Hurricane Dorian Victims Face Insurance Policy Fights

This is the time of year that insurers absolutely
dread. It’s hurricane season for everyone who lives
in a coastal community, pretty much anywhere on the Atlantic coast, the Gulf coast, and
even on the Pacific coast. And anybody who’s ever been through one of
those storms understands that dealing with the insurance companies after the storm hits
can oftentimes be just as devastating as the storm itself. And so for the recent victims of Hurricane
Dorian, we’ve got some advice for you right now and joining me to talk about this is Scott
Hardy with Top Class Actions. Scott, this is a very important issue. It’s one that hopefully most people in this
country never truly have to deal with. You know, we, we all have homeowners insurance,
but we hope we never ever have to use it. And when you go through a situation like this,
a hurricane where you have, you know, hundreds of thousands if not more people who suddenly
make a claim on the insurance, they try to do everything possible to not have to pay
each and every one of those claims. So before we even get to that part, let’s
talk about what the victims need to do. Like right now, the immediate future, what
should these victims of the recent hurricane be doing in terms of their insurance claims? The number one thing is document and the second
most important thing is document. And the third most important thing is document. Make sure that you are sitting there taking
video of all the damage. That you are taking very detailed notes of
all the damage. Make sure you’re taking pictures of all of
the damage, inside the house, outside the house, on the property itself. You know, you can be compensated for everything
that the hurricane damaged, especially if you have added flood insurance. So you want to make sure that you are just
documenting the heck out of your insurance claim just in case something gets bogged down. You know, a good friend of mine, he’s still
dealing with his insurance claims from just two years ago. And so it’s, it’s crazy how long these things
can take. In his case, he actually got everything done
and he made a key mistake. He got everything done before the insurance
company agreed to pay it. And so they came back and literally they sent
an insurance adjuster into his house and said, what are you talking about? Your tile looks brand new? And he said, yeah, that’s because it is brand
new. I replaced it because it was under three feet
of water. And he’s getting hassled about that. Yeah. Well, you know, we here along the Gulf coast,
where, where I am. Back in 2004, we had a massive hurricane come
through. Hurricane Ivan, caused a ton of damage. That was the year before Katrina and that
was something we dealt with in this area for years. And a lot of things we saw happen during that
time with the insurance companies was they would come in and say, oh, your roof blew
off. Yes, that, we’ll replace your roof. But unfortunately because it rained inside
your house, that’s a flood insurance issue. You know, we’re not responsible for any of
that. So all of your belongings that got destroyed,
that’s not covered under your policy. But then we actually had a lot of the flood
insurance companies come in and say, yeah, but this wouldn’t have happened if your roof
hadn’t blown off and that’s your homeowners insurance. So they are responsible. I mean, there was a lot of fighting between
the insurance companies that obviously impacted the consumers, which had to result in lots
and lots of lawsuits. But people had to wait years before they ever
got paid after this was resolved in the courts. So that is something people have to be aware
of. I don’t necessarily know what they can do
to avoid something like that because when you have the two different insurance groups
bickering between one another over who is responsible, you know that, all that does
is prolong the suffering of the victims here. Exactly. You know, you need to make sure that you’re
documenting all the damage and when you’re getting that damage repaired, of course, keep
all of your paperwork. Ideally the insurance companies will just
send out their contractors, they’ll get their appraisals and they’ll take care of it. But when they start fighting with you, that’s
when obviously you want to make sure that you get a lawyer involved because the lawyer
will advocate for you to make sure that you get paid for all of that damage. You know, I, I messed up on just a claim that
I had at my house where we had a huge haboob one of those big dust storms blow through
and that caused damage. I just got it repaired, but then we had some
leaks and so then I said, oh well that was obviously caused by the haboob. I had just gotten the, the shingles repaired
and the insurance company said, sorry Scott, you’re out of luck. Your roof is fine. Like, come on. Now, thankfully, you know, that was $1,000
worth of damage instead of, or you know, actually talking about a whole lot more than that. But it’s not like what these folks that are
dealing with hurricane damage are, are, are, are fighting with the insurance companies
for, and that’s where you really do need to get a lawyer involved. If they’re denying your claims or like you
said, if they’re fighting back and forth between whether it should be flood insurance or just
your homeowners insurance should be covering it, you know, a lawyer can get in between
that and untangle that mess and really make sure that you’re 100% covered. You know, it’s important to note that a lot
of homeowners insurance will pay you for if your business is affected by this hurricane. And so you might have a claim for your business
due to the damages caused and due to the loss of business. So check all of those boxes along through
your, your actual insurance policy to see what you’re covered for. Because you may be missing out on additional
claims that if you don’t claim, then you just don’t get paid. And, you know, one thing, obviously we’ve
said this plenty of times in the past is people, you know, keep your receipts, you know, for
major appliances, TVs, computers, whatever that is. Those are receipts you need to hang onto for
the life of that product because those are going to be the big ticket items that are
going to be hardest to replace. You know, a major furniture, couches are,
are crazy expensive these days. Keep those because situations like this, even
if you’re not in a, you know, hurricane zone, you know, fires, other floods, things like
that can and do happen. And this is one of the reasons you keep those
receipts. And another thing people should do, you know,
prior to a disaster, film it. Film everything you have in your house, get
your phone out, start that video rolling, show your appliances, show the name brand
if you can really quick open it up. And the serial number, that is also hugely
important. Just film that real quick. You can go back and freeze frame it later
and write it down. Open your cabinets, show everything you have
in there, show everything you have in the freezer because you can be reimbursed for
food that spoils during any kind of disaster like this. And that’s something that stays around in
your phone. You know, it’s saved in the cloud. You have that documentation of everything
that you own and that could definitely save you when you have to deal with these insurance
companies. Exactly, video it, document it. When you’re getting the repairs done, make
sure that you’re actually taking pictures of the progress because you don’t want an
insurance company to come back and try to deny your claim for the quality of work. They might say, well, you know, we’re going
to go ahead and reimburse you for the tile, but we’re not going to go ahead and pay, doesn’t
look like you got, you bought fancy tiles, so we’re not going to pay you the full amount
that you’re telling us about. Document everything, because if they come
back and will try to fight you on it, you’re going to need those pictures just like you’re
saying. Absolutely, and so for anyone who experienced
any kind of damage from this storm or any storm or any natural disaster, I advise you. Follow the link in the description of this
video. Head on over to Top Class Actions, and while
you’re there, sign up for their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions. Thank you very much for talking with us today. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time, Farron.


Who pays for the lawyer when there's having to have one because an insurance company is trying to get out of paying some of what was covered by it?

But they can just sell their shit and move just like Ben Shitiro said remember so all is well : )

Kidding of course. Ben is a fuckin moron.

Insurance companies are legalized protection money and loansharking. The only difference is that they break your bank instead of your legs.

Flood insurance is very inexpensive monthly if you live in a flood or hurricane area, I understand the victims but it’s the homeowners responsibility to understand what coverage they need , simply asked your insurance carrier where you live and what coverage you need, they want your money!

What inside the house it's flattened, grab you visa and let your child floot away to come to a country that been robbing you, insurance don't pay all my car repair, real insurance is needed in the USA

Insurance shouldnt wait till last minute but should invest in structure improvements so when these stuff happens. They can cover it and plus some. What kind of insurance is this!!

Homeowners insurance is in most places written to deny the very things you need coverage for. Flood insurance in places we know will flood are often written only to give coverage at the premium rate few can afford. Conversely, places that rarely flood say they won't sell you flood insurance but will take money for water damage of broken plumbing (a form of flooding!). So my high elevation home that I paid thousands of dollars for for many years, I come to learn only flood damage from MY PLUMBING is covered.
Lots of words to say insurance is mostly looking to be legally required, but NOT PAY THE CLAIMS. I get what you're saying about inventorying your fixtures and assets, but why do all that when your policy is written to omit 'Acts of God' in the fine print most of the cheaper policies we end up with (no, I'm not paying $5k yearly for home insurance!). It's all an effin racket. Work at PREVENTION and if something happens, you did your best to mitigate the damage.
Having insurance, people get sloppy. It's just how it goes. Don't build new homes in swamps and expect coverage.

I can't…I can't deal with any Insurance stuff anymore. I used to be a licensed agent for homeowners and auto. What I know is disgusting. Insurance companies don't care for you at all. They are for making a profit, not paying out claims. Be very careful about what is covered, especially about water damage. Will you need added flood insurance? What kind of add ons are you going to need for your particular situation?

We are getting to the point where you won’t be able to sell waterfront property or rebuild after a disaster if you live in the area. Reminds me of when lots of people on the same street had the same insurance company and the street got hit by a tornado. Insurance didn’t want to pay then either.

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So let me get this straight…you have home insurance, flood insurance and other insurance policies, different places?!
So much easier here in Denmark, where 1 insurance covers all
1 for house
1 for car
1 for family/vacation/off work/pets
Taxes cover the rest, health, education, work accidents, hospitals, road maintenance, public transport etc…

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