Hurricane Michael 2018 full coverage and updates


I-75 and I-475 has trees across the road as far north as Jackson, Ga both north and southbound lanes starting at Cordele, Ga

There has to be something much darker and more serious going on behind the scenes in regards to the “Dem Professional” staffer Jackson Cosko. hes connected like arwan/fusiongps

Nature is angry with all the perverted sex sins that go on at the beaches and is fighting back against all the filth. God's Climate change is in effect.

Here comes the trolls saying its fake, every damn thing to you people is fake. the people living through it will beg to differ. Please use your brain if weather is really controlled wouldn't you think places like Korea or US enemies would be wiped off the face of this earth….. One thing I will agree with is that big pharma conspiracy.

People are trapped inside a shelter in mandatory evac zone at 929 s tyndall pkwy pc fl 32404 ( good shepherd lutheran church ) ive got family on south kimbrel ave and Chico Lane… Homes have been flattened nearby. Water rising on Chico ln as of Wed morning. Who do I contact to help find my family??? Can someone help me? Ive emailed all of the red cross contacts….. Fire dept and sheriff office lines obviously down. i just need it to be known that there are people trapped here.

Florida can give thanks to Risk Scott Mister denier of global warming. I won't be surprised if Florida again elect another global warming denier.

GOD IS VERY UPSET WITH THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA people disrespecting TRUMP he has done more for us than any other president has Obama trying to take the credit for what TRUMP has done for us GOD is giving us a warning and if we keep up the hate towards our good president TRUMP and other hate full things GOD can wipe us out with a blink of a eye please world I an asking everyone lets change our ways and please give TRUMP a chance and GOD can help us make America great again as well as the world😇

America prayers from Kerala. We went through similar bad time few months ago. We know how hard is it. But make sure that North Indians won’t say because you Americans eat beef that’s why you guys had this. they believe like that and they bullied kerala for eating beef, during our historic flood.

There must be some record for how long a storm maintains hurricane status after landfall. This was a hurricane from Mexico Beach,FL to around Hawkinsville,GA(225+ miles).

People who ignore the evacuation order and need to be rescued, should be fined for the cost of their rescue, and jailed for staying.

I've been through a hurricane and it was this hurricane that's been the worst ever in my life I was born in 2011 this is my first hurricane ever that I've seen it this bad before hurricane Micheal

They're trying to get f**** f**** people to get f**** moved so they can f**** get covered by them there's no f**** reason

Damn that people that said it's Dad f**** fake should have just f*** herself because he's rough f**** night did they think it's the troll but they if they think it's your true but they don't give a s*** but they just want to f*** yourself but they don't give a crap

Guys I want to tell you something that's the worst hurricane I've ever been and I mean just the worse I sent hurricane Irma that was bad but not that bad people get died and people were injured in Irma

Omarr Wilson … Muslim in Africa suspect in Hate Crimes and Slander.. Ect.. Connected to an bigger picture … Pending.. "Hart Family Tragedy"

We have Lazer. Technology suspect's that's Attacking at this time . Secret Space Program
Its an issue.. Helen Hotel

Family Death …update …the Family lost( Tommy Hart) just recently." Hart Tragedy." His some was killed already . In Oakland Ca. 😠😩

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