How To Move On, Let Go And Leave Your Past Behind | Featuring NBA Champion Norris Cole

What’s up Mavericks? Kris Krohn here and
today, I got a special guest speaker in the house. two-time NBA champion Norris
Cole. And I’m going to be interviewing this man on what you do when life knocks you
down. How do you get up? And how do you move from play to play? He’s got deep
experience with that. He’s had huge accomplishments but I think unlike many
other people he knows how to get back up and make it happen.
Check it out. Alright, what’s up guys? Like promised,
legendary Norris Cole, Miami Heat. 2-time NBA champion! What’s up bro? -How
you doing brother? -Dude, so I invited Norris. You know, Norris reach out to me
because you know, we got real estate going on. We’re
partnered up on some deals. But I said, “Dude, Norris. If we do this man, you’ve got
to come out to my event. My grand opening, my event center.” And it’s actually
happening right now. And literally, Norris just got on the stage, came off the stage
and oh my gosh, that ring is so freaking big. -Appreciate it. -Yeah. That was… That that
was right there that was a squirrel moment, folks. No, seriously. Just came back
from just like, Kris, I’m like, oh dude, I’m so inspired.” Will you do a video and
share some of what you just laid down there because it was such a big deal. -I
want to share today about having a championship mentality and playing your
role on a championship team. Kris is a champion in real estate. He crushes it
over 4,000 deals. I’m a champion on the court and in life. And so I thought it
was great to be able to collaborate and be able to inspire others to be able to
crush it and whatever their goals are. -So, what I was listening to you, I was just
like, “Man…”, so one of the things that I love about getting in the minds of
athletes extreme athletes people that just become the top of the game best in
the world is I want to know: What drives you? But
more importantly like what do you do when you have experiences that knock you
down? Because I mean you’re in one of the most ruthless industries, right?
-Absolutely. -Everyone’s getting cut and yanked and
then deciding you know which team they’re going to play on and did you make
the cut? And you know, bottom line is there’s only so many teams. -So, many stats.
-And not only that but I mean that’s been your career of learning how do you
psychologically manage letting go of what is it working, letting go of
disheartening or negative moments. And then rising back up to go out it again
because my experience Norris is most people we’re programmed to give
something to go like 3 times and after that, we’re out. -Absolutely. -But
you’ve probably been through this I mean countless times. -Over and over again. So,
basically my mindset right now and from the beginning is I always wanted to
provide for my family. That’s the bottom line; that’s at the end of the day.
You know if all else fails, I have to be able to provide for my family. -And why.
Like, you have… You have serious intention. Your family is your motivator.
-Absolutely, absolutely. And so, what comes from that
is the determination. To never let anything stop me from being able to do
that. And so, I call it the next play mentality. That’s what we call it in
sports. And I’ll explain it to you real quick.
So, in the sport of basketball, you play offense and defense.
Once you score, you have to get back on defense. Once you get a stop or other
teams score, you have to go back and score in office. And so, if I make a good
play, I can’t celebrate. I have to get back and
play defense on to the next play. If I make a bad play on offense, I still have
to get back and play defense. If a team scores on me, I still have to go back and
try to score on them. If they don’t score me, I still have to go back… -So, you
say that no matter what life dishes at you, whether you label it, like
if this is a good thing this is a bad thing, you’re always
worried about “what’s my next play?” See, I don’t… Norris, I don’t think most people do
that. I think we’re trained that when something bad happens, we put our life on
hold and be like, “Stop. Hit the brakes man.” And we’re like, I got to just sit here
and replay this bad thing that went down. -And that’s how you
become unproductive and that’s what you don’t crush your goals. It’s okay to have
a moment but you have to get over that moment quick because life doesn’t stop.
-Yeah. But how do you do that, right? -I mean I think that some people will stop
their life. -I tell you how you do it. You train yourself to do it. No one was born
great. They had to go out and act it out. I can say I’m a great basketball player
but I have to go out on the court and display that. You can say you’re a great
realtor you can say you’re a great financier, you can say you’re a great
investor. But until you go out and invest millions of dollars, you’re not actually
great. So, mentally, you have to tell yourself you’re great but then you have
to apply it. And so you have to practice. When you feel sad, not laying in the bed
but getting up and getting out and going out and being productive. When you do
something great, not celebrating too much. But understanding what did you do to be
great and then do it again. So, what I hear you saying is that there’s lessons
that you learn. And by the way, if something doesn’t go your way, you got to
ask, “Why did that go down?” If something goes great, you got to ask, “Why did that
go down?” And either way, it’s about learning. But what I’m hearing that’s
different is you’re learning, you go. Learning, you go. Instead
of, “How am I going to get myself out of bed in the
morning?” Can you give us like… I’m kind of curious here like… When you get knocked
down, how do you… How have you trained yourself? Or is there a ritual or
something you do to get your get up and go back? Like what do you do? Do you do
something? Is it thought process? I’ll give you an example. So, the first time when I had to
go to play overseas for Maccabi, Tel Aviv. Great organization and Euroleague, by the
way. But for me, it’s like “Now, I’m an NBA player. -Yeah. -And so, a no person might
will feel sorry for themselves, right? -Yeah. -And at first, I was disappointed but
one I always look at the bright side. I’m awake. I still have a job. -All right. All
right. -And then I’m going to play for free in a country I’ve never been to. And
so, I always try to look at the bright side of things first before I sucked and
look at the negative part. -Well dude, I think that’s all about really gratitude,
right? -Absolutely. There are some people that just cultivate the
mindset to be able to look at your life and figure out “What are you grateful for?
What he got going away?” What I hear you saying is like, “Got a job. I’m breathing.
My heart’s going. So obviously, things honestly they’re not that bad.” -They’re
not that bad. -Do you think there’s always a bright side here in every situation?
-There is always a bright side. But the bright side is not as scientific as you
may think. It’s simple. Your life. As long as your alive. And long as
you’re healthy. And can move and do things. -Yeah. -You can always dig yourself
out of it. And so, you know my father told me something a long long time ago, we
played at a tournament. He took me to a homeless shelter I had never been to one
before. And so, I was like, “I don’t want to go to the shelter. I don’t want
to be around those people.” And he told me, “The only difference between you and them
is that you’re a child and haven’t made any major mistakes yet. You’re one
mistake away from being where they are.” That’s the only difference between me
and them. -But it had that impact. -One, I was never judgmental again in my life. I
always realized as people… -Dude, how old are you? -I’m 30 years old. -Dude, 30 years old
and already learned this whole you know, beautiful thing of life that called “no
judgment”. By the way, I got to tell you that when you and I spoke for the first
time or talking real estate partnering I’m like, I got a
chance to work with a number of people now. A lot of high-profile people
billionaires. And one of the things I just really love and appreciate you is I
felt that from you like, you’ve just you’ve got a good heart and even here at
this event, you could just be sitting back seat. But dude, you’re front-row just
playing all out just saying, “What can I learn? What can I get out of this?” And I
love that that mindset, that energy about you. And you’re approachable
that way. It’s awesome. -Thank you. I appreciate. That’s the next play mentality.
I want championships but you know, I can celebrate that when I’m done. Got a good
on to the next place. -Check this out. It’s called the next play mentality. I’m going to…
Okay, I’m going to give you credit. I’ll be using that on stage. I’m
going to tell you, “Dude, my buddy Norris Cole taught me, it’s the next play mentality”.
Because there’s always a next play. -Always. -Never run out. The only question is
what’s your attitude, how do you go up against them. And then when it doesn’t go
your way, dude, focus on the next play after you get your lesson, right?
-Absolutely. That is some super powerful stuff. Thank you so much. So, I do
want to ask one last thing. I’ve been harassing you about this. Because I
always like to know before your game moment, everyone who’s becoming an expert
in their space, they got this moment before they take the stage before they
take the court, but they do to actually get ready? And I want you to know that in
in some way shape or form, there’s an expert inside of you that is
waiting to do something where you can serve the world more meaningful ways. And
before you have your moment, there’s something that you’re going to be doing to
prepare yourself. I know what I do to prepare to get on stage. I’m curious what
do you do before you take the court? -So, before I take the court, I put my
headphones on. I get in a state of focus and meditation. -Yes. -And then I
listened to the last… Very last song before I go on the court. I don’t
listen to anything else after this. It’s a it’s a motivational speech song called
“Beast mode”. -Beast mode. -Beast mode. And it has a… The first line of the song is “Are
you going to be a lion or sheep?” Now, yeah that sums up a lot. And so, I’m a lion
at the end of the day. I got to eat. A lion. And so once I listen to that,
it’s game time. -So, I love it. I mean, ultimately getting ready in life is
making a decision. Something doesn’t go your way, you go into a space of
gratitude is what I’m getting from you. And then you say what’s the lesson and
then you move on to the next play. -Yes. -Dude, such powerful words and
wisdom. You don’t think how amazing it is that you and I have this opportunity to
spend a few minutes with you and take everything you’re learning in life and
saying, “What’s some of the most potent?” And you have delivered that up
selflessly. Thank you so much. Norris, If people want to be learning more about
you, where do they go to find you on Instagram? What’s your handle? -They can
find me at NorrisCole. The guy with the blue checkmark.
-We got certified blue checkmark, Norris Cole. And you can see all my footage is
from my foundation work. From Team Co-AAU. From my day to day training.
Basically everything. If you want to find out from a professional aspect, just look
on my IG, my Twitter handle is the same thing –Norris Cole certified check mark.
-Norris Cole, dude. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate it.
For the rest you guys, go check this man out. He’s a total superstar. For those of you
want to connect deeper, come out to the events that people like Norris, maybe
he’s coming out to the next one. Come join us for one of our exciting next 4-day
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The only way to move forward is to leave your past behind, but don't hide it, your scars are proof of your strength.

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