I’ve Spent $25,000 To Look Like A Porcelain Doll | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

INTERVIEWER: What do you think of it? MAN: I think it’s cool. MAN: She looks like a little porcelain doll.
innit? JADE SMITH: My name is Jade. I am a real life
doll and online I am known as Jadette. I origamied the roses myself. The Cinderella spins
around in them. This hair is my 6-meter long Rapunzel wig. When I was 11 I got really interested
in to the Japanese anime scene and I started cosplaying and at my first ever convention
I discovered Lolita fashion and from then on it’s just grown in to what it is now. JADE SMITH: Lolita is based on the fashion
sub-style from the 80s from Japan. JADE SMITH: This was my dream dress. I first
saw this dress when I was 11 years old and I just recently finally got my hands on it,
as it’s a really rare print. I wear this outfit pretty much everyday when I am not
at work obviously. The only causal clothing I own is jeggings, which I do wear for work.
I don’t own any trainers at all. I have never actually worn trainers out since the
late 90s. JADE SMITH: My routine varies. It can take
me up to 4 to 6 hours to get ready depending on what I am wearing. JADE SMITH: I will mainly wake up, put my lenses in, put my lashes on, put my makeup on. Then either if I am wearing a wig, I will put wig on or I
will style my hair and then I have to pick my outfit and then add all my glitter and all my sequins and all my diamantes and then I am done. JADE SMITH: I think roughly I have spent around
£10,000 just on my clothes alone. JADE SMITH: The Cinderella cost around £400 to make. It has taken me a whole week to make my Cinderella and that involved hand
sticking individually 4,000 diamantes and this is just the top skirt and top bodice
of it. It has 14 other petticoats and a hoop skirt to hold it up. And I have to be sewn
in to this because nothing will hold it shut. JADE SMITH: My friends really adore my fashion
but my family are, kind of, iffy about but they just accept me for who I am now. SIOBHAN HILL: The first time I saw you without your wig on and I was like, ‘who the hell is this? Who is this person with ginger hair? Not blonde.’
Because I thought you were blonde for so long. I didn’t realise it was a wig. SIOBHAN HILL: And every time I see Jade, she
always looks different. You don’t care what people think to the point where you go, “I
think it’s cute. I am going to wear it. Everyone else be damned. I look fabulous.”
And you walk in to a room and everyone goes, ‘Oh!’ which is pretty much true because
I have seen a lot of envious looks your way. JADE SMITH: The reaction I get in public is
often varied. Sometimes I get nice compliments and other times I get shouted at. The latest
one was when I was called Little Bo Peep when I was walking down the street the other
day. Quite a few people always try to take photos of me sneakily or they do ask
for photos sometimes. MAN: What’s your story? JADE SMITH: Oh, this is just what I wear normally. MAN: Is it? JADE SMITH: Yeah. MAN: Everyday? JADE SMITH: Everyday, yeah. MAN: That’s cool. INTERVIEWER: What do you think of it? MAN: I think it’s cool. MAN: She looks like a little porcelain doll.
innit? JADE SMITH: I suffer from a condition called
Fibromyalgia. It’s basically like arthritis but it affects my entire body, all my muscles,
all my joints and it’s incredibly painful to live through each day. JADE SMITH: It affects me because I can’t
enjoy as many things as I wish I could. There are some days where I am just bed bound where
I can’t actually move. The toys and the clothes do help with it because if it makes me forget
for even just a little while the pain that I am experiencing. JADE SMITH: All my life I was bullied. I had
no friends at all. This is like the one fashion that I feel comfortable in. It’s not considered
normal. But people who also do wear this, they are like a pack, they keep you together
and they always make sure that you are okay no matter what. JADE SMITH: I believe this is the real me
because of inside I am cute and I am cuddly and I just like to project it to the world.

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