SHAME SHAME SHAME, Stand up to our children's teacher. They are the ones doing the back breaking work. We cannot let them treat teachers like this!

Let me get this straight, school district gets a levy approved for teacher raises and the superintendent is the one that ends up with the raise. Umm I may be wrong but something about that doesn't add up, this is a great example of grotesque abuse of power by the board and at the very least needs be disbanded and dragged (literally just like they did to the teacher) into court for misleading the public. Anthony Fontana is a spineless scumbag and I hope he gets his due time in prison.

what a chauvinist pig! "this woman"? does't she have a name? someone needs to tell Fontana to shut his piehole

Fuck the school system. These teachers need to create a program where they are their own boss, create their own way to teach children more efficiently and keep those power/money hungry fucks away so they can do what they do best…. NOTHING. The only ones who really care about our children's future are the teachers, they should be getting paid more for all their hard work.

Put the black people in charge instead of just having them do the old white man's dirty work. when u have a system promoting white male supremacy, you're bound to have nepotism and other forms of corruption

The cops in this town are dirty cops they do not like when big women speak out they did the same thing to me 1 and half years ago i called news in LA and no one would do anything about it every thing is done in secret with the police and government and state and school that's why I home school and that's why I left LA i am a white woman and my 2 sons are mixed race and LA and the cops in this town don't like it LA don't like out of state people moving there cops told me to go back where I came from something needs to be done with cops treating women bad and other races cops beat people up for no reason

Time to start organizing citizen militias. Cops are out of control and the government is too and together they are making laws to protect themselves and hurt us! Time for citizens to get armed and get ready for a civil war.

If the superintend has done such a great job why the hell is rats running around and plastic hung on windows ??? WHY ????

An overweight woman falls on her knees at the hands of a black officer caused outrage, several dozens of black children are shot and killed by white officers causes nothing.

Welcome to "Trump's" MAGA!
Soon we won't be able to discern between Russia and the USA.
You can thank the Republicans for destroying our democracy.

Anthony Fontana is a Republican.

Call Anthony Fontana, President (337) 898-8332 and demand he step down!
Call Jerome Puyau – Superintendent of schools -(337) – 740-5910 and demand he step down!

She needs to get a lawyer and sue for a lot of money. She should also have the shithead superintendent and stupid cop arrested and charged with practicing >nazism> and forcible confinement

KATC Your Softball coverage is obviously biased. No mention of the dollar amount in the Supers 35% salary increase ! Pushing the Conspiracy Theory of Teachers sabotaging the meeting. As spawned by the Slippery, Slimy School Board. Pathetic!

Puyau did NOT improve the school's ranking-The teacher's did. It is there daily sweat and toil of the teachers that helped your schools get the "A" ranking. I am sure the teachers classrooms do not look like Puyau's swanky office. Your gig is up!

I bet Fontana is a FOX fan. Hes created a typical conservative conspiracy theory that "I think this was a set up" against him. NO, sir, you are obviously a piece of shit who has created a hostile and unwelcoming environment that led to this poor woman being beaten down and handcuffed by a pig you employ! Typical old conservative piece of shit… fuck things up and blame the victim! Fuck you Fontana! You're lucky you don't live within 100 miles of me!

Superintendent should be fired for a lack of leadership. Who would accept a raise when your teachers who raised the test scores got nothing. Shameful. And the tax money raised to give teachers an increase went to the superintendent instead of teachers. That is awful, and tax payers should demand a refund on their money.

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