get you a life insurance
policy make sure she don’t have too!

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