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The Deck of Many and Welcome back to the Gallant Goblin! I’m Theo and today we’re looking at the premium
figure from the Descent Into Avernus set. This is the Infernal War Machine. Now if you’re familiar at all with this adventure
you’ll know that it’s heavily inspired by Mad Max and Mad Max: Fury Road. So you may be a little bit familiar with what these
vehicles are like if you’ve seen that movie. If you do want to get in the mood for playing
this adventure, I would watch that movie, maybe play the soundtrack while you’re
going through your campaign. But today we’re going to take a look at this thing. Now this set was a little bit different in that
the minis and the premium figure here came out before the actual adventure did
so we do not have the book in front of us to go in and give you a lot of details on
stats or even exactly how they’re used, but we had the opportunity to playtest this vehicle
and a few other things when we attended D&D Live back in May of 2019. So we have some preliminary ideas
of how this is going to work, and we’ll show you a little bit of
that as we go through it, but why don’t we go ahead and open it up and take a look? The infernal war machine will feature in the adventure
as one of multiple types of land vehicles similar to the seafaring ships in Ghosts of Saltmarsh. They are powered by soul coins, which are
iron coins that contain a single trapped soul. The coins were invented by Mammon and forged
in his domain of Minauros, the third level of Hell. While most uses of the coin free the soul, war machines are powered by furnaces which burn
the soul out of existence, using its life force to run. This means that while war machines are often the
safest, most convenient, and most powerful means of traversing Avernus, their use is extremely morally
questionable for good-aligned characters. In May 2019 we attended the
announcement event for Avernus and participated in the Adventurer’s League Epic play
session where we got to test drive the war machine and some similar, if smaller, vehicles. “No hiding from them as you do
this, as you drive straight at them.” “We’re not hiding. I’m honking the
horn. I’m telling ‘Honk the horn!'” *imitates “La Cucaracha” musical horn*
[thanks to @Tommy48161206 for identifying] It was clear that a lot of tweaking and
balancing needed to be done at the time so I’m expecting big changes from what I saw
when I finally get my hands on the final book. So take these things with a large, spiky grain of salt but here are the stats that were provided at the session. You may notice a few things: the war machines are way more powerful
than the ships in Saltmarsh. They likely buffed the numbers to provide
an impactful and memorable play session. The war machines are customizable
just like the ships in Saltmarsh. They can be made to move faster, be
more maneuverable, or gain weapons to enable them to ram or grapple
other vehicles and enemies. So while your in-game war machine
is customizable, this miniature isn’t. We were hoping they would sell little add-on packs
so you could augment your war machine to match at least some of the add-ons you can get in game, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The paint scheme on the machines shown at D&D
Live differ from the final product we have here. Specifically there’s some areas
of orange lighting or flames painted on the vehicle along
with the metallic appearance. Note that this is paint and not actual lighting effects . There’s no LEDs or lights in this mini. You may notice other vehicles on
the table during the play session. Those are just toy cars that the
DMs customized on their own. They are not for sale like that. But stay tuned to the end of this video
for resources on how to make your own. Beadle & Grimm’s Platinum Edition for Avernus
will come with an exclusive war machine that has a saw blade attached to the front. Apart from the blade though, the war
machine will be the same as the one here. We thought we’d see sets of
soul coins produced and sold as they gave some out at D&D Live in
what seemed to be retail packaging. But we haven’t seen anything announced yet. Beadle & Grimm’s looks to have included
one in their Platinum Edition though theirs is a different model than the one we have. You have some options if you do want
some soul coins to hand out at your table. Many companies make RPG and tabletop metal coins,
and you can probably find something that will fit the bill. I found this coin by Campaign Coins
called the Freeport Silver coin which costs about $9.50 [USD] for ten coins. Check the description below for a link. You can also print your own if you have a 3D printer. One enterprising person has already
modeled the one you see here. Again check the description for a link. The war machine is quite large,
measuring almost a foot long which actually puts it on par in length
with the Walking Statue of Waterdeep. Here you can see the relative size of
the boxes and the minis themselves. One nice thing about the compartments
in the vehicle is that they do fit minis. You can easily fit about six medium-size minis inside the
passenger compartment and still put the lid on them. With the lid off it should still fit a mini with a large base though—as you can see—the huge base of
the storm giant miniature doesn’t fit inside. The front compartment is smaller and will squish
minis backwards when you put the top piece on so you might not want to put more
than one or two small minis in there. Another thing to note about the infernal war machine—
it doesn’t actually have moving wheels but you can kind of maneuver
it on the table if you need to. Now if you did want to go and make some of your
own little side cars to go along with this thing using those matchbox cars or Hot Wheels, there’s actually a tabletop war
game out there called Gaslands and it doesn’t come with their own minis but there’s
a huge community that has evolved around the game where they customize the Hot Wheels
cars and the matchbox cars to exactly what you need for this game as well. So if you go down and look at
the link in the description below we’ve given you the website for the game and they
will then link you off to some of the communities where you can look at what some people have done
to create some of their own little war machines. And there’s also another link down below for a little
bit more detailed description on how you can make your own Hot Wheels Mad Max-type vehicles. We’d like to thank our sponsor,
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Great review once again, Theo! This piece is not really for me as it feels too Mad Max-y and modern (especially the tracks), but I will buy one with my case for a friend of mine who collects WH40K – he will make a nice Ork battle wagon from this with some weapons. Btw, I do wish this came with weapons, as was originally rumored.

I take it you will review the set as well soon? Really looking forward to it. I opted to purchase it from a slovakian site as they are cheaper than Tritex, but they will ship only in October. But due to all the Baatezu, Tanar'ri and Yugoloths in the set, this promises to be my favourite set yet. 🙂

So much work and passion put in your videos once again and it shows! Keep up the awesome content!

A devilish war tank was the last thing I’d think of for D&D, but I welcome it! Can’t wait to display it on my shelf.

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