Life After Polygamy: The Daughters & Wives of A Polygamist Cult Reclaim their Hometown


Hmm from what i know, spritual marriages/spirit sppuses are what occurs when you share your intimacy/(your spirit) with many people. Thereafter is a life of constant breakups and contant divorces and unhappy relationships. Its the wrong place to use the word "spiritual marriage" though everything they did was wrong anyway. Sigh. Poor kids though.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which condemns this practice, and I want reiterate what Vice has said that this is a breakoff group. Though this was practiced in the past in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for various reasons both known and unknown, it is clear we do not now practice it. If someone want's an explanation as to why we practiced polygamy many years ago versus now, MY best answer would be to point to the Bible. Many practices are instituted, adopted, changed, forsaken, and at times, reinstituted. I only say this as a personal satisfying explanation. However, I would suggest to anyone that want's to find out the reason for themselves to check out or

My sister just married a Mormon. If you’ve ever heard someone say that Mormons “brainwash” young women, take it from me, it is frighteningly accurate. Their rhetoric has turned her against her family. We were so close six months ago, then they moved to Alaska, and now that she’s back she seems to hate me. It’s really sad that this is happened to her. I love her so much and I wish she could see what is happening to her.

My condolences go to all the families whose daughters have been victimized by the sick cult. They rip daughters and sisters from their homes and tear that family apart just to add one more person to their already large family. I have experienced this first hand and truly wish I hadn’t. Somehow, they really do manage to convince young girls that there is something good about Mormonism. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I hope she can solve the rocker feller population control by not having children like the u.n. Wants her to do

Don't bother your lord. At the moment; or even the past/future seems that your personal lord can't seem to be bothered. At the moment do what you can to be a better person instead. And don't listen to religious mediums. The Catholic faith seems to think on the same conclusion. Mohammed also didn't spawn this stupid idea. Mashallah.

How can any belief/religion say they want a harmonious existence when all the can do is eliminate/discard humanity. This isn't an original idea and it is proving to be a deprecated view.

How would they have known to escape? I am really glad they did but I mean they would have been brainwashed from when they were children and not known any better?

Reminder that the Fundamentalists aren't members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I really, really wish people wouldn't confuse the two of us.

I lived in Utah for a year. On the weekends I would ride around the mountains. Once, at a gas station a van stopped at the pump next to mine. Out came a sea of kids, three women came out and one man.
The women just interacted with the children.
I took a quick look at the whole scenario playing out in front of me while I was doing mental math of what was going on and then noticed the man was giving me a look.
I was like. "I'm not going to take your women away asshole"

Their clothing and hair remind me of that Netflix show the unbreakable kimmy shmidt. I can't imagine going back to that place after everything they went through.

these gals are cool. glad they can have a sense of humor after going through some dark shit. shows how far they have come

Not picking a child of incest to be in a incestual marriage because she looks “defected”… maybe don’t have children with your children?

Why there is an age restriction to get married? Guys only care for young and fresh. All this drama is created by older female hogs left to rotten.

This so called religion is illegal for the multiple wives feature of it which is basically a cover for rape n pedofiles so why isn’t the law being enforced !! Seen so many of this cult n it’s spin off fractions that all do the same , one white guy marrying underage girls over n over and keeping them isolated n brainwashing them that they are god n they will end up In hell if they don’t do as there told !! Putting up walls everywhere don’t make this crap legal 🤬

Keep them young and stupid and unquestioning (religion's favorite trick), then rape them (religion's second favorite trick.)

The same kinds of folks who will turn will a blind eye to these sorts of atrocities are the same kinds of fools who rant about how if we're not careful "Sharia Law" is going to take over our country…

2016 Vice: Polygamy is a dangerous practice that systematically harms women and must be addressed

2019 Vice: hey guys, forget kale and avocado, Polygamy and open relationships are the new trend! What 2016 documentary? Come on guys, it's'' progressive'!

I've never understood WHY some people can't See Through religion?
It's nothing but a bunch of Bull Shit even the (so called) legitimate ones.
Maybe you need to Tune In to George Carlin?
He's got a GOOD view on Religion 🙂

A cult ALWAYS uses fear and intimidation to control, and it almost always involves sex abuse, because the ones in charge are usually sex addicts.

These men r so sick by using God to raped children. I hope when u get to hell n hell is not too hot for u.

This is really what all those "pro-life" bastards that are banning abortions are wanting to do. Sick fucks.

Christians disagreeing with polygamy but have no idea how many wives Solomon had according to the Bible.

the question is how rich is this guy feeding all these people and supporting them? clothes, food, etc….??
how did he make money?

I find the Utah accents & dialect hard to understand. Don’t know if it’s the Mormon influence or just regional?

The people who were responsible and running this cult should have been been locked in stocks and chains in the desert and severely whipped and beaten daily for what they did to all the young girls and their families. They ruined these girls lives and they will never be free from the torment and Hell they were put through. These kind of memories cannot be simply wiped away and will affect their entire lives and their families. I have never understood how so much evil in this world has been done in the name of religion!!

Believe in God n u will be there a slave there is no god u r ur own god history writes it’s self but wat have god done to this world

Good for the girl taking that house back. She’s in control now. These women are strong as hell ❤️

I think they are still controlled by the movement so to speak ……. why the hell would they wanna go back and live in these houses ???

People like this guy shouldnt have the decency of trial and comfort of a prison cell. Should have been hung by his toes naked in town square with a bullseye around his junk for people to stone. Leave him there till the death stinks too much…

What happens to the men who are left out of marriage in this model? The sexes are split 50-50.

I just watch a documentary about who married under age girls.. wonder if he was a follower of this guy

WOW! I can only imagine how they are coping, this kind of experience will definitely scar the psyche but these girls are doing so well considering their trauma. I have met a few girls with stories that are quite similar to this and the same thing appears in there healing and that is confronting the fear that the experience nurtured. I personally like talking to my therapist at the Susan block institute, it really helps me identify the points of trauma and allows me to tackle that issue one day at a time, whether it be in my decision making or my daily choices. (Their number is 1-2l3-29l-9497 I think). Hope they get the help they need. Life in prison doesn't even begin to cut it compared to all the damage this man had done to all these people SMH!

The only way warren Jeffs could get a woman would be to brainwash and rape them. Just look at him. Guy is a total weiner. Not surprised he would be limiting the amount of other men around too.

My sister's ex husband was a son of Warren Jeffs. It gave me chills to see their last names were all Steed.

This was amazing and I pray for each one of these women because they are brave and deserve happiness.

This is so sad! I am 36 years old and I am planning my wedding for after my daughter graduates (she comes first) and my father tears up just thinking about the day he is going to walk me down the isle/give me away…at 36 years old!!! My family adores my fiance as his family loves me. How can these men hand their children, their babies, their little girls and so many of them barely into puberty, over to men the age of their fathers and sometimes older? So heartbreaking. So so heartbreaking. And even behind bars, Warren Jeffs still controls everything that goes on. He needs to be locked away with no phone rights or monitored phone calls and no letters to be sent out from him or in for him. He needs to completely be seperated from these people and maybe they will come to grips. They actually believe he is going to be coming home. I want to call them stupid but, it is the only life these people know.

If you think about it. The Mormon church (LDS) is actually the FLDS waters down. Joseph Smith (founding father) was a polygamist. So who is actually the "splinter" grouo

I’d be jealous if my husband was with another woman even for a second!!! And how can they just look as if nothing is wrong!!????

Funny Quote from my History teacher.
"Muslims Believe they get 72 Virgins when they die" I said smiling.
"Sounds like a lot of work" he immediately responded…LOL! I have to agree with him.

This pedophile was marrying 12 year olds? WTF! I hope he gets raped in prison! He's a horrible person! All pedophiles need to die!

Someone always will want to oppress another person/people. And they will always look for a way to segregate one from the rest. It’s a shame that even in a secluded place and religion, people will always choose to be biased towards another.

There is nothing wrong with polygamy so long as you can manage it emotionally . This is about cults and religion not polygamy

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