Kurtz analyzes the media’s coverage of Trump being impeached


Trump, needs to embrace impeachment with some new promo merchandise a MAGA hat with "impeachment lite" or "make impeachment great again". Sit back and watch the Democrats heads explode.

The Democrats are imploding right before our eyes. A political party that I once respected (and was a member) has now become a laughing stock because it refuses to take on the radicals within its ranks.

Dems are dragging their feet to leverage blackmail and threats to the old guard GOP in senate. Watch as damaging stories of senators start to leak. This is how criminals with power operate. Abuse power to regain majority.

not hard to figure out why nutzy palooseass isn`t sending it to the senate. it will be shot down like a clay bird. keep crying four more years dumbocraps.

Pelosi WILL NOT let trump get away. She will nail him to the wall. Remember, she has said she does not just want him removed, she wants him in prison! And she WILL NOT STOP till it happens. trump done an gone pissed off the wrong person

They know that a) the senate is not going to let the democrats dictate the witnesses again and b) it’s going to be a disaster for the democrats as this time the rebublicans will be ale to call witnesses and introduce evidence.

My prediction – she is never going to send the articles through and she’s going to blame the Republicans for ‘fixing’ the trial when in fact they won’t let her fix their trial.

Quasi impeachment with zero.crimes…zero evidence…zero basic rights no lawyer no defense no.witnesses.no.cross.examination and lie upon lie upon lie…

There’s only one question I have left if trump gets re elected will they continue to pursue impeachment strategically democrats know it’s easier to beat mike pence in a year, but would they rather have 4 years of a far right conservative who I’m pretty sure is pro life, strong for 2nd amendment stronger than trump (trump supports red flag laws I find them unconstitutional.) he won’t get removed before election and I doubt they will even try after election because they will have four years of mike pence to work with if they succeeded

Media should publish a pamphlet of the talking points they all have used in this debacled shame: "bombshell". "Quid pro quo" "impeached forever". And hundreds more in this lexicon of nonthinking, robotic naysayers who have hated Trump from the get go.

There's never been a clearer case of a coup attempt to overthrow the US Government, in this case by the Democratic Party, in the history of the United States.
The question on every American's mind right now SHOULD BE: Does the President Of The United States Of America still have COMPLETE CONTROL and LOYAL SUPPORT of the Armed Forces Of The United States???
A military attempt to over our government is coming folks and it's coming VERY SOON!!! Time to WAKE UP!!!

All Pelosi wanted was to smack that "Gavel," showing her left swinging a$$ clowns that she kept her promise to them. I can't wait to see these people in coffins.

There's not much you could tell us about Trump,that would make America stop loving this man…. he's just the BEST we have had in a LONG time….

ACROSS GODS MESSAGE CYRUS TRUMP 2020 -24 youtube Rudy Giuliani
Reveals 8 Year-Long Alleged Money Scheme with Burisma/Ukraine

This is not simply about Donald Trump. This is about retaining a free American. Pelosi and her gang are traitors of the Constitution and must be treated as traitors… and if you have any doubts about where the Democrats intend on leading this country, look very closely at California, New York, and Virginia's battle to retain their Second Amendment Rights… These people are corrupt and must be stopped!!.

This impeachment is un-American. A disgrace and a sure show of the elite class flexing muscles to us schleps. Call me irredeemable, deplorable or whatever…but I am tired of this joke impeachment and the stalling and bitching. Get back to running America like bosses!

To all my American conservative brothers! Ask yourself! Does Russia want what’s best for America? for all of us?! An emphatic NO!


With no evidence other than a president calling for an investigation into corruption at the highest level, this is an obvious coup. Moreover Trump had every right to take the law into his own hands as the corrupt authorities would never investigate their Democrat comrades.

Mainstream media is the cabal the deep state and there deceptive scripted lies nothing but a hoax on American citizens. That's the reason why alternative news sources are gaining popularity despite corporate media trying to censor them or ban them altogether power to the people.

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Douglas Dishroon I cant wait until Trump dies and goes to Hell! People all over the world will be dancing in the streets 🤣🤣🤣

You americans need to make sure to crush the dems at the ballot boxes.
Dont feel safe yet, just vote and make an example where it hurts the most!

Polask, Shity, Nadler, and most all demorats except a couple are so corrupt. There are a few that need to wake up and Truly do what one has done already and change over the republican party but be honest when doing so and not be like some republicans in name only but a demorat in the appearance only .

If these articles ever get to the senate and a vote comes we the voters need to demand a roll call vote to see which of these senators needs to be removed from their seats. THIS IS VERY INPORTANT.

Im not saying put your tail between your legs but the bickering with the thoughtless doesn’t help. We just have to make sure the democrats don’t hold control over the majority of the education system. Without that control their is no possible way they can avoid looking bad in the long run.. this is the nail in the coffin for them if we play our cards right.

If they didn’t dismiss trump in 2016 they could have stolen some of his thunder but it was too late; they had too stand their ground on trumpism. Don’t be fooled these dirtbags will do whatever it takes to hold onto power; believe me if pedophilia was an epidemic they would be normalizing it for votes.

Smart people debate a host of ideas

Average people talk at you about events

Imbeciles bicker about people

If someone can help me understand.. Can't these democrats who impeached Trump be charged with sedition and conspiracy to destabilize the country?

President Trump you are not impeached .Everybody overlooks the fact that the rules of impeachment has not yet been handed over ..
Impeachment comes into effect the minute the Senate majority leader accepts the rules of impeachment from the house .
At this stage you were written for speeding but the offices still has the yicket . It means nothing .

This creepy Kurtz guy fits the typical Republican Talking Sweaty Faces of Ugliness like Jordan, Nunes, Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham who are so creepy & ugly. do not leave your kid in the same area code as these scum

The fact that Fox News is promoting Putin because of his KGB experience is despicable. You are the swamp,you are the fake news, you are the traitors,you are the deep state, you are the enemy of America. You will not be the fourth Reich white nationalist racist America you think you’re going to create.

What about the media coverage prior to July 2019, about Ukraine corruption, Ukrainian not Russian meddling in 2016? Did not exist since it wasnt reality. At least not until Trump created the lie after he got caught bribing Ukraine. How stupid are all of you?

It took a few years but Trump has succeeded in forming the least talented, least qualified, spineless coward of an administration in history. The revolving door has seen many respectable public servants exit in disgust by resignation. while very few brave souls remain to contain Trump from him recklessness. It is perplexing that Trump still does not have a speech writer that has English and grammatical skills above the fourth grade level.

Since we have such a strong separation of church and state in this country, our government officials should all be working through the holiday season.

CNN's YouTubes get only a fraction of the comments, likes,
and dislikes compared to FOX.  Most of the Dems who troll FOX
and provide their pics look to be young twenties.  When factoring in
Blexit, Walk Away, and Jexit, the math would indicate a 2020 Trump election
landslide for both the popular vote and the electoral college.

What's the theory behind a news media outlet being political favorite to one side ? Who's view is it? The boss or stock holders?

I…a life long democratic party voter. As 3 generations before me. Voted for Donald Trump. Why?
I knew something was wrong with the system.
Trump was the wrench that jammed the system. Exposing the situation for much more than I even realized.
I will never vote democratic again.
Lies, false accusations, bias courts, heresy and other crimes have been normal procedures for years……
For us ordinary men of a America.
Now you used these tools against the President of The United States.
Now We all Know this isnt our Imagination.
Judgement Day is coming in 2020….
We in our Righteous Might will Prevail.
Making sure these Travesties of Justice end for us all.
Should we fail in that endeavor I promise you there are plenty of other plain spoken ordinary men out here…
Who just could be the next version
Of President Donald Trump!

Yea, I remember back to the JFK days, and I agree w/ everyone – this a great President and when re-elected will become the Greatest.

The Democrats and their media are sick nodoubt…….. i question their love for this country because they try like hell to weaken this great country.

Peloski can hold on to the Articles of Impeachment until the election.. Have her explain that to the rest of the Nation who doesn’t want to wait for his removal. Which we all know won’t be happening in the Senate!! She thinks she can strong arm the process in Congress? That is why there is a separation of powers exactly for the checks and balances between all 3 branches

Nancy is dragging her feet because she hoping they will win back the senate Trump needs to demand that the trial happens right away so Trump can prove is innocence and then he will win 2020 by a landslide

Durham has everything to prove his innocence Trump will definitely win the 2020 election and all dems will be voted out if office once and for all

Gee, I did not know that Jake Tapper was on an intimate letter-writing relationship with Kim…I wonder if he realizes how stupid a comment like that sounds from a supposedly intelligent man??

This slowing down by Pelosi is a trap to see if they can get Trump so mad that he says or Tweets out something these evil people can use against him. Merry Christmas everyone. God bless you all !

How can so many people still be conned by a life long con man. Trump only cares about himself. He is not a victim, he is the criminal. You are not the victim, you are the mark. Trump university explains allot. He surrounds himself with shady characters like himself. Take a look at all his appointees and friends. Look at Steven Miller, a known racist, white nationalist. And the others. You have to be in extreme denial not to see the obvious. Wake up. This is the most corrupt administration in history by far!!!!

Dictatorship 101: Repeat your lies until the gullible start believing it.
– The lie: It was a perfect call.
– The crime: Forcing a foreign power into helping you for your own political benefit.

Don’t let yourself get distracted from this simple truth.

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