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I would like to tell you the immigration minister is a criminal for duping the canadian people into allowing him into government to allow tens of thousands of people here illegally he brought them in himself you krusty are factually a liar you have already been convicted of ehthics violations why would we even give him,any chance he shpuld asked to step down yesterday rule of law you broke it now go to jail jody has always been honest why should we doubt her now

The law of the State can be in place, the legislation can be in place, the international treaties ratified by the state member can be in place, but when the judicial officers of the highest court of the land who are appointed by the state to protect the citizens liberty and freedom ignores and fails/refuses to uphold the litigants fundamental rights and rule of law and the treaties ratified by the state and willfully decline to uphold the constitution by placing themselves above the rule of the law to protect the illegal acts of lower court judges and the interests of the insurers and became willful violators of the Constitution instead of protectors of the Constitution as demonstrated by indisputable evidence in a case Indexed at Hirji v. The Owners Strata Corporation Plan VR-44 2015 BCSC 2043 then there cannot be any expectations of due process of law or a fair and impartial trial, or justice, or relief from the Canadian courts by the Canadian citizens. 74-year Canadian revolts and declines to comply with Lawless acts and Void orders of the Supreme Court of Canada to make them homeless. For full details See

Hey CBC, what are you going to do now that your boy is in trouble? Who are you going to shill for now?

On Monday, August 27, 2018, 2:02 PM following email was received from the Prime Minister's Office. Did the Prime Minister's Office instruct Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada to Ignore the criminal acts committed by the Supreme Court of Canada Judges to willfully deny justice to the Hirjis and Violating their Constitutional and Charter rights?

Dear Mr. Hirji:

On behalf of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence.

Please be assured that your comments have been carefully reviewed. In your correspondence, you raise an issue that falls more directly within the portfolio of the Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada. I have therefore taken the liberty of forwarding your email to Minister Wilson-Raybould, so that she may be made aware of the circumstances that prompted you to write.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

S. Shepherd

Executive Correspondence Officer

for the Prime Minister's Office

The following message and response were received after some seven months from the Minister of Justice of Canada that is self-explanatory: Your message To: Wilson-Raybould, Jody – M.P. Subject: FW: FRAUD COMMITTED BY THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA. Sent: Saturday, July 7, 2018 4:41:08 PM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) was deleted without being read on Thursday, January 24, 2019 7:42:50 PM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada).

Mr. Trudeau is digging his hole deeper and deeper. I don't know who advises him, but they are just making it worse. Come clean, take the impacts (which could mean another leadership race before the October election), help SNC-Lavalin clean up their act instead of condoning it, and let's carry on. Responsible and honest government, please.

Dear CBC – PLEASE STOP translating (and not entirely accurately) videos published here when the speaker has ALREADY made the statement in English. It's nonsensical when, as I pointed out, the person being translated has ALREADY given their English statement and your voice over repeating the English statement while drowning out the French statement only prevents Francophones from enjoying the footage/information. YouTube offers you an opportunity to simply publish the footage and allow us to hear it in our language whether that is English or French – this isn't television.

Rosemary seems to be an apologist for Trudeau – listen to her choice of words and tone. She implies that what we are dealing with is “a woman scorned” in the resignation of Raybould

Once again we have scripted and repetitive answers from Trudeau. He is not able to think on his feet and his self-satisfied smirk when he is able to to finish answering (usually skirting) a question is extremely irritating.

Is this what you call Sunny Ways 😂
Liberal filth at its finest! The continued Libranos saga continues! Canadians never learn! Look at Ontario and Quebec…massive corruption and all under Provincial Liberal governments. Now again at the federal level what else could you really expect.

Typical Trudeau ….deny ANY responsibility and put the blame elsewhere. 'Justice Committee'? HAH! Investigated by the Liberals like all previous investigations. Meanwhile the the paid-for CBC dances around the issue in their attempts to prop up Trudeau. Canada is not buying the narrative anymore.

This matter must be investigated! "his words" are not enough, he is also subject to the RULE OF LAW! Mr. Trudeau is not above of the law, Stop this nonsense, of comments, and media, an IMPARTIAL investigation must be made, the problem is the AG Puppet of Lametti who behave as Trudeau employee. Trudeau should be the next to resign!

I don’t trust Jody! She should have resigned right away if she did not agree with PM like Mattis (former secretary of deference of US). However she received the new position and must complain behind a lot ….Not professional nor decent

Who are the old thugs behind Him? It's her fault? Disappointed, she was fired! He's puzzled? We didn't do anything illegal. Moral, perhaps not. Rule of Law. One for the people, another for Corporations and the rich. But none of this is new.

Canada desperately needs both a Trump and a Trey Gowdy! Canada is in serious trouble when the new Justice Minister suggests that if Trudeau denies things or won't answer questions, then why on earth would an investigation be needed? Who is ruling over him besides Trudeau? Is Hillary Clinton Trudeau's lawyer? Ha ha! Now we know where that secretive donation to the Clinton Foundation went… unless….. oh oh, maybe several more million to it from taxpayers coming up?

So she resigns as she knows she will have to come forth with the truth and will not be able to continue as a member of cabinet. She should switch sides to CPC

It’s going to come out that this was a blade move by Wilson-Raybould because she was angry at being shuffled out of Justice. It’s a bomb, but she lit the fuse.

Amazing how the once elevated fall from grace. Trudeau is just the second such leader of the past few months. The first was Macron of France. It just reiterates a rule of thumb: Never trust a politician!

What would be really funny is the RCMP hauling Butts away in cuffs….Trudeau throwing him under the bus someone has to be sacrificed! haha The greatest crime in the world and its not illegal….BETRAYAL hehe

These guys are confused they dont even know where they are….someone point out to them they are on Canadian soil in the country of Canada!!

CBC speculation gone wild. Even if there is an investigation, and no wrong doing is found, the media have made the decisions, set the narrative, based on one anonymous source in one news article.

You people are so ready to attack and tear down a person, instead why not help each person in more constructive manner. You instigators are not able to see what needs to be done but just spend all your time complaining making issues where there are none!!

What makes you think it is problem between them? You people who keep instigating the situation into spewing doubts about people Karma will come after you!!!

Liberal way of doing politics??? Spend time reviewing with MR FORD. The incompetent man that thinks he understands what family needs, he is cutting here and there. Hurting our special needs family!! Companies that have all kinds underhanded issues will have karma on their backs!! I have been hit with too many of her dishes to not believe this.

Hang in there JODY we are behind you. We would like you to tell us what was said between you and Trudeau. but that is up to you and we respect this as you know more about the law than I do.

It's really nasty for Trudeau to comment on his former justice minister's resignation while preventing her commenting under lawyer-client relationship. But I have no sympathy for her. Trudeau picked impressive candidates in order to win the election. He was using them and they should have known better.

No matter how hard i listen and watch this guy,,,and considering all that has happened in the past by Trudeau and his cabinet,,,,,nothing but lies,,,,all talk,, as he tells us he knows what canadians want,,,repeatedly,,so patronizing,,,,an elite who has no clue,,does not care,,has his own agenda,,,so now he,s gonna dump all over her,,,,,alotta nerve/bluff,,,,i,m not drinkin that kool-aid,,, fraud!!!

more BS from the government of canada. more BS from the pseudo "leader" of the corporation of canada. the crooks flank each other while blowing hot air up the "TAX PAYERS" arse. one more time? can we f the TAX PAYER again and get away with it? of course, they make the rules and change them as they see fit, or whenever needed, which ever comes first. you people in the nedia should be ashamed of yourselves! biggest traitors beside the little potato groper boy!

Surely The CBC is more progressive than to have a blue eyed white woman hosting this show. Surely there is a woman of color who has been oppressed that can do this job.

( See how messed up leftists intersectional ideology is)

This is how spoiled brats go down. He has been the beneficiary of entitlement all his life. He respects no one and plays games with everyone. He was good on history is a complete disgrace to Canada

Again MSM ignore the only story here. "Deferred prosecution." This government passed a law giving it the authority to grant immunity from criminal prosecution to selected parties. The outgoing AG wouldn't do it for SNC-Lavalin. The incoming AG will do it. Stay tuned.

why do people never get an answer, from questions ask, every body you ask seem to answer all questions with'" that a good question"

My question now is why is Jody not totally dumping the liberal brand. She is still being employed be it at a lower capacity with the liberals.

Well played Ms.Wilson-Reybould. Foreclosed the company escaping justice and throwing the PM under the bus all by saying nothing.
One day Justin asserts he must be innocent because she is still a cabinet minister then claims confusion and claims it means nothing that she resigned!

You look and sound like a lieing, guilty little boy, Justin. Pathetic. You're as phoney in your polished way as Trump is in his crude way. Political leadership is a tragic joke and crime against humanity the world over.

as Tiger Williams once said "Trudeau is done like dinner" what a disgrace as a PM, got in on Daddy's name and the promise of marihuana, you would have to high to vote for him again!

Question period is for Canadians to get answers about their country and how it is run. Every politician should answer questions to the point and be thruthful. The current question period is a JOKE. No questions are answered, answers are pre written and repeated to different questions. This has to stop. Politicians forget they work for us.

can we just get rid of white men in the news? Feel free to hire new white male employees, but make sure to screen for narcissists misogynists first. #whitemalesyndrome

I spent an entire day praying for you good kind Canadian woman. Thank you Mrs. Jody Wilson for being a good woman. God I wish there were more women like you in America. God bless Canada.

To be honest, the best bet for Justin Trudeau to do right now is to resign and step down as PM before he even thinks of kicking anyone out. We as Canadians know he’s the worst PM Canada ever had.

The evidence in case Indexed as Hirji v. The Owners Strata Corporation Plan VR-44 2015 BCSC 2043 confirms the indisputable evidence that can leave no reasonable doubt in the minds of reasonable and knowledgeable impartial judges, or the legal counsels of willful “Miscarriage of Justice” by “Obstructing the course of justice” by 14 judicial officers of the Canadian courts including nine judges of the Supreme Court of Canada who willfully obstructed the course of justices in a judicial proceeding based on the evidence that can neither be justified nor can it be defended in any competent court of law in the world by any of the judicial officer of the court named in the petition submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Committee by the Hirjis.

Hirjis claims of willful “Miscarriage of Justice” and “obstruction of justice” have never been denied nor have they ever been repudiated by any of the judicial officers of the Court named in the petition.

Why then the government of Canada and the Ministry of Justices has repeatedly Ignored the Hirjis pleas on this issue of “National Importance” and the “Rule of Law” and have failed to take any steps to remedy this unjust and unlawful violations of Hirjis Human Rights and willful “Obstruction of Justice” and “Miscarriage of Justice” illegally imposed on the Hirjis by the state that cannot be justified or approved by any reasonable member of the public. Why are the Hirjis being persecuted under Liberal Government by the lawless acts of the judicial officers of the court appointed by the federal government and why are the Hirjis being subjected to immense sufferings mental torture, and hardship for the crimes the Hirjis did not commit but are unlawfully and consciously committed by the state’s judicial officers of the court?.

The politicians have talked about and pledged to uphold the "Rule of law" and the "Constitution". below is a case of willful violations of oath of office to protect Constitution by 14 judicial officers of the court including all nine judges of the Supreme Court of Cabada by willfully "Obstructing the course of Justice". See the full facts on

Well, Mr. Trudeau, you are living up to genocide playing against genocide once again.
You will not be voted out in come October. You devious, shrewd, arrogant, wrong, a coward, indecent, amd you are the worst kind of criminal we Canadians have. Ironically, you slapping us Canadians in the face. Well, let me offer the other cheek.

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