Kaiser Permanente Care & Coverage Together NCAL 60

– [Voiceover] What if
you could get affordable health care and coverage together? That would be the kind of
hassle-free care you get from Kaiser Permanente. – Kaiser Permanente
offers quality coverage that fits your budget. With low monthly premiums, low co-pays and low deductibles. – [Voiceover] To learn more about affordable care with coverage and to start your free quote, visit shopplans.kp.org or call 1-800-394-9582. – Kaiser Permanente gives
you prescription coverage, access to wellness
programs and so much more. – [Voiceover] And the doctor you choose works with the support of a care team to help you get the right
care at the right time as your needs change. – Plus, Kaiser Permanente
can help you find out if you qualify for federal
financial assistance. Experience the difference that quality, affordable care can make in your life. – [Voiceover] Kaiser Permanente. Care plus coverage together. Learn more and start your free quote at shopplans.kp.org or call 1-800-394-9582.

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