Jeep Wrangler Lifetime H4 Replacement LED Headlight Bulbs (1987-2006 YJ & TJ) Review & Install

If you’ve already converted your sealed factory
headlights in your 1987 to 2006 YJ or TJ over to the H4 housing, then this LED replacement
bulb kit will be a perfect way to achieve better lighting and get rid of the hassle
of changing the whole headlight every time a bulb burns out. LED headlights can be quite expensive, since
most of the time they’re sold as a full headlight. So this is a great option to upgrade your
lighting and visibility while saving a couple of bucks in the long run. Install on this one, guys, is plug and play,
so it gets a one-out-of-three-wrenches on the difficulty meter from me, and I’ll get
more into that in just a minute. Like I mentioned, you will need the actual
H4 headlamp conversion on your YJ or TJ before purchasing this kit. The factory housing is sealed off and these
will not be compatible with those. Nonetheless, these will be a direct replacement
to the bulb in the H4 conversion and will be completely plug and play, like I mentioned. As for the actual light, this has a die-cast
aluminum housing for strength, and has an integrated cooling fan built into the base
of the light for thermal management, unlike some other options that we offer. The bulbs are also IP67-rated, so they’ll
be sealed very well so you don’t have to worry about any dirt or water getting in to damage
the actual bulb. The light temperature on these is a bright
white light, at 6,000k, producing up to 3,600 lumens with the LED bulb. Now, to put that into perspective, when rating
light temperatures on a scale, these will be much higher than any other halogen that
sits in the warmer and lower end, at right around 2,700k. That lower-rated number explains the yellow
hue of the light as well as the okay light that a halogen provides. LEDs are not only brighter, but they’re more
efficient and they have a longer lifespan. And when you’re talking about the bulb itself,
LEDs are very common in light bars and off-road lighting for that reason. These will be right in the middle of the road
with price compared to other LED conversion kits for the H4 housing, at right around $150. I think these are very well-priced for what
they are. But if you weren’t looking to pay that much
and wanted the most affordable solution, we do offer a kit by AM [SP] Lights that will
have very similar features to this kit, but it won’t have the integrated fans for temperature
maintenance. Higher-priced items for kits like this will
have more features, like slightly cooler light temperatures, a higher lumen output, longer
lifespan, and they’ll also have heat sink for thermal management instead of the fan. And like I mentioned before, a lot of actual
LED headlights that include the housing can range anywhere from $120 to $300 for the TJ. And at this time, we don’t even have any LEDs
with the housing available for the YJs. These will still be fairly close to all of
those higher-priced options, output numbers, so you really are getting a lot out of these
lights for the price that they’re at, with some flexibility in your decision. Install is very simple and this is plug and
play, so this should only take you around 30 minutes and a couple of hand tools to get
everything swapped out. So this gets a one-out-of-three wrenches on
the difficulty meter from me. The tools we used for our install were a Phillips-head
screwdriver and a set of pliers. Before we take out the actual headlight housing,
we need to take off this trim, right here, with a Phillips-head screwdriver. It’s just three screws. Now we’re gonna actually go ahead and remove
the headlight housing. There’s gonna be three screws around the housing,
just like there were on the trim. Now, once you get the headlight out, just
be careful of the wiring harness and you can just unclip it. And then we’re gonna move over to the other
side. So in order to swap over our halogen bulb
to an LED bulb, we need the H4 conversion housing. On the old housing in our TJ, it’s sealed
and you can’t access the bulb. So we need a new housing, like a standard
regular headlight housing, where you can take out the bulb and replace it. With our H4 conversion headlight housing,
we’re gonna take these two tabs off so we can access the bulb inside, and then we can
replace it with our LED. So the headlight housing that we offer on
the site for the conversion comes with this rubber protective cover for the bulb. It’s not gonna be able to fit around the LED
conversion, so you can just put that aside. And then you can just do the same thing on
the other side. So now we’re ready to put the headlight housings
back in. I would recommend to plug in the wiring harness
first, and then you can use the silver trim that holds the actual light in and just screw
back in the screws. Now we can go ahead and reinstall our trim. After you have the trim installed, you’re
all set and you can enjoy your new lighting. For more installs like this, keep it right
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