Lace Frontal Wig Install – MELTED! NO BABY HAIRS! (Premium Lace Wig)

hey guys is Destiny Lashae welcome to my
channel if you’re new if you’re not new what’s up in today’s video I am gonna be
showing you guys how I lightly like dye this wig a very wearable like burgundy
color as well as how I lay this wig down without baby hairs this was my first
time doing this ever I was inspired by a couple videos and photos that I seen on
Instagram so let’s do this so in today’s video I’m gonna be using
this curly unit from premium lace wig and I love this wig I really like how it
comes pre plucked so that I don’t have to do too much work around the perimeter
of the hair line as you can see it’s a very jagged already I just plucked it a
little bit because I’m a little extra this is how the hair looked before I
dyed it and the inside looks a little raggedy Jaggi cuz I had to add some more
color to it some messed up but nuts but anyways I love also that this wig has a
elastic band that you can adjust and also take out and it does have the
little clips in the back as well to make sure your wig does not fall off I have
no issue wearing this wig in public with it flying off my head blowing in the
wind all of that so I love that I’m gonna be using these high color red
colors from Sally’s I will put them in the description box these are meant for
dark hair so I love using these when I don’t want to bleach hair and all of
that and I just wanted to release the light light burgundy tint on this hair I
didn’t want anything very noticeable just something very subtle and fall
appropriate so I went in and dyed that hair and I rinsed it out oh and I forgot
to show you guys a clip of how the hair looks before like anything straight out
of the box this is how the hair looked it was very pretty but it needed
somewhere after I washed the hair I did part the hair in the middle and then
brush it down I haven’t plucked anything yet I’m about
to show you guys how I do that right now so all I’m doing is pulling the hair
back with a hair clip just to make sure none of the hair is in the way and that
I can fully see the hairline I actually enjoyed plucking hair lines now which is
really odd because I never did but once you get a technique down it begins to be
very enjoyable because you kind of know what you’re doing I like going in like
the zig zag pattern like almost every other hair I pluck so
I’ll skip it here and then I’ll pluck that hair I’ll skip it here and then
I’ll pluck that hair so I really like that technique because it looks pretty
natural and then I go into the partings like I part the hair and then pluck a
little bit more as well so that it looks you know even better and I didn’t have
to do too much with this because this hair was already pre plucked but like I
said I just wanted a little bit more you know more hairs plus so now I’m gonna go
in and cut the lace now this was my first time ever doing this and I love it
so I used a razor that I actually used to shave my face and I went in and cut
the lace on the blackhead so this actually was life-changing
because I love when my lace is very jagged in the line isn’t straight and
this really helps me to not make the lace straight and it was great and it
was quick it was perfect I was like oh snap okay so I’m definitely gonna be
doing this from now on it was very easy I feel like it was definitely more easy
than using scissors and it just like it took me about 30 seconds just to cut the
lace off and I feel like if you’re a beginner this really would take a lot of
the stress away from cutting the lace off so as you can see it looks pretty
good now I’m gonna go in with my wig cap now these are the videos that I’ve seen
on Instagram and I was like oh my god like I definitely want to try laying my
wig done without baby hair so we’re gonna try it you know we’re gonna try
what I’m gonna do is use some alcohol that I put in a spray bottle and I’m
going to get rid of any oil that is around my forehead so that the lace can
stick properly then I’m gonna go ahead and throw on the wig make sure it’s
secure and all of that in the back and then I’m just gonna adjust the wig so
that it’s laying on my forehead properly kind of the way I’m going to be wearing
it just so I can see how it looks and now I’m gonna take this little comb
that’s on the other side of my edge brush and I’m gonna really push my hair
back I feel like this comb was perfect because it was small enough to get those
little tiny baby hairs that just would not go up into the regular hair
so I loved using this cone for this little method because I feel like it was
just small enough it was perfect and it really helped me out a lot so now I’m
gonna use my got to be glue extra glued I love this stuff for laying my wigs
down because it turns white honestly a little bit if I use my fingers but after
a while it goes away so I attempted to use this little clip at first and then I
went in with my finger and applied some of the gel
I feel like this just works the best for me once I find something that works
pretty good like I stick to it so this is what I’ve been using for a really
really really long time and I applied a good amount of this stuff because I hate
applying multiple layers and I feel like one layer is good enough for me for the
day I don’t sleep in my wig some people do but you know I just choose not to I
just like to fill my whole head and wash my entire face you know what I mean like
hair line at all so I’m just gonna clip my hair back so that none of the adult
hair is in the way of the baby hair that I need to push upwards so I’m just gonna
clip my hair back I’m also gonna blow-dry my forehead on cool so that the
glue or the gel dries properly and then I’m just gonna take my hands and pull
the wig towards my forehead so that is laying properly and making sure
everything is good the side types for me are always annoying like they’re always
the part that does not want to lay down ever so I’m going to finesse those a
little bit make sure everything is laying right and I love using this calm
man this comb was really good because when my hair was in the way it
just pushed it back it was super easy I loved using the comb to just press my
lace down so that the gel could adhere to the lace so that could lay flat like
this come with everything so I’m still kind of finessing the edges a lot once I
get it kind of laid down about a minute after I use the blow dryer on cool to
just lay the lace down and just pressing the comb like the opposite end of the
comb onto my lashes really helps Press and lathe at least to my forehead
just to make it lay a little bit more I’m gonna take my little head wrap thing
and put it around my edges so that the side tabs stay down and I have no issues
throughout the day with my lace lifting so just to make sure it’s super secure I
like to do this and leave it on for about 15 minutes before I let it dry I
like to blow-dry it again on cool because now my lace is really laid down
and it’s not going to move so I really pressed my blow-dryer on cool against my
lace so that it lays as flat as possible and after I take the headscarf off I
just make sure that’s the ear tab things the annoying part is laying down by
pressing the blow-dryer against those things as you can see I was clearly
annoyed because they always lift so now I’m gonna go in with my little mini comb
that I loved so much already and I’m going to push those little baby hairs
back into the adult ones you know and this is just gonna make it so that
everything blends pretty decently like I said this is my first time doing this so
I mean I think I did pretty good you know so I’m just making sure that all
the baby hairs aren’t pushed back because we’re going for that no baby
hair lifted kind of look so just to make sure everything blends even better I’m
gonna use some of my foundation to just apply that to just the lace and not the
hair so that the lace will blend in even better with my skin tone even though it
was pretty it was pretty decent I just wanted to make sure that everything
blended as good as I can get it and so I’m just using a little flat brush to
kind of tap on the lace to make sure that it looks you know as good as I can
get it you know if you do not have a hot comb go to Sally’s right now and grab
one especially if you wear wigs I promise you hot combs are a lifesaver
when it comes down to melting your lace and like getting your parting flat and
everything so I’m gonna take my hot comb and I’m going to press those baby hairs
into the adult ones just to make sure everything is melting properly and I’m
also going to take those clips out so that I can really
lift the hair and make sure that that hair like the root of my hair is
straight because I just want my hair to be a little bit more lifted at the roots
now I’m gonna go on with my favorite hold spray this is a Tresemme maximum
spray like hairspray and I’m gonna use that just to spray the roots of my hair
and lift it up with my little comb and I’m also gonna go in with my hot comb in
a second I believe as well and I’m just also checking for hairs that got caught
underneath the lace you know before I glued them down so I just want to make
sure that everything was you know alright I’m just gonna blow dry those
edges as well on cool just to make sure that you know everything is everything
you know I’m also gonna go in and use my flat iron as well just to make sure that
the roots are pretty straight and that everything looks how I want it to look so the last thing that I’m gonna do is
add some of my foundation to the center of my part just to make sure that it
matches with my skin tone even better and I love doing this because it really
defines the parting a lot more and it looks better I’m also just gonna comb
off the hair one more time just to make sure that everything is everything and
also make sure that all of the hair is coming out from when I plucked because
you will get shedding from plucking obviously but that’s it guys I hope you
guys enjoyed this video like I said I’m not a pro but you know I’m getting there
and I think I did a pretty good job for my first time doing the lace melt this
way so let me know if you guys enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up subscribe
to our channel we would love to have you and I will see you guys in the next
video bye


This wig is very nice the length the color and the curls are everything the no baby hairs look is very popular too 😉

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