International Premium 2011 Dec 20 Eng sub 1/2

This is International Premium’s special program
Today, we have Mr. Benjamin Fulford I’m very sorry for not being in
contactable area last tuesday
I did go to the area to have some secret dialogue The reason why I don’t tell you the detail of the story
is that the person had no bad intention In fact, I’ve suffered from numerous murder attempts
& harassment of any kind I consider them that
they made preemptive moves
So, from now, I don’t endure
I start attacking The people who tried to kill me were
Henry Kissinger, George Bush senior
George Bush Junior
Frank Carlucci, David Rothchild, and so on
The list is in English report on internet As to Japan side,
Nakasone Yasuhiro
Koizumi Junichiro etc.
They are North Korean agents They are traitors of Japan
They aim to destroy Japan Nakasone, in 1980’s, put pressure
on Health & Welfare Ministry
Now we use detergents, shampoo, toothpaste,
any product with anticonceptive inside,
with female hormone inside For the population reduction in Japan
They did this to make Japanese males impotence
That man is the ultimate betrayer, North Korean agent By the murder of Kim 2nd,
his power base was secured
We must put him in jail
He shouldn’t be at large Koizumi is sadist murderer
He scragged & killed a geisha girl “Kohan” in Shinbashi
I can disclose it to public
You can not sue me for defamation
You Murderer! He is another ultimate traitor who handed over
33% stocks of private banks in Japan
to Rockefeller, Rothchild and others According to the mistress of his son,
he is an idiot to make an insulting remark
saying that Japanese should obey Jews These people are managing Japan
Furthermore, The current administration of Democratic Party,
What are you doing? Chikyu-maru the drillship that caused 311 earthquake
by drilling & planting nuke under the seabed
It is now hanging around in Boso peninsula area
Why you don’t arrest them?
Why do you leave them at large? Japan is facing threat of another Earthquake & Tsunami
on Chiba & Tokyo What are you thinking?
You are taking No measure
Tens of thousands of lives are in danger of death,
the government ignore it What are you doing?
It’s no joke
People of Japan Self-Defense Forces,
Police, Yakuza, all the groups,
You must arrest these criminals These people are spoiling Japan
under the order from foreign force, not Japanese force
You must take action immediately What was Fukushima nuclear accident?
There’s testimony that
Israeli company Magna SC did lethal covert action
However, Japanese government does not make it public On March 10th, the stock price of Higashi Nihon House,
a homebuilding company in northeast, rose 40%
But no media report that 15 personnel from Japan Self-Defense Force
were on Chikyu-maru
They participated in planting bomb under the seabed
14 of them were killed
1 is under protection of a Christian group The person is in LA now
We can have contact, he will testify
Japan was attacked
311 is not a natural disaster, but human attack on Japan Japanese government keeps silent
Still now, person from US embassy is in
official residence of Prime Minister
He’s commanding us what to do
What is that all about? This is war
We must stop being peace stupors We must deal with Korean mafia groups
represented by Koizumi & Nakasone
Otherwise, our nation becomes worse And,
Let me express my gratitude for the people
who tried to protect me This is the issue that this nation & future of earth
are at stake
It’s no joke
Aristocrat mafia in West wants to kill 4 billion people
It’s true. They announce & write so in their book There are tons of evidence
But there are people who ignore it They inject women HPV vaccine
to make women sterilized
Saying “We must get our daughters for vaccination”
Are you stupid?
What’s going on over there? I’m not a person who is quick to show anger
In such situation, I have no other choice but to get angry We must do something with these people,
or earth will get spoiled
I am declaring war against these people As stated, last tuesday, Mr. Benjamin was in
dangerous place & about to get into the critical situation
Today, he is here in safe
I think he’s a lucky guy, a man with luck Under ordinary circumstances, he can’t be here anymore
It was the worst situation Last year, in foreign country,
he was about to face terror attack
He survived & got back in Japan in safe Wishing for world peace,
fighting against the force that hinder world peace
He is fighting against the groups
with tens of trillions of yen asset Jeopardy is always with him
He may not have tomorrow
The way of living is the virile way of living
I admire him Either way, today, here, in safe, he attends
And he presents you with his vigorous words
I am pleased Well, as stated before, Japan is spy paradise
Agents from any nations are doing operations of any kind Why it’s easy for them to do operations?
Because the politicians,
particularly Diet members are easily bribable
Throwing them a bait, they won’t miss it Like a goby, you can fish them easily
It’s Koizumi, it’s Nakasone
You can fish them In Sugamo prison, (in Tokyo after WW2)
the prisoners dug into the baits It was Kodama Yoshio, Sasagawa Ryoichi
Kishi Nobusuke, Katayama
They all tried to rule post-war Japan
They dug into the baits and they got fished Their pupils are Nakasone & Watanabe Tsuneo of Yomiuri news
Yosano Kaoru, ex-secretary of Nakasone,
aims to raise consumption tax
The aim is now succeeded to Noda The Finance Ministry is now filled with traitors
from top to the bottom Most of the Finance Ministry personnels are
very serious people who graduated from Tokyo University
But they are inexperienced people Keeping the law,
keeping the rule,
obeying the order from above
But if the above were criminals, what do you do? Then, you are the criminals too
You can not be forgiven by saying “I just obeyed the order…”
You hear me? Mr. Katsu Eijiro, the deputy secretary
Stop your subcontract works for evil people Mr. Kuroda, Gyoten, Mr. Owada,
the father of Masako (Princess)
Don’t obey the orders from David Rothchild anymore He is mafia that worships devil
No matter how big his mansion is,
he is a criminal, a murderer Please don’t obey the orders from such people
You will ultimately be ruined on the path The managers of Bank of Japan & Finance Ministry,
the money you see is for Japanese people
It’s not for the foreign criminal rings Please do not forget about it


this all sounds like some of it could be true, but look at the ninja dude… come on isnt that a bit over the top? i mean i agree alot of it though…

The mainstream of conspiracy sites are not picking up on this at all.
The 4 billion culling back is correct and has been planned subliminal for thousands of years.

@UPSTATE916CAL Please watch my new documentary " The Holographic Disclosure"
coming soon . It will explain all this in detail . I hope its released in time before the big one comes.

i agree with that guy because prophet mohamed said that in the end of histori 30% of people gona be killed and 30% gonna die and 30% alive (7 billion /3 =2333333333) sorry if i make mistak i'm not good in english

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