Life Insurance for Union Workers | Union Plus Life Insurance

So… life insurance. We know you don’t want
to talk about it and you may not think you need it,
but the future is unknown. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or have a family,
having life insurance can be a smart financial decision. What’s the deal with
life insurance? If something were to happen to you, life insurance can help
your loved ones keep moving forward. Right now you may have credit card debt
a mortgage or even a family to raise, and don’t forget about future expenses
like funeral costs. Someone has to take care of the bills after you’re gone and
life insurance can help. Life insurance is distributed in a single payment to
your beneficiaries – those are the people you want to receive the benefits. With a
life insurance policy from the Hartford, you and your beneficiaries can feel
confident that your future financial needs are covered. So you may be thinking,
“how much would I need?” That depends on your situation. Whether you have a family
and a home or you’re getting ready to retire, you’ll want to consider the
expenses and debts related to your lifestyle when choosing the right
coverage amount. You may already have a life insurance policy, but do you have
enough? Nearly 40% of Americans say they wish their spouse or partner had more
life insurance coverage. Buying a home or preparing for
retirement are important times to revisit the amount of life insurance
that your family may need. The best part about it — it probably won’t cost you an
arm and a leg! For about the price of a couple large cheese pizzas each month,
you can help protect your biggest asset. Life insurance is one way that you can
pay for final expenses or help provide for your loved ones futures
even if you aren’t around. Now that’s additional peace of mind! For more information, visit
your association’s website

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