How to Run a 4-3 Football Defense : Pass Coverage Assignments in a Football 4-3 Defense

Hi, this is Sean Hobson for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about right now is the responsibilities of the corner backs, the
safeties, the linebackers; everybody knowing who they’re covering on the field. There’s
one of two ways to do it. One is a man on man style. We all ready talked about it earlier,
if we have a corner back out here, and he’s lined up against this wide receiver, that’s
his man responsibility. We’re going to tell our safeties then, that the next man on the
outside is going to be his responsibility to match up man on man. And if there’s a third
guy on the outside, if they have a tight end, a man in a slot and a guy on the outside,
then it?s going to be the linebacker, the outside linebacker?s responsibility to cover
that guy. So they’ve got to know who they are. On this side it?s the same thing. This
guys going to be our third option, our strong safety is going to be our second option and
then our corner back is going to be matched up one on, on that outside. He’s got that
farthest man responsibility. Now if you do a zone type of defense, all you are going
to do is, the linebackers know that they cover this area, the middle linebacker covers the
middle. The outside linebacker has his position. The outside corner back has short. The strong
safety has the deep part of this field; the free safety has this deep part of the field.
This linebacker on the outside and the corner back then has the outside of the field. That’s
a good way to run a defense, so people know exactly where they’re supposed to be. And
so they don’t get beat man on man. But it?s always good that they learn when they are
young to match up man on man. It?s always the best way to play it.

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