How to Replace a Print Cartridge – HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One Printer C309a | HP

So you need to replace a cartridge in your
HP Printer. Let’s walk through the steps together. The first thing we want to do is turn the
printer on, so press the Power button. Next, lift the top cover of the printer.
The carriage will then move to the center of the printer.
On the front of the cartridge, push the release tab inward to unlatch the cartridge. You can
now remove the cartridge out of the carriage. To install the new cartridge, you must first
remove the plastic wrap. It is very important that you use the orange
pull tab to remove the plastic. This will properly expose the vent slot in the top of
the cartridge. After all the plastic has been removed you
then need to remove the orange plastic cap from the cartridge.
Place the cartridge in one hand and the orange cap in the other and then twist the cap off.
Substantial force may be necessary to remove the cap.
Once the orange cap is removed, place the new cartridge into the slot and gently push
down until it snaps into place. Make sure that each cartridge is in the correct
slot. Match the color and the shape of the cartridge to the corresponding color and shape
that are on the print head. When the new cartridges are in, close the
top cover of the printer. Your printer is now ready for regular use.


The HP cartridges are a money making racket. They are not only bloody expensive, the printer reports them to be out of ink, even when ink is left in cartridge.

HP ought to be ashamed of itself for conducting this racket, which is injurious both to customer's financial health and environment.

I agree with hkollar. The ink cartridges are a fortune and do not last long at all.
In addition to falsely stating that the cartridges are empty, they also can detect if the original cartridges have been refilled. If so, they will not work either. What a scam.
I'm throwing away my perfectly good printer. I can get a competing model for less than the cost of a set of HP replacement cartridges.

HP is a rip off . I have HP Photo smart wireless C309. I say false advertisement. I rarely use the photo ink, and when I do use my printer it is 99% for printing non photos or color . 2 months ago I replaced all ink cartridges, never used the color ink, used the black ink about 6 times and all levels are reading need to be replaced…….I think the printer reads the date the ink was installed & over a period of weeks reports out of ink, you cannot replace only 1 ink, all 5 must be replaced!

the biggest pain in the behind printer I have yet to own. I don't believe their "low ink " message. How can that be when my pages are printing perfectly in dark black ink? And I haven't had my printer for more than 2 months and print very little. I'm dreading replacing the cartridge as it was a trip setting it up to begin with. I had to enlist a friend . I'll be putting off this job off as along as I could. Next time I get a printer. I'll be sure to check out how user friendly it is to operate.

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