Life Insurance for Diabetics: Get Approved

so type one diabetes is pretty much is
your day-to-day life once you have it normally it’s genetics that you get type-1 diabetes from but i happen to get it late and i was
twenty three when I was diagnosed it was about twelve years ago it was right after nine eleven I remember that it took me about a month before I went in to the doctor and during that time dropped about twenty pounds now i was diabetic so… uh… yeah i was lucky I caught it early
so that was the main thing was recognizing and cathing it early diabetes is a growing concern in society and coinciding it’s a
growing concern for underwriting as well what my job basically is is to help
people get that life insurance that they need and get them going with the right carrier and give them an idea upfront of what kind of rates that they’re going to be expecting you know i hadn’t ever really thought
about my life insurance before i was diagnosed and then after I was diagnosed with diabetes I started thinking about my health more I mean the main thing I mean life insurance for anybody is you want to take care of your family if something happens to you your family you
want to make sure is taken care of um… you know whether it be uh… helping them out with day to day stuff or paying off the mortgage that you have or trying to set up your kids for college it’s not about you it’s about your family
uh… so uh… and it’s not so much thinking that something bad is going to happen it’s making sure that if that happens you don’t need to worry about it you know so you don’t worry about it when you’re around I had to actually plan when i was gonna have a baby so that she
could be healthy so that’s kind of when i actually
started thinking about life insurance was ok, I know that i can take
care of my diabetes and now i’ve got a daughter and I want to make sure she’s protected I’m not just thinking about her but i’m also thinking about my husband as well
because if i die tomorrow i make about the same amount of money that he does and
so i wanna make sure that he’s protected
and doesn’t have to worry about taking care of her. Well some of the common
misconceptions that people have when they apply for life insurance is that the
because they’re a diabetic or they’re taking medications that they’re not going to be able to qualify and that’s typically not the case. If you do it right and you educate yourself and you start doing a little bit of research online you can find companies that have agents that know their stuff and that have that basically you can shop and compare with more carriers than one. uh… you know the
numbers the statistics are out there and i know between type one in
type two I know the type two numbers have gone sky high you know type one not as much but um… still i mean this coverage regardless of
what type you have out it’s out there. you have to become your own advocate when you’re a type one diabetic because it’s called the silent killer so a lot of people die from diabetes related illnesses or injuries so it’s basically just taking care of
yourself monitoring getting your going to the doctors as much as you
can and making sure you’re taking care of yourself. I’m eating healthier than you know I ever would have anyway so you know that’s one of the good things make sure that i have to
exercise and you know you got to be on top of it. based on
your specifics what your lab work runs what your a one c runs what your umm… glucose readings are that’s going to determine how you’re
going to be rated there are preferred rates there are
standard rates and there are sub standard rates just like it is with any type of car
insurance homeowners insurance things like that it all depends on what type of a
risk you are these days the carriers are looking more towards what your level of control is they don’t care what type of medication you’re using just as long as
you’re controll is good um… well again it kind of goes back to there’s coverage out there you know uh… we’ll find it for you it’s uh… it’s really finding the best
companies that are out there uh… uh… they’re there they want to help
they want to give you a policy so we’re gonig to do our best we don’t want to turn you away I’m steve campbell I’m an insurance agent
and i’m a type one diabetic my name is heather foster I’m a marketing manager and I’m a type one diabetic. hi I’m mike woods I’m the agency underwriter here and i myself am a diabetic

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