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She used to treat animals
but the need was to treat humans one day she was going home &
her scooty got broke in between. Then some people caught her & raped. Nowadays we call people like this humans who rapes a girl & burnt her alive,
those who force her to drink alcohol. In police investigation it was found that
4 raped her, among which the main
accused is Mohammed Arif. & rest three are
1)Shiva 2)Navin 3)Chintakunta morning 9 am news was that near Hydrabad,
there is place where a girl has been gang raped
& then later has been burnt alive. After 3 hours we got news that the prime accused has been caught
& his name is Mohammed Arif. As soon as news comes that name of
prime accuse is Mohammed Arif then a hashtag tends on Twitter,
#Mohammed_Balatkari_hai (#MohammedIsRapist). With the help of Mohammed Arif police
catches the rest of the three accused. But till that this
hashtag has come in trending. After this Ravishji keeps on thinking
why only Arif is being targeted. Why not rest 3 Hindu accused are targeted,
Ravish wanted the that rest 3
should be equally targeted. But ravish ji isn’t understanding that
this hashtag has been started earlier but leave it Ravish ji
wrote an article on this event in that there was one paragraph on which
we would like to draw your attention to, in that paragraph he wrote that our community
has been stoned & even after knowing the truth but they are trying to play politics
based on the religion of the accused. Yes ravish ji we totally believe that our
community has been stoned & yes this
has been inherited from you only Ravish ji. You can look at this this is your report
& this your show Primetime With Ravish & in this you have added
“Muslim” word in front of the “girl”. Tell us that you are also shrewd. A rape happened in Badaiu, Haryana.
this incident was covered by you, & in that entire show,
you just spoke word dalit dalit……. & after that words like “Muslim girl”
were used by you in your show but during Badaun case you didn’t took the
name of girl who was raped.
Neither in Haryana case. & also in this Hydrabad case also you
didn’t uttered the victim’s name. & you even told people to not to speak the
name as it is an order of SC &
this law & this kind of thing. but in kathua case you explicitly
told the name of that girl. Don’t you think people learnt
to be shrewd just from you. On that very day Sanjhiram told his nephew
to kidnap the 8 year old girl. Who used to graze her horses in jungle.
Asifa is the name told. To remove the muslims from Jammu,
this all is done. As per the SC’s instructions in rape cases,
we can’t give any identification related details. But even this report is now not followed
b/c in social media The name, picture and religion, all are
being circulated of that Hyderabad victim Badhayu incident happened before kathua,
Hydrabad incident was after kathua You didn’t name earlier to that,
not named after that. Earlier also you were
following the SC’s guidelines & even now you are following
the SC’s guidelines & constitution, but what happened during Kathua rape case.
Wasn’t that your shrewdness During Kathua incident Hindu’s,HIndustan,
Priest,Temple were kept into witness box Wasn’t that increasing
the disharmony of the society. But you weren’t bothered by that,
isn’t that your shrewdness. India today comes with placard & says that
Rapist doesn’t have any religion but either they aren’t reading news
or they are trying to hide the news. because rapist’s religion are written by
Swara,Sonam & Kareena on the placards. On flipside, Arfa Khanum Sherwani says
that rape case of kathua was communal, but according to her,
rape case of Hyderabad is secular. as per them, that rape case was also secular
in which the victim was Gangraped & rapists were ordering her to beg by saying
“Please leave me for the sake of Allah.”
only then we will let you go. But didn’t even then. While Shela Rashid says that
no muslim supports the rapist. But Shela ji, you can see the posts
done by a page named “Muslim Memer” This page has now been deleted by the
owner when this page was exposed on twitter. While in other case when a 10 yr old girl
was raped by a Maulvi inside the mosque. & after that you can see
the types of comments were written while on other hand we will show the video
in which Swati Goyal Sharma went to Kosambi Where she interviewed the people nearby,
where the rape of the victim happened. & see how & scared resident
gave an support to the accused. So, the thing done was wrong. Yes indeed that was wrong. But the thing us that
two of them were innocents How?
How? See, the 14 year old,
don’t have any sense. he lived in Mumbai for 5 yrs, & came
here only on Mohramm & got trapped Like you came, and inquired my name,
if required, you will call me, Won’t you call?
Now if i go and got trapped/accused, that’s very much possible.
Swathi: What those there boys do?
Do they study or do any work? No, all 3 work & live in Mumbai.
All three. Swathi: All 3 live in Mumbai?
man: yes. Swathi: so all 3 came for Muhramm?
Man: all 3 came for Mohramm. Swathi: ok. Man: & all that happened
due to their evilness. Whose evilness? Those Kasi people.
Swathi: due to the evilness of Kasi people Swathi: How? Man: As I told you that if you call me, I go and got trapped/accused in there. Swathi: so the girl called?
Man: Yes. Swathi: who told you this? Swathi: who told you
that the girl called them? Man: If she wouldn’t have called,
why would they go then? This the same rape in which the girl was asked
to plea in the name of Allah or else we will kill you. won’t leave for begging on Bhagwan’s name. So Shela ji pl. Eat some poppy seeds you will feel a bit better. I am not saying that only
“scared” people say such our Mulayam Singh also
talks sometime in the same way In many cases, one has done the rape
but name of four people has been written I have in my knowledge that
one raped but for were accused & is it is possible for 4 people to rape? It is not practical. Might have said, he was watching,
other was awake & similar stuff If there were 4 brother, then all are accused. Limit of Shamelessness comes when
the quint reaches the home of Mohammed Arif & then interview of his mother,
father is taken & asked how is Mohammed Arif?
What he is used to do? What kind of situation they have? & they show how Mohammed Arif’s mother needed operation it is also shown how his father
has some problems in his back
bone & is not able to work & also shown that Mohammed Arif is the only person who earns for the house. & also shown that Mohammed Arif
is the only person who earns for the house. & to benefit that rapist,
Sympathy is being generated by Quint. Mohmmad Arif,
the only bread earner of the family. this is akin to headline like,
“The son of a poor headmaster”, Burhan Wani. Akin to, the London Bridge terrorist became
so b/c during his school days, he was bullied. Akin to, “That the Pulwama terror attack
terrorist did so due to cruelty of army. This task to gain sympathy
was done only for Mohmmad Arif. Quint didn’t do the same
for the other 3 Hindu accused. Quint didn’t reach their home
to tell the conditions pf their family. Why they did that? But as per me, none should be given
benefit by such sympathy wave. What is wrong is, WRONG If you create such sympathy
wave for rapists and terrorists. then, either your conscience is dead
or the humanity within you. “Rapist should be hanged.”
Such demand is being done from a long time. But do you know that so many
rapes happen in our country daily. Hoe many rapes happen every year?
How many of the rapists a hanged? Last time a rape accused was hanged was before 15 years & name was Dhananjoy Chatterjee & I remember during that atmosphere was created in TV when his Plea Petition was sent to President asking that he should not be Hanged. that time, an atmosphere was developed by T.V. that president should forgive him But that was Mr. Abdul Kalaam,
who didn’t forgive him Media prints for Yakub Menon like terrorist,
“And they Hanged Yakub” So friends we hope that you will also echo us
to fight for justice of Hyderabad rape victim. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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