Life Insurance for Helicopter Pilots: Helicopter Pilots Life Insurance Rates

Are you a helicopter pilot? Well, if you’ve
been looking for life insurance quotes as a helicopter pilot, I can help save you money,
coming up in this video. So if you’re a helicopter pilot and you’ve
gotten quotes for life insurance quotes, you’re probably getting a lot of people quoting you
something called the flat extra, which is a very high additional fee that you would
pay for the added risk of being a helicopter pilot. Sometimes $5.00 per $1,000 worth of
coverage. It can really add up to thousands of dollars a year as an additional fee for
the risk. Well, the good news is that, depending on
how many hours you’ve flown, your experience, whether or not you’ve had violations, if you
haven’t had violations and you have a good amount of hours flown and experience, then
you can possibly get a rate without paying that flat extra fee. You can possibly get
standard or preferred rates. We’ve seen cases where people were able to get a preferred
rate, even as a helicopter pilot, without paying these flat extra fees. I recently had somebody come to me who got
quoted thousands of dollars for a quote. We were able to quote them a policy at $88 a
month, when they were quoted like $1,000. That was because of all those additional fees,
and this was for a very large policy, about a million dollar policy. So if you’re a helicopter pilot, visit our
website, If you’re on YouTube, click the link below, or you can simply call
us, 800-574-0245, or compare quotes right on the site. We can help you get the best
rates possible as a helicopter pilot. Thank you, and I look forward to speaking
with you.

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