Ingraham slams coverage of Mueller report: Frankly very disturbing


Your coverage of the report and this president is frankly very disturbing. Keep misleading the people like barr is doing.

Joke. Why did Mueller warn federal agents to wear hearing protection when they serve a warrant at the home of Roger Stone?

Because Stones wardrobe is very loud! From the Amazon ebook Mueller Report Laughs

the left's repetitive need to quote out of context,is really pissing me off. but not as much as the blatant childish behavior of Mueller and alike. not just childish, but the mouthy brat child that everyone hated type, childish behavior. other countries must be laughing their asses off at this foolish behavior.

Rosinstein looks awfully nervious standing behind Barr. The swamp looks more like pit of helll. Drain the swamp.

Why wasn't Mueller questioned first, before Bill Barr?

And the so called "letter" was most likely written end by someone other than Mueller and the leftist News Media will write anything just to make money..

Democrats paid for a fake dossier. The media reported false propaganda for years. Obama's administration performed an illegal spy network on Trump. There should be arrests after this. The Democrats involved with the dossier, the FBI agents who tried to set up this bogus investigation and the "journalists" who kept screaming false news stories need to go to prison for what they did.

Everyone who watches Fox news needs to boycott Chris Wallace show or any show he appears on, also send a complaint to fox news about him.


Looks to me the The Democrats have met their match this man is honest as the day is long and they can’t penetrate him left these are Out of line they should feel embarrassed and they need to apologize to this man for telling the truth are you kidding me or else can The Democrats go . Let’s move on just like Harris says it’s time to make America great again and that just pissed them off


To think about it, didn't Barr subject that Mueller report some of the report.
Why didn't he?
We all know that the dossier was fake so there is no obstruction and even more important is how is there an investigation and a report because there is no there there.
Time to end all this president Trump.
Release the fisa report.
Hell release everything there is to know.
Bring it out to the people the public leave nothing back.

Ya the questions today were pathetic, they just kept asking stuff already stated in the papers

The left is pushing for civil war in Canada too, they better smarten up, they will get destroyed

Ms. Ingraham best be careful about going after foxs sacred cow wallace — lol oh and saddens me that only a handful of tv peeps know america is a Republic with a Constitution and not democracy tht politicians call America — stay true ms ingraham rjh

Remember he was “hand picked” in a field of orange trees that are grown in Russia powered by Solar Panels

The left has been having a very public, multi-year meltdown since Crooked Hillary lost the election.
Let them keep it up until 2020.

Bob Mueller better be careful or he will be the next one going to jail. Right after Obama,Hillary, Bill, Comey, struck, page, and the rest of the deep State rats

So the report was made by Muller especially to please the press from the left and the Democrats.

Laura Ingraham: Everything I say is true. Believe me.
Everyone else: Where are your facts?
Laura Ingraham: It's my opinion.
Everyone else: CHECK PLEASE!!!

When is Justice going to investigate how much Mueller is worth? Where Mueller's money came from! How much Comey is worth? And take Mueller's and the rest of them, their treasonous gains and put them into jail? Actually their is a better idea, not discussed.

As a marriage counsellor I often look for which party is making a lot of NOISE about the other party in the relationship. Then , which a few careful questions I probe the outbursts to discover truth from both parties. The noise maker always is covering up something and also tries to instill fear in the spouse sufficient to back down by shouting a lot.
This is exactly what I see happening in America. Once an election is over the WORK of running the country [lawmaking] is the duty of ALL the elected officials.
All I see is one party, Democrats, shouting a lot and promoting what is now known as lies and untruths, yet clinging to those false things in the face of Counsel !
Only through the power of forgiveness can such a relationship be restored to normal. Only a Spirit of Pride will stop it.
Whichever way you look at it, your country suffers and your competition is laughing at you [Russia and China and the World in general].
The deception placed deep into the American Intelligence Services has brought about chaos. It has divided the country not United it.
I applaud President Trump for what has been accomplished so far in spite of this power game being played in the DC schoolyard !

It doesn't matter what Mueller said about AG Barr's summary at this time because the redacted report has been publicly out, which again solidified the fact that there's no solid evidence to prove the collusion exists. AG Barr's job is to draw a conclusion based on what Mueller reported. Have Mueller and Dems lost their mind?

Harris was badgering Barr not giving him a chance to think of the answer,he shouldn't have had to go through that,and the tone that the Democrats used was just hateful!!!

This whole event is so stupid…anyone who stays on these events like glue…is an idiot

This is a smokescreen…..look the other way morons!!!!!!
There is much more going on behind the scenes and it's pretty apparent that America will never pay any descent attention…LMFAO…YALL BEST WATCH HILLARY, BARACK AND LORETTA they will be out of the USA in hiding very soon

Ballad of Q
You’ll soon know the rest. Though the Media lied,
They will be brought to light, and for treason be tried—
As the patriots give them blow for blow
Which the millions can monitor, be in the know,
Flushing the traitors into the light
With intel information the field of the fight,
Over the Web all around the wide world
The patriot banner of Q is unfurled.


The media and politicians are keeping people who refuse to read Mueller Report fighting with fellow Americans as a distraction while the rich get richer and poor get poorer.

Robert Mueller wrote a letter to William Barr March 27, three days after Barr issued his four-page summary, complaining that the memo Barr wrote characterizing Mueller’s findings “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of the Mueller's Russia investigation. “This threatens to undermine a central purpose for which the Department appointed Mueller: to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations,” Mueller wrote.

The letter will likely buoy congressional Democrats’ accusations that Barr mis-characterized Mueller’s report on purpose in order to protect the president. Its disclosure comes on the eve of Barr’s public testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and amid a back-and-forth between the Justice Department and the House Judiciary Committee over whether committee staff can question Barr separately.

AG Barr sent a letter to Congress reiterating that his March 24 letter was not intended to be a summary of the report, but instead only stated the Special Counsel’s principal conclusions, and volunteered to testify before both Senate and House Judiciary Committees on May 1st and 2nd.” The Attorney General has expressed some reluctance to appear before the House Judiciary Committee and the Department of Justice has also been reluctant to confirm a date for Mueller to testify.

Members of Trump's Administration continue to work to protect and Defend Trump, instead of the American people, while the Republican base cheers.

Chris Wallace, Shep , Napolitano, Cavuto and other Fox anchors are now Disney Controlled Demonrat Loyalists! By by conservative cable voice….

Thank you Laura. This reporter knows nothing of the laws. They endorsed BARR then like spoiled children who lost THEIR game of deciet & lies cry. I RESPECT AG BARR for stepping forth and cutting short his retirement to get MAGA! Not one Senator or Congress person knows the LAW BETTER THAN BARR. IT WOULD NOT BE CONSTITUTIONAL TO SEND CONGRESS THE UNREDACTED REPORT. CONGRESS ALREADY DID THEIR SLOPPY HEARINGS AND. BY LAW THEY DONT GET A 2ND CHANCE! THERE IS A NEW SHERIFF ON TOWN!

The Demon-Rats (democrats) got nothing and are playing their outrage card even though the know they got nothing. This is acting for their base so they can claim obstruction

Blumenthal: "Was your conversation with Mr. Mueller documented?"
Barr: "Yes. Notes were made of it and kept."
Blumenthal: "May we have those notes?"
Barr: "No."

Wallace is the ONLY journalist on the roster of FOX NEWS anchors; willing to provide an objective reporting as opposed to an EDITORIAL of the situation by all others who present.

🇺🇸Politics=tax👼makers vs. tax💩taker's.
Dem's💩Socialists racebait 4 White💰tax's.
White's contribute annual tax surpluses of over $553.52 billion or $2,795+ per capita.
~Black's race💩bait 11k deficits per ea.~  
 ~Hispanic's race💩bait 8k deficits ea.~

Democrat think they are still under stupid Obama leadership so they can do whatever they wanted. they are truly spoiled. Now season and time changed, they can't do whatever they want anymore. Righteous man and woman boldly stand up strong to defeat these evildoers.

Who is that standing behind Barr's right shoulder? A federal marshal? Does anyone know who that is?

We should all be thankful for an American trainwreck with enough fire to interest the American citizenry.

All the redactions in the Mueller report would have destroyed the democrat party. Trump asked them to just back off. the dem left would have none of it and continue to behave like brat children in a red faced tantrum. Trump and Barr hold all the cards. The dems refused to even read the unredacted report because they know how damning it is to them. they know what to do up in the oval and it will be killer to watch!

No need to worry, Chris Wallace is a backstabbing POS and always has been. What a sorry excuse since his father was a real reporter of honest journalism. What an embarrassment Chris is.

The Mueller Report is CURIOUSLY ABSENT of any mention of Fusion GPS & the FACT that the Russian lawyer met with them the day before, the day of, & the day after the Trump Tower Meeting in June 2017. The report is a slanderous document omitting MANY pertinent Facts!

Barr legally did not have to release anything; yet, he is being verbally assaulted by Dems for revealing the Facts of Law as they pertain to the Mueller report. Good work Dems.; you are ANGERING more & more Americans with your antics. Walk Away; MAGA 2020. FREE

This argument is just like the argument for Flynn, Manafort, Cohen and other guys in djt's orbit. If there was nothing to hide why did Barr lie. Flynn lied. Manafort lied. Pappadopolous(sp) lied. Once you are caught in a lie don't be surprised when people dig deeper. Secondly, if the entire investigation was fraudulent why did members of the djt admin (including djt) let it continue? lil donnie has control of the executive branch and appointed loyalists as dept heads. If the investigation was corrupt and they signed off on it then they are complicit OR the investigation was totally legit and mr. lil hands didn't like it.

Everyone knows that Trump is a liar,

and caught up in multi-scandal mire,

with a myriad of tweets,

of yammers and bleets –

His term is a long lasting dumpster fire.

All of these Deep State people need to be tried and executed for treason and the ONLY way this is going to happen is if Martial Law is declared and the military take over and cleanse Washington, D.C. of everyone who is a Democrat or a Leftist.  If that happens then all the cockroaches in the universities, media, and other government jobs will shut up.

They just kept yelling and accusing him- as he sat there telling the truth, as proven in what can already read! They assume you are stupid, as start the investigation of his being willing to even get free dirt on her even if from russian sources by using what hilary paid millions to be wriitten by russian sources about him. They ignore how witnesses and subpoenaes were refused by hilary, as declare trumps complaining as obstruction. They support the one AG secretly meeting on a tarmac and ordering her investigation be dropped while threaten this AG with impeachment for not pushing their version of what happened in his investigation. Ironically, hilary declared her found emails as too classified to be revealed in court against her, and now insists trump is threatening national security. It goes on and on

Why as Americans are we allowing them to use our money this way? I bet all of the money spent on all this crap, could have paid for the wall!

Yes Laura! They’re having another melt down!!! They depended on the Mueller report to say otherwise. When it doesn’t work in their favor, we hear a new spin- it’s Barr’s fault! Jeeze wiz! Talk about silly! They need to take Lorazepam and chill!

Exactly what Ingraham says, Mueller is a big boy, why the heck doesn't he have the guts to come out with  some clear words about his report, instead of making A G  Barr stand as target for his own report?
What a coward !!!!

I bought a copy of the Mueller Report from Amazon for about $10. It's easy to read & understand. I highly recommend it.

Should the special counsel care what the news media is saying about his report? That shows you right there way too much politics involved

How dumb do they think people are SMH 🤦‍♀️ obviously things weren't going as planned, so of course there going to be a leak.

And then Chris Wallace owned her, the host tried to stop her from challenging fox news top "journalist", "well some opinion people with a political agenda on our own network don't think this is a big deal, well this letter is just facts"… laura owned Wallace drops mic 👱💥🔫🙋😂🏌🕵💆

No what’s deeply disturbing is that a core group of racist trump cult supporters get to spread lies and filth nightly and pretend it is opinion based on fact.

Shep, Brett, and Chris all need to exit Fox. I watch Fox all the time minus when these 3 losers are on. Oh, I stand corrected Juan. I do have to listen to his pathetic view in order to watch the five.

The very simple fact that "THe Mueller Team" wanted anything at all to go out tells you everything you need to know and tells you why Barr handled it the way that he did. He is being very nice but the fact of the matter is.
They indict or they do NOT indict , thats it . They do not supply a novel about it…The fact that they supplied a Novel and wanted that out in the public says everything and Barr knows it.
Bring them up on the hill and ask them how many other instances of 400 page novels they can come up with that are broadcast to the world…

THis is overly ridiculous and Barr is trying to extinguish it as polite as possible . I say take the gloves off Barr and start slapping some of these morons around a little .
Barr needs to start cases of obstruction on every single slime ball thats trying to get in the way of the real truth coming out , and there are many.

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