IUL life insurance, built for real life – Builder Plus 2 IUL

You know… Life is busy! Doctor’s appointments, little league, our careers, all while trying to figure out what’s for dinner! Our daily routines can keep us from focusing on our financial goals and the possible risks keeping us from reaching our dreams. Like… What if I died? Would my family be okay, financially? Is my retirement plan on track? Are there any financial opportunities I’ve missed? What if I get cancer or have a heart attack? How would I pay for those medical bills? Thankfully there is a solution to these potential risks. Life insurance! What most people don’t know is that in addition to death benefit protection, life insurance can be used to help relieve risks like these. North American’s Builder Plus 2, an indexed universal life insurance product, provides the opportunity to build long-term cash value by earning interest that is linked to the movement of a stock market index, over a specific period of time. YOU can take advantage of the ups of a market index, subject to a cap, while being protected from the downs, through the power of the zero-percent floor. You can also access your policy’s cash value to help supplement retirement income during your active retirement years. Health problems can strike at any time. If you’re diagnosed with a qualifying illness, you may access a portion of the death benefit to help pay for anything you choose. Let’s face it, life will always be busy protecting your family from risk and working towards reaching your financial dreams should be top priority. The time to act is now. Ready to think more strategically about your future? Talk to your financial professional today!

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