How we achieved great media coverage for Mambu!

Ben, Tell me a little bit about yourself and
a little bit about Mambu. Im Ben Goldin, i am the Chief Technology & Product
officer at Mambu. What we do is we offer a cloud banking engine
as a service, enabling banks to build composal architecture, so composable banking. Which allows banks to innovate the unpredictable
future. Shuey: Perfect and tell me a little bit about
being at the Singapore Fintech Festival. Yeah, so far its a great event, it’s also
a very big event and it shows a lot of direction in the market it shows that things are happening
here you see around 60,000 participants that kinda talks for it itself already. Can you talk about why media coverage is really
important for Mambu at this stage of where you are in a maturity of your company. Sure its a good question, so Mambu represents
a new generation of core banking platforms especially running the in the cloud as a service
and in addition to that we also evangelise a brand new concept such as composable banking
and for us its important to get the word out of the door to make sure people know about
it, know about us, know about values for what we offer and how Mambu can enable financial
companies ready to focus on the people and making great customer experiences. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience
working with us, Whitehat agency when it comes giving you media coverage. I think its been a great engagement so far
i really appreciate that you guys understand the topic you understand what are the best
media partners or media channels we should talk to, to really spread our message across.

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