Is Whole Life Insurance A Good Investment For Retirement?

Today, I’m so excited to share with you probably
one of my favorite hacks for creating wealth. Anytime you can stack a couple of strategies
on top of each other to make more money, you hit a new level of velocity. And today, we’re doing that with life insurance. Many people ask me this question, “Kris, should
I invest in whole life insurance? For my retirement?” And to that, I would say yes. But not for the reasons you’re thinking about. I invest in life insurance for entirely different
reasons. And today, I’m going to share with you life
insurance not just an investment vehicle for making money. I’m going to share it with you as a vehicle
for how you can magnify your business, your real estate and make a heck of a lot more
money. So check it out. Years ago, as I was getting rolling in my
real estate, I started making a lot of excess money. And I kept thinking in myself, “I need to
have a place where I can save this money up as I’m preparing it to put it in my next investment
to create even more residual income.” And I was talking with a brand new friend
of mine who was deep in the insurance space. And he said, “You know what, Kris? There’s a special type of bank account that
exists. And in this bank account, it doesn’t pay you
a half of percent like your normal bank. It actually pays you 5%, sometimes 8%. Sometimes more.” I said, “That’s weird. I’ve never heard of a bank that pays you 5%.” And he says, “Well, have you also heard of
a bank that makes your money absolutely untouchable?” I said, “What are you talking about?” He said, “Yeah, this is a rare bank account. The only kind that if someone were to sue
you or if you get drag in to some kind of litigation, that the money is literally iron-proof
untouchable.” I said, “What is this? Some kind of weird Swiss bank account?” He said, “No, it’s even better. What if I told you that all the money that
grew was entirely tax free?” I said, “Okay, I don’t know what you’re talking
about. Whatever bank that is. I need to get some. Where do I sign up? Who is this bank? Can you give me their banking URL?” And that’s when he shared with me. He said, “Actually Kris, it’s a rare type
of insurance that most insurance agents wont even sell.” I said, “Why not? And life insurance?” He said, “Yeah.” You need to understand something my friend. There’s 2 types of life insurance. The one that most of us heard about is what
is called term insurance. And this stuff is cheap especially when your
young. You can get a million-dollar policy for a
few bucks a month. And with term, they normally say, “Hey, this
is a 20-year policy. We’ll lock it in right now. Pay as $30 a month or $80 dollars a month
or $200 a month or whatever it’s going to be. And we’re going to insure you for certain
amount of money. And if you die, the whoever you say gets that
money, gets that money.” Now, this is what I call investing in your
death. I don’t think it’s a whole lot of fun. I don’t think it’s a sexy conversation to
talk about investing in your death. But there’s a different kind of insurance
that is all about investing in your life. You need to check this one out. This is a rare type of whole life insurance. Now, I want to be really clear. If you’re sitting there and life, “Well, I’ve
heard of whole life, Oh, I know what that is.” Shut up, school is back in session. I want to give you an entirely different perspective
than the one that you made and been raised with because I’m sharing with you the kind
of policy most people never have done before. There’s a type of whole life insurance policy
where you can take excess money that you have and you can put it in but not for death benefit. Number 1, it will actually give you a death
benefit. If you die, it will actually create a benefit
which by the way, it’s fantastic because if I kick a bucket today, my wife is getting
a massive insurance check. Not to big so that I’m still more viable alive
than dead. But number 2, this whole life insurance policy,
it’s like a bank. And I don’t want you to see whole life, I
want you to think this is a bank. And it pays out historically 5% plus. Right now, your bank is paying you what? Like nothing? maybe if you put your money in a mutual fund,
you’re earning maybe 1 or 2 percent. It’s low and it’s pathetic. 5% also doesn’t gets me excited but as a placeholder? Yeah, actually that feels smart. That feels intelligent. then number 3, check this one out. Imagine a bank that not only give you death
benefit, not only did this. But is also was untouchable. Currently today in the United States, this
is unligitable money. If someone wanted to take you to the cleaners
for everything that you own and try to personally attack you, there’s one type of account on
the planet that no one can get to. And that is a person’s whole life insurance
policy. Now, this is my favorite part. I can take my money, they call it borrowing. I can take my money out of my bank account. Still have it produce this rate of return. I can borrow it at roughly the cost of whatever
the return is. So the money is near free, if you will. There’s no payment associated with it. And if there was, it would come off of my
death benefit which if I have a million death benefit, my policy goes down by $30 this month
because I took money out of it. That’s practically nothing. But what I can do is now I can take this money. Guess what I can do with it? That’s right. You know me as the real estate investor right? I mean, I’ve done thousands of projects. This is where I help people build their own
financial freedom. This is where I help people over a period
of time figure out how to live life on their terms and achieve their financial destiny. Because I believe you and I, we can have it
all. This is a means to an end. This is actually a very intelligent thing
that you can pair up with business, you can pair up with real estate. And most insurance companies won’t tell you
about this. And I’ll share with you dirty little secret. It’s because the policy that I’m talking about,
if you can put money in and then take right back out, it means that the person that sold
you the insurance isn’t going to make a big commission. So, this is a rare type of policy that very
few are set up to do and design to work well with. They just don’t make a lot of money on this. So, they don’t actually tell us about it. But my friends are wealthy and rich. You want to know something cool, is they set
up their own privatized banks. Not FTIC insured for $250,000. That puts a cap on that. This stuff? These banks that have been around for a long
period of time, they give you all these benefits. And here’s the best part. As I’m paying money in and then I borrow the
money for my investing, eventually I’m going to sell my real estate. And when it comes back to me, I have a tax
shelter where I can put it right back in here. And guess what that money is going to be earning
me? It’s going to be earning me 5% with this status
right here. And I’m telling you right now, this is some
pretty specialized knowledge. And I need you to understand that no matter
how young you are, the time to be opening and starting a policy like this is right now. Rule number 1, if you seen it in my other
videos is that, when you get out there and you have a job and you have income coming
in, the most important bill that you pay is the one paid directly to you. You got to pay yourself first. You got to pay yourself before mortgage and
cellphone and other bills and anything else you got in your life. Because if you’re not paying yourself, then
it means you’re working just to pay bills and support a lifestyle. The reality is if you want to level up your
lifestyle, if you want to take life to the next limit, you’re going to have to find a
more intelligent approach to money. So you pay yourself first. This is where you store your money. Not in the bank. It saves up that builds up then boom! It can go to supporting your business. For me, it’s almost always going back into
real estate. I’ve been using this stuff for over a decade. And I’m telling you, it’s one of the more
sophisticated components of what it is I do. Now, I do have a team of experts that I personally
work with that design these policies for real estate, for business and for your life. If you want to get them personally, I highly
recommend that you do. What I want you to do is there’s a link below
in the description. I want you to click it and have a conversation
with them and say, “Hey, I’m a fan of Kris’. Real estate is in my future. I’m going to be doing it. And he said that I need to set up a special
kind of bank. A bank that will give me all of these benefits
that my bank won’t give me so that I can get on my road to being a successful entrepreneur.” You tell them I sent you. They’re going to take care of you. I’m a big client of theirs. Anyway friends, thank you so much for watching
today’s video. I hope it was knowledgeable. I’m going to make a few more videos on this
because this is super powerful stuff in you want to magnify your real estate, your business,
your anything. So links below in the description. Also in the description, you’ll find information
for getting a copy of my book on how to make your next million dollars in real estate starting
from scratch, starting from nothing. And make sure my friend, above all that your
are a subscriber because every single day, I’m committed to producing video like this
that can give you information to better your life.


I LOVE U KRIS my name is Ricardo im 16 and one day i am comming to NEw york and i would-be realy happy if you could be my mentor. Ive warched almost every video of you.

Who is your provider? I have a PennMutal Whole Life Policy and I'm always curious if they're the best.

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Whole life is not great. why my insurance need a "savings"? can i get a savings with my car insurance or home insurance?

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