Imagine Fox News Coverage if Obama Supported Putin



No filth comming from the Reps amazes me anymore. Backward US haters too stupid for rational tought and extremely scared of facts. Nowhere in this world you'll find more uneducated retards as they are.

President TRUMP My President exposing all of them thank you God That's why HOLLYWOOD Don't like him.What Kevin Spacey Did To Him Will SHOCK YOU! Creepy Side Of Kevin Spacey! (2018)

The majority of Trump supporters will never hear the truth or know the truth. And those who hear the truth will never believe it. FOX will never let Trump supporters know those things and they're to lazy or weak minded to realize it. DT supporters will not waiver when he runs in 2020 and that's because of FOX.

Kimmel is on the skids in his ratings. His political bias only resonates with his small base which is also declining. This man is not funny.

To be honest, Obama and Putin clearly hated each other. and he was not strong enough regards Putin.

However Hilary (love her or hate her) had balls of steel and absolutely would have not let him get awaywith his BS (Syria/Ukraine/meddling with US elections) which was exactly why the Russians went all out on their fake news propaganda war to ensure the far easier to fool and corrupt Trump won.

He depends massively on Russian investors to keep his tacky dodgy real estate company afloat.
Would not put anything past Trump in the name of making money for himself and his 1% cronies!

Putin is laughing loudly at Trump and delighting in the chaos and civil unrest his shenanigans are causing.

Wake up and unite, America.
Divided you fall.

TBH We really have to thank Donald Trump for highlighting America's decline on the world stage. Since the Vietnam debacle there has been historical decline which Obama tried in dignified fashion to rescue in the world's eyes.
But NOW….Let's face it China shows FAR more diplomacy and Russia shows FAR more smartness. Trump has reduced USA to a third rate power flexing muscles. A bit like (say) Iran or North Korea!

Obama did support Putin. "After the election, I'll be more flexible"… and lets not forget giving away 20% of the U.S. uranium to Russia.

How come a wanna-be-opponent of Putin gets killed (or dies in an accident), everyone is dead sure it was Putin, but a real opposition member of some western government with real chances in the elections gets gunned down in broad daylight bc he opposes the government's immigration policies (Pim Fortuyn), the government has nothing to do with it,no street named after him in NYC, killed, burried, forgotten?

Idiot Kimmel, Obama did support Putin. The Russian collusion was on the left. Everyone KNOWS that now. Fake news is OLD.

Fox News and all this TV Reporter are cowardly. They love their job ??? Coward !! every single one tells for money lies !!! American people wake up and make that an end !!!!!! greetz from Germany

Fox and all the deplorable's have absolutely NO CLUE AND ARE SO DUMB THEY BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU SAY TO THEM, THEY SHOULD BE DENIED OF VOTING IN THE FIRST PLACE. And you all thought Hillary would win, so did not vote at all……. and the stupidest (religion believers) voted trump in the WH, and just left him there the cowardly republican party pushed there agenda anyway, with trump as there puppet. but trump is so stupid and misuse his power to the destruction of the country, you know it everybody knows it, and still there is nothing being done…. after midterms, at the very least trump is impeached and AGAIN the Democrats have to clean up the mesh, the whole republican party should be dismantled and others should create a new party to replace a conservative force…. we need progress and any conservative force is bad…… But hey that's just my opinion, and not the only one.

What was the point Kimmel was making here? I'm confused, cuz I thought he was trying to show the hypocrisy between republicans not liking Putin to republicans liking Putin for foiling with the election. Personally, I think republicans and conservatives for this matter hold the same view they did when Obama was president. So honestly, where is the laugh in this…?

You guys are up for a big surprise! Unless yours boss already have told you, and you dicided that be against America, is the way to go. Lol…

Jimmy Kimmel, sir, the FB and text messages u had received were from idiots. That's not y I'm writing. PLEASE STOP W MYRIAD ADS. THANK U, SIR

Omg how I began to hear Fox's brown-nosing
That huckleberry and his sarcastic adult child r not examples for anyone. Look at how she was raised

Poor comedy/Russophobia. Make some jokes about the country that has complete control over USA. Israel. What's that? you would lose your job if you did that?

Little Jimmy the Marxist how come you keep deleting my comments?  How come you tell everyone how to think like you?

Idiots watching CNN, NBC don't know they edit Trump's speech. Idiots don't know that Antifa beat conservatives and when conservatives fought back, CNN showed antifa as victims by editing the footage. And these idiots still vote for Democrats. Very smart.

You know you're stupid when you have to get your news from SNL, and use it to justify why you think the democrats are right.

You don’t know nothing about Putin. Russotopia to justify incompetence. Russia will eat you alive if you don’t take control of your government by doing what the U.S don’t do: follow the rules.

funny how kimmel didn't have a single word to say during obama's 8 years. oh wait that's not funny, and neither is this video.

Well most Trump supporters are saying there was no collusion with Russia. Most say Trump is innocent. They say they will never find anything. How about if Obama was being investigated because the election went his way because of Russian meddling? Would you want an investigation? I'm pretty sure all you Trump supporters would want an investigation. Hypocrisy at it's best.

Russia directly intervened in the US elections since the beginning of 2016. This is the so-called "trolley factory", it is located in St. Petersburg in the Lakhta-2 business center on Optovik Street.

Your hoax was debunked by Mueller report,proving your lies both wrong and dumb.But,considering that his administration didn't do a single thing to support Putin,instead it continued the ongoing propaganda agaisnt him,title is an oxymoron.But it would make a sense,if by Putin you mean Netanyahu and Israel.

Imagine Jimmy Kimmel's coverage if Obama said to Medvedev, "After my next election, i'll have more flexibility…" OH WAIT HE DID! AND the coverage was ZILCH!

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