How to Save Money on Income Tax (for Beginners & Salaried Employees)


Please make a video on health insurance. I love your content. You're guiding us really well. Thank you so much. Keep doing the good work.

I am saving money in PPF at SBI account from 2013 onwards, I want to share about the benefits of PPF account savings at SBI. I can able to see PPF account statement along with my SB(savings bank) account in onlinesbi/internet bank account. After 3 years(4th year and 5th year), I found that I am eligible to take loan from part of my PPF savings amount(but, interest rate is 1โ„… more than interest rate of PPF). Every year, I can able to see interest credited immediately after 1st April at my internet banking account. After 5 years(6th year, 7th Year, etc), I found that I can withdraw (almost more than 50โ„…) of savings that was saved 5 years back. It(withdraw from PPF savings) helped a lot during my job transfer, medical emergency during June 2019.

pls do videos regularly ๐Ÿ™ I know it is not that easy at all. Still you are the only expert who can clear doubts clearly ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Who giving u this kind of devil ideas .. U know, U saved me for shity tax , thanks a lot and my problem is getting 40k n my rent is 14k .. plz give me any suggestions. So I can save again.. my money or my self ..

Iโ€™m glad I stumbled upon your channel. This is information that no one actually gives you ever. Thanks a lot and cheers for the good work!

hi sis
plz do video on ESIC and how to make use of it
1)when it will expire after esic contribution get stopped
2)is it helps in just for health checkup
3)what to do if there is no update of family details/proper details uploaded
plzzz do help with it we are unable to get proper information from everywhere

Hello mam I'm Suman Sarkar from Tripura, Agartala. A very small state of India, suddenly I started to following your channel and I learn from it I want know more. Mam I doing a job in GCPL(Godrej Consumer Products Ltd) as a AP(Assistant Promoter) at Big Bazaar, Agartala and my income is very low and I want to know how can I increase my money and save money also. If you help me to know this I'll become greatful to you. Thank you mam….

Hello Sir,

I have net taxable income of less than 5 lakhs yet on efiling itr website the rebate u/s 87A is showing as 0 and I am liable to pay tax. Please could you help me out with this?

You are doing a great great great job i learnt a lot from u make videos more on financial planning and saving more and more in mutual funds

Super…. we hardly need that information… thank you for your message and very clear explanation….

Your energetic way of presenting the topic is v good ; can u present investment and tax saving options for NRI's ?

I earns 12 crores from online buissness..

Yrrr 30% income tax Matlab approx 4 crore…
Bahot bura lagta hai..

One small correction if parents are aged above 60 then claim can be up to 50 thousand .. so self+depends 25k +parents above 60 (50k) = 75k

@ 4.56 minutes: Assuming rent as 7000 and 10% of basics is 25000*10/100 is just 2500.. 2500*12 = 30000.

Slab rates given here are for Assessment year 2019 -20. Which may change in next year.

Ps. Assessment year means the year in which your income get assessed which you have earned in previous financial year. Which is 2018-19 for A.Y.2019-20.

If you read maximum limit of 80 g there is no maximum limit of 80 g … Rs 10000 and calculation of 10 percent of gti..

Hy mam…I love your videos it was one of my best suggestions amoung all…mam I was been investing in zerodha …if any income tax is claimed on investment money while we are withdrawing it…I hope you will clear my doubt soon…

Don't mislead people.. mutual funds are always subject to market risk. There is no guarantee that Mutual funds will give 12%-14% return. Many MF scheems have negative NPV. There are so may alternative to save tax.

You are just marketing your products in the name of tax savings

First thing I mad about ur english speaking and second is ur knowledge on financial system , I spent my time almost 5 to 6hrs on ur channel to gain knowledge , bcoz am facing lot of problems in saving tax , going forward u r channel is list as my favvvvv channel and words are very less to talk about ur channel , usually i wont drop any comments in youtube but u made me to do such a lengthy comment , still want to write more and more… very inspried…and i will recommend ur channel to people who are very poor in speaking english as a first priority and to gain knowledge on financial system as second priority…..i think ur feeling very happy and a louder smile on ur face… i wish u a great success go ahead…i need stock market basics….toooo

Please explain me the hra portion
Hra monthly 4000 is deducted from my salary, because rent of RS 20000 is paid by my company.will this benefit me in tax saving .

This is just basic that almost all sal folks does it .. 80c 1.5l and interest on home loan 2 l 3.5 l other than tis any amt can b saved ..? .. I have one option in mind I am sure u will say the same ..

HRA sounds great! Sad that here, US, the government treats rent expense as a basic need and you can't deduct that, unless you buy a house and that allows you to deduct the interest and real estate taxes you pay on your home.

I kid you not, she blew my mind. I have never ever seen an Indian video with such fluency and quality. I loved your video. Very helpful and great examples. PS: No offence to anybody.

You have so much potential and knowledge inside you, you make economics and finance ridiculously easy to understand. All power to you!

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Thanks for the video. It will be very helpful if you can make video on how to select Health Insurance.
God bless you ๐Ÿ™‚

Awesome video sister ……Believe me…Nobody ever explained anything this clear to me…. !!! keep going all the best….

Hi.. Is it like, we need to deposit 1.5L in savings every year for tax exemption?? I.e., keep adding to tax saving deposit?

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