Important Facts About Life Insurance Policies & Claims

Hi. I’m Tony Sos, an attorney in Orlando,
Florida. Today I’d like to share with you some important information regarding life
insurance. Most Florida residents are unaware that if
they die within two years of taking out the life insurance policy, Florida Statute section
627.455 grants the insurance company the right to fully investigate the insured’s completed
life insurance application for any material misrepresentation.
Even if the cause of death was not in any way related to the alleged material misrepresentation,
the life insurance company has the right and often does rescind the policy and deny the
claim. Unfortunately, many of these claims are wrongfully denied by the insurance company.
So what can you do to ensure your life insurance policy is not denied? First, it is essential that during the application
process, you submit all medical records to the insurance company prior to agreeing to
the policy terms and conditions. This ensures that all pre-existing conditions were disclosed
and that the policy was developed and contracted with all the information.
Second, the moment an insurance company questions you about a claim, do not respond and immediately
seek the advice of an attorney. Any communication from you about your claim, both written and
verbal, can be used against you. If you have any questions regarding your legal
rights related to a life insurance policy, please call our firm at 407-244-3000. Thank
you for watching.

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