How to upgrade to Workplace Premium

Hi, and thanks for considering an upgrade
to Workplace Premium. With Workplace Premium your company will get a lot of
additional features. You own the data – you’ll be able to monitor and moderate
content, provision and delete user accounts, and export data at any time.
You’ll also be able to access admin exclusive features through the admin
panel like enterprise support, secure identity management, and analytics. You’ll
be able to use many powerful integrations for products like GSuite,
Dropbox, Trello, Salesforce, and much more. So let’s get into the details. How do you
upgrade? Firstly find and click the ‘Upgrade’ button on your Workplace
interface. You’ll be asked to fill out a form with information about you and your
company and it should only take a few seconds. You will then have to complete a
last step which is the domain verification. This may take a little
longer – and it’s important to know that we asked for this as we’re transitioning
ownership of the Workplace data to you so that we can make sure that you can do
this on behalf of the company. So how do you verify your domain? The simplest way
is to add an HTML file to your domain. Otherwise, you can add a DNS text record
to your domain host. In most companies the IT department should be able to do
this fairly quickly. While you upgrade you and your team will still have access to
Workplace as usual. And lastly, you get a free trial of our Premium product for 90-days! If you’re getting stuck don’t worry – we’re here to help. Schedule a call with us
and we’ll guide you through it. Thank you and see you soon.

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