John Darr’s DAILY VLOG #1

Hey everybody it is December 26 the day
after Christmas and I am here at the office on Newberry Road and it basically
just shows you what kind of passion I have for it I mean I definitely could
have slept in this morning and not done anything but I’ve got a 9 o’clock
meeting with the marketing department I’ve got a 10 o’clock meeting with an
employee and their hey here’s one of our star employees Ali Schackow, hi Ali
Schackow we’re here I was just saying how wonderful it is to report to work after
the day after Christmas at 8:30 in the morning, I couldn’t get up, I so I’m proud of you for
getting up all right so here we are it’s gonna be a pretty busy day I’ve got some
meetings this morning and then I’ve got two new group health plans to try to get
enrolled thanks to my assistant Terry she’s amazing she is working hard on
getting those two new group health plans enrolled so we’re going to work on that
a little bit today and then I’m sure a bunch of other stuff will come up so
hopefully it’ll be exciting and I’ll try to document it she loves the attention
she she’ll be running away any minute okay bye we have to document this we’re
documenting that we’re here on a Monday it’s the Monday after Christmas Day
which feels like the worst Monday ever but it’s actually Thursday the 26th and
we’re here working for you mr. customer hey Janet
I have an insurance question how does somebody that sweet and nice and likable
make a face like that how does her waving around the corner okay I’ve stopped
it no I didn’t yeah all right I gotta go to work so yeah I did some tic TOCs this
Christmas was the tic-tock Christmas did you like my tic toc did you did you
like my tic toc and subscribe this is the coolest office let’s take a quick
tour of Janet’s office do this thing because I’m sure it’s coming down soon
no it’s not coming down, this can stay this isn’t actually this is actually are you gonna keep the
reindeer the Christmas tree will come down yeah that stuff will come down
Chris but I keep the chandelier ceiling cover and look if you come buy insurance
from her she has a whole jar of kisses Hershey’s Kisses I think oh yeah that’s
extra bonus for buying insurance as you get a kiss from Janet Sweeney alright
let’s go talk to some other people here today cuz we got a couple minutes oh
yeah here is the man the myth the legend Just what I want to be on, the Thursday after Christmas Day
you do need to dance did you see my dance
did you like and subscribe to my youtube channel? I have already subscribed to your YouTube channel. oh good awesome nice work there
he is the legend at work what do we got on the agenda today freix? Uh I
got people buying cars over Christmas oh sweet people buying cars over Christmas
and they got to get them insured there’s any Ferraris or Lamborghinis any
Mercedes’s maybe a Mercedes and here is bulldog himself hard after it after a
great Christmas did you have a nice Christmas did you get your kids a bunch
of stuff and your kids got you nothing like that’s pretty much pretty much how
it works, pretty much true, how was your christmas? It was good, I need to go on a diet why the amount I see I could probably I
could probably shave and look a lot younger I lose a pound and yeah she is
good at that she has much more willpower than me who has zero, I hear you went to the stadium? we’re going
Saturday you want to go you want to go Saturday not three times yeah cuz we
listen music we talk and then we you know I talk when I can talk and not
stop breathe yeah alright here’s our wall of insurance companies that we
represent holy cow that’s exciting I know that’s exciting so he’s got done with our marketing
meeting at 10 o’clock the 11 o’clock meeting was Greg banks who is in our
office here in Gainesville over in the Avison Young office so we met with him
checking in see how everything was going everything’s going great with that and
now we are going to maybe go grab a bite to eat so so one of the things we did
today was we just sent a client we as in mostly, What is your name again? it was mostly no it was mostly
Janet but we insured how many guns it’s about ten thousand dollars for the guns
Oh 85,000 it was about eighty five thousand dollars for the guns for
about eight hundred and eighty dollars per year so for those of you out there
that have guns and would like to insure them specifically remember we can help
you with that it’s not necessarily covered on your homeowners insurance
especially if you have eighty five thousand dollars worth of guns
mysterious disappearance which that’ll be a whole nother video we can talk
about mysterious disappearance don’t leave
oops sorry some wisdom what’s that do not leave guns in your cars, kids break into cars all of the time there you go
a little bit of wisdom from Janet sweeney all right so now I’m at the
northwest office going in the northwest office to no meetings scheduled so mostly just try to follow up with some email and make contact with some folks
Northwest office there you go about it see everybody I’m
headed home it’s probably uh I don’t know five fifteen something like that I
had a really good productive day got a lot of email done in the afternoon and I
get to park near this gross pond scum filled pond so that’s where I
get to look at every day before I get to go home so anyway thanks for watching
today hopefully that helped some folks understand what we do and maybe how we
could help them have a great one you


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