Hey guys Maryam here welcome to my channel
or welcome back, in today’s video we are doing another foundation review. Today I am testing
out the new Smashbox studio skin full coverage 24 hour foundation. Yes, I will be doing a
wear test at the end, and of course I’m going to be determining whether this product is
oily skin friendly, it says that it is but I will tell you the truth because I am an
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so you could see all of my Wednesdays and Sundays videos and now let’s get to it Smashbox,
meet team truth we are here for it. So here we have the entire range of the Smashbox
Studio skin full coverage 24 hour foundation, all 40 shades of them in this giant PR package
which is very heavy, so I’m gonna put it down. And this is a $36.00 foundation available
at ULTA or Sephora, it’s already available and this isn’t a super new foundation, I feel
like it’s been out for at least 2 months. I’ve seen some reviews on YouTube but I just
got this package in the mail and to be perfectly transparent and honest with you guys as I
always am, I have not heard about this foundation until today, shocker I know. But once I did
some research I realized that this is quite a popular foundation, it’s got some pretty
decent reviews, it’s supposed to be full coverage, 24 hour wear and perfect for oily skin so
duh, I am the perfect candidate to be testing and reviewing it for you guys, I am oily AF. So I did go on Sephora’s website to check
out the shade range of these 40 shades and I must say I found myself just a little bit
perplexed. Yes there are various undertones from warm to golden olive to cool neutral
etc. but when I hover over these shades I’m seeing these faces that just don’t make any
sense. How can a 3.1 medium skin tone look like the model pictured followed by 3.15 model
featured. And then if I go back to 3.05 the girl is of a much deeper complexion, I am
finding it just very confusing and make me just a little bit anxious. How am I supposed
to find my shade, luckily the packaging of this foundation is very clearly labeled, so
I have 2.3 here and a 3.1. The skin tone of 2.3 is light medium, the undertone is warm,
the 3.1 skin tone is medium the undertone is coral peach. So I guess if you already
know your skin tone and your undertone then you can just go by that. But going just by
the pictures alone seems to be a little bit confusing at least for me. I think it’s time for me to find my shade.
I’m already wearing make-up so I gotta remove it duh! And now let’s pick up some shades,
I’m gonna go for 2.3 light medium in warm undertone. Squeezy tube which I like, nice
little nozzle here, alright 2.3 light medium warm. Now that is indeed very, very full coverage
even at first swipe, don’t think this is my shade their warm is looking a little bit too
peachy for my liking. Gonna pick up 2.22 light medium in the neutral olive undertone. Their
olive is definitely leaning a little bit more yellow but it’s clearly a lot lighter. We
have a 2.35 light medium in warm golden under tone, let’s see how that works out. Is it
me or is this one lighter than this one, gonna go for a much lighter shade 2.18 light medium
with a neutral undertone. So far I have tested 3 different undertones, about to test a 4th
one, warm golden, neutral olive warm. Is it me or is this neutral kind of the best shade. Gonna go much darker now testing out 3.02
medium with a neutral olive undertone. I’m not touching the cools just because I know
I’m not cool, unless of course you guys wanna see that. Yes, I think you guys wanna see
that so I’m gonna try a neutral, a cool undertone just for you guys. Alright this 3.02 medium
neutral olive is actually pretty good, it’s a little bit too tanned for my current skin
tone, maybe after this weekend when I go back to LA and get some sun I will be back to 3.02
but right now this is just a little too vibrant. Alright, let’s test 3.0 medium in the cool
undertone. For some reason this medium also feels like a light medium or maybe even a
light, it’s just not flowing there is a clear border between my skin and this shade. Even
though with this shade you could still tell that it’s not really my skin tone, there is
kinda like a gradual fade into it, that’s because the undertone is correct. Where in
this instance you can just clearly tell that this a no go and imagine having all of this,
all over my face I would look like a corpse, no cool for me, we are good. Still don’t think I have my shade, I am gonna
have to test one more 3.05 medium with a warm golden undertone, don’t think she is the one
she is looking just a little too orange in the packaging and she is looking extremely
orange on my face. She’s not the one, 2.4 light medium warm peach undertone, 1, 2, 3,
4 5 6, 7 you guys this is the 8th foundation that I am testing and I don’t really feel
like I am close. This is not bad; I think it’s time for a very confused thumbnail face,
because I really can’t find my shade. Also I must mention that this foundation oxidizes
a whole lot. The initial swatches don’t actually end up looking the same at all after a few
seconds. For example look at this neutral shade that I tested, 2.18 light medium. In
my mirror this shade is actually looking rather grey whereas, this warm peach over here is
looking a little bit more orange. None of these are truly my shade so I honestly don’t
really know what to do. We got Lee in the room because I don’t know
which shade I am, all of these oxidize and they look insane, wow I know wow. Wow that’s interesting, but why are they looking
a lot like a lot of yellow underneath them or something, I honestly don’t like any of
them, if I had to pick one, like Lee pick one probably this one up here. Me neither, the peach? This one no, this one no, that one maybe I
don’t know why I would go with that one but I would. Imagine me this peachy. Peachy is in, bye. Wow I honestly don’t know what to do, Lee
is completely out of his mind, this does look kinda good into the monitor but I can see
how crazy, peachy it is and there is just no way this will work all over my face, oh
man I just don’t know. People are saying this is one of the best foundations ever, people
are giving it high reviews and high ratings on Sephora.com and stuff, I mean what are
they thinking. Who is this saturated, these shades are atrocious, I honestly think I’m
gonna have to mix some shades, time for Japanese candy. Gonna take this Smashbox photo finish smooth
and blur primer, I do like their primers if you don’t like silicone feel primers then
you are not gonna like this smashbox primer but I quite like the silicone feel because
it helps smooth out my imperfections of my skin texture. And because I am an oily skin
gal this type of primer actually helps control my oils a little bit better and something
that’s super mattifying. Gonna go with my gut, we are gonna go with this 3.02 medium
with a neutral olive undertone and if this doesn’t work I am gonna have to add something
else. I squeezed out a minimal amount of product,
I’m gonna use my It Cosmetics complexion perfection brush, this black one is from their colab
with ULTA, damn this is so saturated, no one is this skin tone. The coverage I gotta say
is pretty impressive, the finish is obviously very, very matte, a little bit does go a long
way with this smooth and blur primer it actually does adhere to the skin quite nicely, it doesn’t
really highlight any imperfections. The pores are not minimized but they are also not enhanced
which I like. Although is it me or can you still see all of my freckles, how is that
for full coverage. Alright this is obviously very, very yellow
it’s doesn’t match my neck, it doesn’t match my skin and it is just not looking very pretty.
Hopefully I can fix it with some concealers and with some powder on top but as it’s looking
right now I’m just not loving it, I look jaundiced, I look sick. Even their neutral shades don’t
really feel neutral, they feel like the color that they represent except they are just so
overly saturated, there is just so much pigment which doesn’t necessarily mean full coverage,
it just means that it’s just too much sat, lower it tone it all the way down, no one
needs this much vibrancy in their foundation, holy crap. I’m gonna take this 2.18 lighter shade that
kinda look like cement to see if I can perhaps tone down some of this orange, this does set
rather quickly too, you gotta move quick with it. And also I think 2 layers is entirely
too much, I don’t need this and unless you have some severe skin discoloration you also
don’t need this. It’s definitely a powdery feel to it, doesn’t feel there is any type
of transfer, might not even need to be super, duper bake, probably just set it with couple
of sweeps of powder, but let’s see. I’m gonna use this Benefit Boi-ing cakeless concealer. Love this, I always do, and also brighten.
I just realized that this foundation would probably apply a little much better with a
beauty blender just because it would be able to soak up some of those pigments and not
appear as saturated as it does. Alright we are obviously making it work somehow but this
is still not my ideal face color. They should honestly create this in all types of foundation
shades. They should make a green for a witch look, they can make a grey for I don’t know,
tin man or something, I feel like this is kinda similar to Halloween makeup and it’s
now November I am over Halloween and I am over all of this super duty cement type of
coverage. I mean maybe if they had my shade I wouldn’t
be so frustrated, but honestly I don’t really think they give a damn who they are catering
to. Supposedly this last 24 hours too, last time I checked no one wears make-up for 24
hours straight I mean honestly what situation would you have to be in to wear your foundation
for 24 hours. If you find yourself in that situation call me, I will come to your rescue.
Set that face lightly, I actually think I was able to make the color work somehow but
it actually feels like I am wearing a ton of make-up because I have 2 layers of foundation,
some concealer and also powder, it definitely feels like a mask. I need some blush on top,
fresh and peachy. Some bronzer to liven up the space. And now let’s touch up the rest
of my face. Okay, I do not like this highlighter but I
am gonna have to use it anyway because this face is so matte, I’m gonna need a little
something. You see how reflective that is on such a matte surface. Alright foundation
is one; the face has been touched up and now let’s observe it closely. The coverage is
definitely very full, I am proud to say that I was able to make it work, I’m talking about
the color, no I did not find my shade they didn’t even have anything close to my shade.
Everything was just way too saturated and way too intense. The colors itself were just
entirely too vibrant to actually look like a skin tone, it resembled Halloween make-up
or stage make-up if I’m being honest. That off the bat I am not a fan of however I will
say that the coverage is very good and my face is actually looking pretty decent, this
is said to be a 24 hour wear foundation, I’m not gonna test it for that long but I am going
to test it to see how it wears at the end of the day, so now for the final verdict and
for the final wear test which will ultimately determine the truth about this foundation,
let’s cue in in some time warping music here and let’s see how it wears. Okay guys back in the filming room just to
show you what my foundation is looking like 6 hours after I first put it on, at first
glance looking at myself in the mirror my face looks pretty flawless and especially
it looks pretty good from far away, now let’s zoom in and let’s observe it up close. As
you can tell right here my pores are definitely emphasized, my nose is looking pretty good
there is not really any oil seeping through, same thing on the other side it’s looking
only dewy in the highlighter area, my forehead is still pretty much intact and I would say
that this foundation has actually worn pretty well. The only thing that has shifted is the
texture of the foundation, I definitely find that it’s clinging a little bit more to my
porous areas and it’s emphasizing them and it’s actually making them look a little bit
worse than what they look with other foundations. But overall my face look very, very even very
fully covered it’s not emphasizing any of my bumps, or any other imperfections so that’s
a good thing. The next thing that I do wanna talk about before I get to the verdict is
the shade range. You noticed I did not mention the shade range whatsoever in the body of
this video, that is because I was mainly focusing on my range which is the medium spectrum so
I was only swatching those foundations that are sort of close to my skin tone, with that
I found a huge discrepancy that being the fact that these foundations are entirely too
saturated, I feel like when it comes to tan shades and getting into the caramel and deeper
complexions I guess certain companies find it hard to get the concept. The deeper a complexion gets does not mean
that it needs more yellow or more orange or more green. It actually just needs to be the
right under tone, in my opinion and speaking strictly about the medium skin range this
is where this new foundation has missed the mark unfortunately. I’m sorry to say it but
the colors were absolutely atrocious, there is no way that these are skin tones that look
good on human skin. I mean it you guys you’ve seen how many foundations I have tested and
none of them were close fit they were just all entirely too orange or entirely too yellow
or entirely too green or entirely too much of an undertone. So, just because something
is supposed to be full coverage does not mean that it has to have all this pigment; it’s
not an eye shadow hoo! Now that I have got that off my chest I don’t
even know how to rate this foundation, the fact that I couldn’t find a shade and the
fact that the shades are so problematic is a huge minus for me but the fact that this
foundation wears pretty well and I guess I could kinda make it work by mixing it and
blending it with all these other products that I typically wear is kind of a good thing.
I’m gonna give this foundation a solid 6 you guys, that’s about as much as it’s gonna get
from me, it is just not better than a 6, it’s average on the good side of average but not
anywhere close to the good category, that said I do have a lot of other foundation reviews
over here that you should check out, those are my 2 cents, I have said my piece I rest
my case, peace out and I’m out.


Yes. I was wondering about this. #TeamTruth the skin doesn’t go with the faces. I know it confused me I just was on website and I actually trying to figure the color out 🤔🤔
Haven’t seen anyone review this yet

Yes #TeamTruth!! I get what you mean by too much pigment, I guessed on my shade and looked like a ghost!! And I'm pale?!? It was so much pigment it didnt look natural. I went up a shade but that oxidized and was too orange I'm still so confused 🤦‍♀️

I use shade 2.22 and add in DE D-Bronzi but I love it so much it’s worth it and now that it’s winter I add two drops of smashbox primer oil.

I use now for 1 month and it’s amazing l try a lot a lot brand but this one wow my skin so dry and it’s cover all my dark spot and don’t move all day stay same wow that the one now for me

It looks a bit green, if it sat on your face long enough it’d oxidize into the Mask, from the Jim Carrey movie. 😳🤣

😂😂😂😂 omg you are so freaking hilarious. I love all of your comments. I'm a big fan!!#teamtruth

Thank you for saving me from buying wrong foundation. I trust your judgement. Btw do you mind to review thw shiseido synchro foundation? The latest one. Thank you so much. Love your video and review

I love a lot of Smashbox products, especially some of their mascaras! But their foundations? Nope. The undertones of them (and especially this one) are so weird. I am already fair, and the fair shade made me look like Casper the ghost. I will say however the product did last a good 8 hours and this was during the Summer, so that part was impressive. Pass for me. I really appreciate your honest and thorough reviews.#teamtruth

Funny but I just tried this foundation today and so far I HATE IT. IT does oxidize really bad and clings to every line and pore on my face.

I’m going to probably be the only one that says this…BUT I love this foundation. I have extremely oily skin and this foundation has been the only one where I barely had to touch up throughout the day. I’ve learned that using their primers work best and a super small amount goes a long way! 🙂🙃

I had a hard time picking my shade in store and I’m a licensed cosmetologist that can usually guess my online shade sight unseen. I ended up buying 3.02 neutral olive also but I had to try on 5 or 6 shades.I like it but I agree that it isn’t the right color on me until it’s blended and finessed🤔I have combination skin with an extremely oily t-zone and I felt that it held up pretty good through a long day on me but I feel like anyone with dryness will hate this.

OMG you mentioned “a little goes a long way” but then u put soooo much foundation on 😳. U did not need 4 dots on your face 🤔. But I could not agree with you more that the foundation shade it’s super weird. You skin looks amazing though!

I agree, these tones are so off!! I ordered this twice on Sephora & both had to return, the shades were either wayyy to light & yellow or wayyy to dark & yellow lol

I really like this foundation. I am in shade 2.16. Keep in mind it oxidizes. Since you have the shades, why dont you swatch them from 2 to 3. You jumped around with the shades alot, instead of going in order, which added to the stress of not being able to find your shade. I think if you swatch in order, not only will you find a match, but you will also like it alot more. You put on so many layers that theres no way you would like it. One pump maximum!

Just came back from the store with the same feelings!!! All shades are yellow and actually visible 😈 And my pores are not fully covered

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