Kurdistan 24 coverage in Hajin, IS pocket in eastern Syria

We are heading to Hajin town. Heavy fighting is ongoing in the west of the town between Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Islamic Sate (IS). The US-led coalition also continuously bombards the town center along with the besiege of Susah and Shaafa villages and also the fleeing of civilians from Hajin and the other IS-held areas. We arrived in Hajin, IS’ main stronghold. IS was formed here and it’s being eliminated here as well. The operation to eliminate IS becomes more difficult each day. SDF fighters are advancing significantly in the west side of Hajin but IS remains active. IS militants are fighting for their last existence and launch counter-attacks as well. However, these counter attacks are repelled. As the SDF fighters advance, they reach Hajin town’s main hospital. This is the entrance of Hajin town where there is heavy fighting. In some places, they attack our points but our comrades repel them fiercely. So, they retreat. The enemy has lost its morale. They have lost most of their forces because whenever they are defeated militarily, they are broken psychologically as well. They lose their morale and thus they retreat. US-led coalition fighter jets observe the movement of IS militants and bombard them. IS militants, on the other hand, planted many mines and IEDs in the neighborhoods they left behind, and they also dug a wide network of tunnels, and placed many snipers on high buildings. IS militants also use civilians as human shields. We started besieging and fighting from all axes. We released many civilians. Now, a small amount of civilians are stranded there. We are trying to besiege many other sides of Hajin to free the rest of the civilians. Then, we can start with the final assault. There are still civilians in the center of Hajin and this makes a big obstacle that prevents the progress of SDF fighters. In the past few days, about 2,500 civilians have fled to the SDF areas. Heavy fighting is taking place in the west side of Hajin. So far, the SDF fighters have controlled the first neighborhood from the west side. Now, they are heading to the town’s main hospital where heavy clashes are ongoing between both sides. IS militants are still digging tunnels and planting mines and also launching counter attacks on SDF points. Reporting in Kurdish: Akram Salih, Kurdistan 24, Hajin frontline, Deir al-Zor. English subtitles: Helbast Shekhani


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