Introduction to Baseball Rebellion Premium

yeah absolutely we’re super excited
about BR premium it’s gonna allow us to get the most diverse group of writers
anywhere for baseball and softball training all under one roof so we’ve got
guys who have written for Baseball Prospectus and fan graphs we’ve got
physical therapists strength conditioning coaches other private
development coaches like what we do here at baseball rebellion as well as
division 1 division 2 division 3 NAIA and junior college coaches as well
unique and one-of-a-kind you’re gonna get live look-ins for practice you’re
gonna get so much information that’s super specific for baseball and softball
development whether it’s velocity development for throwers injury
prevention with strength conditioning and pts you know how are generating
rotational power here at baseball rebellion and how other people are too I
wanted to get away from the echo chamber of baseball rebellion you know everybody
that works here at baseball rebellion I mean they work for me right so we have a
brand and we have a message that we generally get out and there’s other
people that do a great job in this industry as well and we wanted to give
them a voice and expose our readers to that content well they’re gonna vary so
some of them are really informal like blog style and then some of them are
gonna be you know like with our pro players who write during their season or
during their offseason they’re gonna be like video blog kind of so those guys
will sit down they’ll talk in their phone about how their arm feels or how their
swing feels or what their rotational program progress looks like or how their
weight room stuff is going and there’s gonna be live look-ins at team
practices with some of the top offenses and pitching programs in the country
we’re just super excited about it and people are gonna really be able to
understand exactly what goes into developing a great practice plan
developing a great velocity development program or maintaining shoulder health
or rotational power and hit it absolutely all of our instructors here
are gonna write tyler JK eric dave and obviously myself we’re all gonna be
writing as well and you’re gonna get live look-ins and our in-house training
that we’re doing with our professional athletes getting ready for their major
league baseball either debuts or or reentry into Major League Baseball
minor league baseball there’s just going to be so many things that were able to
do with the BR premium that we just couldn’t do with baseball rebellion
because frankly we’ve got to hire other people to do it absolutely one when you
go on any leader board in the country going to see baseball rebellion all over
it so if you go to the stat Center and hit trax I mean that’s what you’re
going to see but if you want to see live look-ins of lessons or progress of pro
guys that are getting ready for their seasons whether it’s minor league major
league whatever they’re gonna be able to see all that stuff we’re gonna we have
the graphs launch angle graphs the spray charts the X velocity changes
exactly how long people train for with timestamps so a lot of people are really
misinformed on how long it really takes to develop velocity specifically being a
hitter or distance in a hitter because they’ve only heard about one way and our
way is the fastest way and we’ve proven it over and over and over I would say if
you don’t join BR premium you’re just missing out you know this is a
one-stop shop for everything you need to know about how to develop either you’re
a player or if you’re a coach how to develop trained and organized practices
if you’re not involved in this you’re going to get left behind and I feel so
so strongly and so confident in saying that with the content that we’ve already
created for BR premium and what I know is coming it’s just there’s just no
other subscription service that’s going to be able to do what we do

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