Impulse – Ep 1 “Pilot”


Нахуя вы мне этот фильм постоянно тулите.,без перевода.я Руский

If the first book “jumper” is a movie, and the third book “impulse” is a series, what is going on with the second book????

Holy crap… terrible effects in the first 5 minutes. Probably should put in enough effort to actually track the effects to your shots

Au début du film j'aime bien quand la fille dit à sa mère ( "" tu t'habilles comme ma grand-mère "" ) et la mère de répondre ("" et toi comme ma mère ."" )

C'est normal qu'elle ai des crises d'épilepsie avec la musique naze, bidon, qu'elle écoute… Sinon le film paraît bon. Je verrai plus tard.. Je l'espère quand même. . .

Personnellement ça me paraît un peu bizarre une fille qui se nomme Henri. il faut bien reconnaître qu'en France c'est plutôt rare.

C'est bien fait pour la gueule de Clay quand sa voiture est démolie. Il n'avait pas à vouloir forcer Henry a faire ce que elle ne voulait pas. Je hais ce genre de mecs ou d'hommes qui agissent ainsi. Ce n'est pas par ce que une fille ou une femme vous embrasse que ça veux dire qu'elle veut coucher.Elle voulait juste l'embrasser pour le remercier. Mais Clay s'y croit trop ce connard…

Si les gens savaient quel fumier,violeur est Clay ils auraient moins de compassion pour lui. Ce gros salopard a eût ce qu'il méritait..

Trust me when I say do NOT waste your time on this show. It starts off like it would be really cool, but holy crap as it went on, I realized how awful the writing and acting is. It's absolutely horrible and I can't believe I wasted so many hours watching the whole thing. Embarrassingly bad.

Ok new Rochelle makes sense to me but where are there wind turbines that close or anywhere for that matter to new Rochelle???

Saw about two minutes…Opens with an exaggerated supernatural fight scene. Transitions to two teenagers getting ready for school and smoking a joint. So they present a big “why” hook then attempt to be relatable to the largest demographic of potential viewers. Seems like yet another big time sink random supernatural show. Can someone write some REAL sci-fi?

What are the lyrics at 5:00? That maybe why you have no apartment
I didn't have an apartment thought if I was smart id make you fart?

Pretty toothless stuff guys

Kinda feel like this is what NOT to do when you're young, bro 26:53 has me wanting to punch the dude in the face, then do it again. This is NOT OK, kinda don't wanna watch the rest of it, but at the same time I kinda do. I just wanna see what happens, but the girl kinda has it bad, but also not so bad. I like the girl so far, but HATE the dude, wouldn't trust him with a ten foot pole. Nope, nah uh, not getting ANYWHERE near me

It's good but…
Is it me or no one in YouTube's Impulse writing team bothered an actual native French speaker (Quebecker, Franco-Ontarian, or even a Franco-British-Columbian all of them with actual French qualifications, or maybe even a French guy) to write the last dialogue ? It does not sound like French. At. All.
It sounds as if someone is writing poetry in the early days of 20th century. Where are the elusions ? The contractions ? The abhorrent and ill fitted uninversed verbs in the questions ?
Corrected :
"Tu l'as laissé là-bas avec les autres, love ?"
"Tout ça sera bientôt fini. Nous s'rons en sécurité. J'te l'promets."
Just ask, you have at least a 10 million native French speakers in North America alone. Someone's bound to have one in one's extended friends' circles, or recruit.
@youtubeimpulse @youtube

Does anyone know where I can find the backpack she uses or even something similar? I’m gonna cosplay it for a school project about film and tv adaptations.

Just a little jumper copy of the series. Too bad that movie didn't go on. Or it could be parallel to this series. With a slight difference, this is exactly how the ability works. And with these superhero movies, the Jumper and this could be viable.

I honestly hate the main character. She is the typical troubled teen that we are supposed to feel sorry for and ignore all the bad things she does because she is a rebel with a hard life. I hate what dude did to her and putting him down was the only good thing she did an it was by accident. However, the show has promise so I will finish it out. Hopefully so better characters come up later.

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