Or you could move to Norway, where medical helf care is basecly free (along with education and dental care)

The insurance system needs healthy contributors who pay into it but rarely use it in order to sustain itself. The reason premiums are so high is that there aren't enough such people in the system, mainly due to an increasingly older (possibly sicker) population.

having chance of 1/10 to get bill for >$13k in 5 years run means probability of 41% to face that at least once
for 1/20 chance on getting bill >$27k in 5 years run gets 22.6% probability to get it at least once
it looks even scarier now 🙁

I thought unused money put into an HSA would expire at the end of the year. How do you make the money go towards your retirement?

How much of my unused money should I put into my home vs. my retirement? Or… Should I put all of my money into saving for a home first or retirement until before I want to buy/rent a home?

I once had a high deductible insurance plan but my deductible wasn’t an easy 4K it was 13k and it was like 400 bucks a month. It’d be so much better to just pay higher taxes and get healthcare.

If social media has many unseen benefits, this is one of them. Contents like this is very helpful

Dafuq!? Your medical treatments are a rip-off, even for a country that uses the private sector. That's why your insurance premiums are so high!

Doctors and pharma companies are gaming the system!

Great topic. I have this conversation in my head every time I pay my health insurance! This really puts things in perspective.

What i really hate about insurance is that when u have it u dont need it.
When u really need it u just realized it expired 1 day ago

My backup health insurance plan costs the same as a helium balloon! In fact it is a helium balloon! And a bag over my head. Filled with the helium.

The thing is, US public expenditure on healthcare is on par and even greater to most EU countries with FREE healthcare. Insane.

I filled out this form… An a agent reached out… Broke down plans and was informative, I just called him back today to get insured.


A lot of what ifs. For me my company pays almost all so would be crazy for me not to participate. Without them footing most of the bill and I got insurance, I'd be out tens of thousands of dollars to date.

Hey Two Cents, would love to hear your opinion on life insurance such as term and permanent. Great video by the way!

Am 17 about to turn 18 and didn't even understand 3/4 of the thing said in this video.
Did I already failed at life?

I gone 20 years without insurance. That's about $105,000 .

As for accidents, well better hope a wealthy person hits you.

They need to lower health cost to $200 a month.

But yeah it can happen to anyone.

Funny thing is why is it cheaper to pay cash at doctor office but yet they charge health insurance 3 times what you paid.

That's crazy how doctors take advantage of health insurance

Depending on what it is the high deductible works but for those with possible on the job injuries your going to need it

The only solution to USA is opening more medic schools to get more doctors, so the prices can fall. American medicine is an obvious case of market manipulation.

You should note that under the ACA, before you turn 26, your parents' healthcare plan is required to cover you if they have a family plan. It is near universally a better option to have this coverage even if you pay your parents the difference for continuing a family plan. 18-25 year olds should look at this option first. Further, almost every family plan charges for the fact that children are covered, but not by how many children are covered. So if you're lucky enough to have younger siblings where your parent or parents would still be buying coverage regardless of your situation, there is a zero marginal cost option to be on that plan.

This channel is soo incredibly informative. I took a financial literacy course in high school, but unfortunately it wasn’t comprehensive and didn’t include much on health insurance. I’d love to see more videos on health insurance. Thanks a lot!!

What if Maria's injuries prevent her from going back to work which cause her to lose her medical coverage she had through her employer? Or, if she's self employed- she no longer makes income and can no longer afford premiums? See, where I am going with this……

As a canadian, the system is a complete disaster. The wait for a MRI is 2-3 months if you go in after hours (after midnight) or 5-8 months during normal hours. You also need to beg your family doctor to give you the referral otherwise no MRI! The health care system in the states has lots of issues and i am sure that insurance lobbyists and health networks that hide costs of procedures are at fault, also minimum coverage by states add drastically to the cost. Just because your Cadillac has a flat tire does not mean you need your friends “reliable” Yugo!

I didn't have any insurance from 18 until I was 24 when it became required. I have it now because I'm older and I use it, but it is a waste of money for those already struggling financially.

Running the numbers between the low deductible and high deductible plans my employer offered, with maximum contribution to FSA or HSA assumed, the high deductible was less expensive for out of pocket costs IF coverage was needed and all deductibles and co-pays met. A gamble.. but I liked having and HSA that let me keep the contributed funds for later. Then… we ended up with two consecutive really expensive years. Score! (well, kind of…)

I signed for my insurance services last May, only because my parents have been bothering me to do so. Had an accident on August 1st, had to skip this college semester and been disabled for my part time job since then. You all better hire health insurance.

Really nice job with these videos, sometimes you guys are a lotyle too camp for me to stay engaged but this video felt like the perfect balance.

Here is a solution, instead of voting for Bernie or wanting single payer Medicare for all crap, how about just making more money? Get out of poverty

You get free insurance when you’re poor but once you start earning good money insurance is an burden.

There is a point where self pay is cheaper.

Also not to mention in the US things cost more on paper if you have insurance.

If you go to a hospital and say self pay the real price of whatever prescription and surgery is actually much lower when they bill you.

……your car insurance should be covering that medical bill, not your health insurance. That’s why that coverage is in your car insurance to begin with. But no matter what, everyone in here talking about universal healthcare has the right idea

Or vote Bernie and all your insurance payments come out of taxes and do not enter the pockets of the rich as raw profit take away and go entirely toward running health care.

For the love of God never open a line of credit on your home to pay medical bills. Pay the medical bills as you can afford. As long as you send something monthly even if it is only $10 they really cant take any legal action against you. On the other hand if you need a life threatening procedure that the hospital wants paid up front then you should do what you have to do to get it done.

My wife was hospitalized years ago but didn't have insurance and now that debt is in collections, doesn't debt drop off after 7 years except student loans?

You can and you should not pay for healthcare. I work at a hospital and everyone gets free healthcare that includes child rapists, everyone gets the same treatment. They don’t collect on any money owed to the hospital. You don’t need to even give them your ssn, so they can’t ding your credit. The money is better off in your pocket. This scenario with Maria would never happen.

Maria has to pay for all this shit while the undocumented alien gets all the free healthcare they can handle. What a crock of shit.

If you can get free HI through where you work that's the best way to go. If you live a healthy lifestyle and have good genetics, you can take the risk of not having any. If you live an unhealthy lifestyle or have bad genetics get all the coverage you can because you will need it.

The idea for me of paying for healthcare is ridiculous. It's just not conceivable. It is just as absurd as needing to pay a cop for investigating a burglary or kidnapping. That's how ridiculous it seems. It just doesn't make any sense to pay for it. You have the same drugs and machines as the rest of the developed world and e en when we do pay for it it's so much less. I accidentally let my Medicare card expire and the outpatient clinic charged $40. That's it.

I’m still not interested in insurance but I’m definitely interested in getting a health savings account as well as a flexible savings account. Couple that with a medical savings card, it should be a good safetu net for possible risks, especially since it will make it cheaper. I’ll never e beg online for health, health is far to important, it needs its own money dedicated to it. I’ll also stay away from credit cards. Thanks for making these videos guys. The fact that there are people as misguided as Maria makes them very important.

I'm young and healthy yet put in the same insurance pool as the alcoholics, smokers and morbidly obese and have to pay over
750 a month for not even good coverage for me and my wife and once again the government over steps it's bounds in mandating that you have coverage or else it will "tax" you extra

I live in Canada with free health care and have not seen a doctor in 12 years and the last trip has for stitches.

Or, open your mind real wide here: the government of one of the richest countries in the world could pay for medically care and disability benefits out of the billions it takes every year in tax revenue. Sort of like one giant insurance plan for the whole country. The healthy don't have to waste hundreds of dollars a month on the off chance they get sick and the sick don't have to go bankrupt. The wealthy can still pay for private healthcare if they wish but the poor don't have to choose between paying for cancer treatment and eating. But obviously this is mere utopionism no country could ever make that work…

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