How To Use Suavecito Premium Blends Matte Pomade

Hey guys, I’m David of barber-surgeons in
downtown Fullerton and I’m at Suavecito today to talk about
Premium Blends Matte Pomade. Right now we’re gonna use
Suavecito’s Premium Blends Matte Pomade kind of show you the difference of what it is to
use something that doesn’t offer shine so this one is actually really good it’s
a really really true matte where like a lot of things can have a little bit of
shine to them still this one does come up just very dull like no shine makes it
pretty easy to keep that natural look. It is pretty thick you can see it. So you’ll start to see it showing up white. That’s just an indicator for you to kind of
work it in. So it works really well with like lighter colored hair and just like
natural looks. It is gonna be a lot different this is not your traditional
you know like glossy slick looking dos like this is gonna be natural and light. I’m still gonna work it in the same way you know I still got that little bit
I can always add more. and you’ll see it as you comb through lose more and more of the shine. Start with the big teeth. Especially with matte pomades just in
general you’re probably gonna use them on styles that are that don’t require a
ton of product anyways that’s kind of the idea if somebody
wants a matte they’re not trying to have a crazy polished like sleek look anyway so
that’s part of the allure of using a matte pomade. So to help work this one in I am
gonna use a little bit of water I don’t want to soak it down because I don’t
want it to retain the shine from the water but I do just want it to kind of
help everything lay down and then I’m gonna hit it with some heat to get rid of the water
so I think so it’ll go back to just being matte. So if you have the mister bottle it makes
it really easy if you don’t got your traditional spray bottle you just want
to do like two or three sprays kind of far away let the mist just fall on the
hair. Because I don’t want it soaked I just need a little bit. Get all that moisture out with the heat from
a blow dryer. The matte pomade definitely feels like tackier
and not as flexible as the Premium Blends Hair Pomade where that one is like really easy to
comb through so you’re gonna feel a little bit more grab. But you can still see
it’s not difficult to comb through. But it doesn’t feel as heavy either so
it’s easier to get that height in here we kind of have some volume in the hair
but still have that dry look. This is like something you want to use when you
like your hair naturally but you might still have some frizz when you try to
not put anything in your hair so you need something to tame it down a little
bit but you don’t want it to look like you put a lot of product in your hair so
that’s what I mean by a natural look so we still have everything kind of tamed
back here so it’s not standing up. But up front just looks dry but it’s still clean. There’s no flyaways and frizzies popping
up everywhere. Still once it’s a dry it’s not gonna set just like the other
premium blends so what everybody says never gets hard it’s never gonna stiffen
up and not allow you to play with it. So I can still run my hands through it and
I still have a little bit of the residue of a pomade on my hand so when I when
I’m pushing it up and then things start to stick out I’m just very gently smoothing it out. Start off a little bit scoop some pomade
out. Gonna rake my fingers through. I don’t have to go to have you here
the idea is to keep the look that his hair has naturally
not really trying to change it up I just want to accentuate it it’s got
like some good body to his hair. Nice little wave. So we just want to see more
of it without all the frizziness. The idea with the matte pomade is you want to
kind of achieve that look like you didn’t put too much effort but your hair
just naturally looks good. And I don’t think that should cost you a lot
that shouldn’t take a lot of your time to achieve a natural look. So you can still see a little bit of white right there. Just kind of working in a little better. You can see the difference where with
this one that it’s not as pliable as the regular premium blends so it starts to
get a better hold where I can’t run my fingers through it as easily his hairs a little thicker so that if I hit it with a comb you’re definitely going to see it start to get stuck using that a little bit on the shorter parts
of his hair to help disperse it. See I’m bursting it through that vase
but I’m not human coming all the way through because that’s where it’s gonna start getting tangled and I want to keep his natural texture I really want to
comb it all out. Again we’re gonna do just a light mist. Just to make it a little bit more pliable while were styling and then hit it with a little bit of
heat and I’m barely gonna use the comb that was probably pretty much it and I’m
just going to use my hands kind of work everything through with the heat. That’s pretty much it for him I’ve got a
great texture. I don’t have to mess with it too much. You can see when the heat was there
makes it a lot easier for me to run my hands through. He looks like. You know his hair just does this. And I don’t think you should have to spend a
ton of time trying to achieve that look. So that’s it. It’s pretty easy. Because it’s a blend pomade as well kind of the same way you
can with the water-based pomades you know when you wash your hands you just
have a little bit of water on your hands it’ll be the same thing where you can
kind of just run your hand through really easily you don’t want to use a ton of water cuz the whole point is for it to not be shiny but
that’ll help you run your hands through it to fix it later in the day and then that
little bit of water will just evacuate evaporate really fast and then you’re
back to your set look. Another way to use the matte pomade we’re gonna take his hair and wet it all the way down especially because he has that wave to
it I went into wet we can that’s the only way we’re gonna be able to change
the direction it’s going. You’re gonna have it all soaked down. And then I’m going to apply the
matte pomade wet like this. You can work it in a little easier. Get it all deep in his hair. Not being shy about about at this time like the way we were when we were just applying it dry. So even if you’re not
using a blow dryer this could be something you could do more like when you’re getting out of the shower and your hair is still damp you can and you
have time to get ready you can put the matte pomade in there so you can kind of
still restructure your hair and as it dries and that moisture goes away it’s
gonna it’s going to retain that shape but it’s going to dry and not have a glossy shine to it. Switched my comb I wanted a little finer teeth
so I can get a little more tension so I can pull up here when I’m drying it
so I can kind of give him that volume and not just flatten everything down. So in drying his hair
we’ve got rid of that kink in the front and then he able to give him a lot more
volume just depending on what he wants to do with it because it’s just as easy as that it will stand up I’m gonna push it back down. So now he’s got this dialed look but
everything is matte and dry looking just really simple. Suavecito’s Premium Blends Matte Pomade Some of the key points on this one
same as the other hair pomade. It is know no no artificial colors or
fragrance added to it so it does kind of have like I mean obviously more natural
just kind of clean scent. The other one I feel like I get like I said I got the
lavender this one I kind of get. More of a beachy woodsy type scent to it
so it’s still kind of light but um you know natural and fresh It feels pretty similar actually when you take him out you it’s almost like if the hair pomade
was butter this is like whipped butter so you still got some heft to it but it
feels more pliable when you first pull it out. When you put it on you’re gonna
see that coloration and that just kind of shows you like where to work it in
once the white goes away your you know it’ll start showing up matte and simple
as that you’re pretty much done. So this one can take a little more
dedication for application but that’s only because of like they’re really
extreme matte looks that you get. So it really does style and give you a hold
with like absolutely no shine. So you can you know you can use it just in small
quantities very lightly on your already dried hair or you can apply it wet and
style your hair with blow-dryer you know adding heat and drying it quickly to get
a solid look out of it and and you get a pretty voluminous like real tight hold
for a matte pomade and like said not being able to run your fingers through
it means that at the end it will start to get it’ll start to set in its own way
it’s not going to get hard the way you’re used to with an orthodox
water-based pomade but it is gonna start to feel not as not as pliable so you will get to the ends and and it’ll actually hold. Where as the hair pomade
you can just keep running a comb through it at any time. So this one will set a little better
and then you have those clean like completely matte looking
styles where it just looks like your hair’s dry but you have you know a
perfect comb look without doing anything to your hair. Once again I’m David from
barber-surgeons in downtown Fullerton. Thanks for listening to what I had to
say about Suavecito’s Premium Blends Matte Pomade.

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