Life Insurance Basics

Hi ! In this video, life insurance basics Everything you need to know. Stay tuned. There are a lot of questions about life insurance. What is life insurance? How does it work? What’s the “correct policy” for me? In this video, I want to talk to you about some life insurance basics. Everything that you should know before making a purchase. OK. Let’s talk about life insurance basics. This is something that everybody should know before purchasing a life insurance. They come in two different types. There’s temporary life insurance and permanent life insurance. OK. The firs type: temporary life insurance. It’s also known as term insurance. It gets that name because that type of life insurance goes for a particular term or a length of time. That life insurance is only in force for that particular term or period of time. Outside of that term or that period of time, there is no life insurance coverage. Permanent life insurance. Now permanent life insurance comes in many different types as well, but for your purposes, be sure you’re cleared that permanent life insurance is designed to be in force for your entire life. It will be in force for the time the policy is accepted and issued by the insurance company and will stay in force until you die. Arguably, it’s still in force when you die, because in that point the insurance needs to make their promise good and pay the beneficiaries the amount of money that you’ve designated. Many times people will ask “what’s the best type of life insurance to have”. That’s an easy question: the best type of life insurance to have is the one that’s in force when you die. Now you know the two basic types of life insurance: temporary life insurance and permanent life insurance. If you have other questions, feel free to reach out to me at Thanks for watching! Brought to you by the life insurance rockstar at

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I'm not sure that anything about insurance is basic, but you sure do make things a whole lot simpler than I though they were. 🙂

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